Coffee Shop Review: Kape Manila, Philippines

Finding a seat at Starbucks reminds me of my time in high school when you have to literally hover over any of the occupied tables at our school canteen, hoping that the person sitting in there would finally leave. Most if not all Starbucks branches are always crowded. It stopped being your typical coffee shop when most students turned it into their personal library. And when they go there they stay for hours, unmindful of the other customers who are hoping to have their turn on those seats.

As much as I love going to Starbucks I’m no longer too happy subjecting myself to the seemingly “battle for the table.” But I love coffee and there are moments that I want to be alone with my thoughts; both could be achieved in a café. The solution is to look for other options which I happily did when I found this little coffee shop along Pandacan. It occupies a small space below the Residencias de Manila, a condominium across Caritas Manila. What I love about it is the privacy that most coffee shops are lacking. It has a few tables, a little coffee bar, WIFI capability, and budget friendly food and drinks.

kape-manila-coffeehan (1)

I visited the place several times now, each time trying a new drink. They offer hot coffee, cold coffee, and frizzino (the term they use for frap). They call the sizes of their drinks Kyut (tall) Tangkad (grande), and Damulag (venti), which I find real cute. The prices of their drinks are also way affordable compared to other coffee shops. For example, you can have Espresso for as low ₱35, a hot cup of Cappuccino for ₱65, Iced Latte for ₱75, or Mocha Frap for only ₱95.

They also have smoothies with four different flavors: strawberry, dalandan, mixed berry and mango, which you can enjoy for only ₱68. Kape Manila also included rice meals in their menu: tocino meal, corned and beef meal, sausage meal, and longganisa meal, each one for only ₱49.

kape-manila-coffeehan (3)

My personal pick among the drinks is the choc-nut flavored frap that I found to be pretty amazing; well not as good as Starbucks coffee but passable. I also love their baked spaghetti with garlic bread (PHP 59), one of the best that I’ve ever tasted and the sausage meal, which goes with an egg and rice or garlic bread. Oh yeah I gotta rave about the sausage, they may come in small pieces but man, they tasted really good.

I get totally satisfied every time I visit Kape Manila. There, I get my caffeine fix without hurting my budget, as well as the peace and quiet that I so crave after a busy day.

Note: This Kape Manila branch (Pandancan) closed down sometime in 2011. The NAIA 3 terminal branch is still open.

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  1. hay,after reading this para tuloy gusto ku umorder ng caramel frap ba yun at baked spag sa kape manila! nag crave tuloy ako bigla!
    di ako cafe goer pero thanks to ur blog na aappreciate ko yata ang mga coffee shops ngayun kahit sa pagbabasa lang. 😀

  2. Ms Marjorie thank u so much for featuring KAPE MANILA in your pilot episode of ur first ever blog account hehehe..and i just hope this would be the start of making my nephew's entrepreneurship known in coffee shop business..good luck and more power to u Sis..by the way friends MR HAROLD M BANGIT is the proprietor of KAPE MANILA..

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