Coffee Shop Review: Starbucks Reserve Makati, Philippines

You know how those establishments sprout like mushrooms and you have no idea whatsoever where did they come from? That’s what happened with Starbucks Reserve. Suddenly it was sitting there right in the corners of Valero and Rufino. So you might be wondering how is Starbucks Reserve different from the regular Starbucks stores? Well, Starbucks Reserve offers distinctive coffees from different parts of the world. These coffees are specially prepared in the Roastery and Tasting Room in Seattle, U.S.A (#soshal).

Starbucks Reserve is also the most good looking Starbucks branch I’ve ever seen. I have a thing for industrial design so I was naturally impressed by their interiors. The focal point of the cafe is this huge shelves on top of the bar where the jars of coffee grounds are on display. It looks totally cool.

I didn’t want to beat the purpose of going there the first time so I ordered Peru Chonti grande ( ₱140). The drink made me realize two things: (1) I love coffee but apparently, I have yet to develop a taste for exotic flavors (2) I really hate strong coffee. Peru Chonti has a strong burnt taste with a trace of sour flavor. I ordered a grande, a bad call because I couldn’t even get myself to finish half of the cup. No amount of sugar and milk mitigated the caustic flavor of the coffee.

Good thing there’s an Oreo Cheesecake to distract me from the taste of the coffee. A reminder that a cake goes well with coffee.

What about you guys, have you been to any Starbucks Reserve branch yet?

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  1. I’ve only been to Starbucks Reserve once and it is so pretty! But I only ordered a regular Green Tea Latte so that defeated the purpose. Lels. I don’t really understand why there has to be a separate Starbucks for exotic coffee apart from the regular Starbucks but…oh well. Maganda naman sya. Hahaha.

    I love all the pictures you took, especially the first one! 😀

    1. Thanks O! Yeah, I don’t get it too, but maybe the exotic coffees are harder to find or more expensive and it’s not easy to get them across all Starbucks branches. That’s my guess at least.

  2. How come mga American chains pagdating dyan sosyal na masyado ang dating. Pati uniforms nila. Like ang Papa John’s dyan. Kasi dito take out lang at dyan resto talaga.

    Hi Marge.

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