Hey there, welcome to Coffeehan!

An old friend who was a lifestyle reporter of a local newspaper, convinced Marjorie to start a blog so she could take her to media events. After much deliberation, the author has finally created, Coffeehan, coined from two words, “coffee” and “kapihan” (Filipino word for cafe). It started sans a niche, just a means to get access to events, but it didn’t take long for her to decide to take blogging seriously. Coffeehan is now on its 10th year and the author has no plans of stopping. She aims to continue sharing her stories in a blog that started for the wrong reasons but has now become a full-blown passion.

Marjorie Gavan is a Knowledge Specialist from the Philippines who is passionate about writing, reading, traveling, and volunteering. This B.S. Journalism graduate from Lyceum of the Philippines has come a long way from the skinny 11-year-old who secretly writes poetry. She has years of writing and editing experience in the field of marketing, public relation, technical writing, government service, and blogging.
She is one of those people who always complain about not having enough money but still travels a lot and eats a damn lot too. She loves drinking coffee and dreams of having her own cafe stand in the near future.

All photos and text in this blog are owned by Marjorie Gavan unless otherwise stated. 

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Coffeehan is open to partnership and collaboration with the best brands. You can reach me at coffeehan2010@gmail.com. Here are among the services that I offer.

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