What is Coffeehan?

Coffeehan is coined from two words, “coffee” and “kapihan” (Filipino word for cafe). This blog was created in 2010, originally intended to gain access to media events. But it didn’t take long for the author to decide to take blogging seriously.

Marjorie Gavan is a writer with the worst penmanship so she has been relying on technology for most of her career; typewriter when it was still cool, and now computer. She travels whenever she can because traveling does to her what cocaine does to some rockstars.

Articles and photos on this website are written/taken by Marjorie Gavan unless otherwise stated.

Although the author may accept sponsorship reviews, her opinions are her own. Keep in mind that she will be honest in expressing her opinions regardless of sponsorship deals to maintain the integrity of this blog and to remain faithful to the trust given by her readers.

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