Coffee Shop Review: Bo’s Coffee, Philippines

Bo’s Coffee is one of the cafes that I can recommend to anyone who wants to have good tasting coffee. So why the hey, after blogging for almost four years now, did I not post a single review about it? Beats me. But let me make it up by writing about it now, the Glorietta 5 branch in particular.

It happened to be newly renovated too, but I am not sure if it’s a nationwide thing, the way Starbucks did to all of their local branches. If you care to ask my opinion though, I think Bo’s did it better.

bos-coffee-interiors-coffeehan (3)

bos-coffee-interiors-coffeehan (2)

bos-coffee-interiors-coffeehan (4)

I was hungry and so I was unhappy when I saw that the Seafood Marinara was a small serving for something that is over 200 bucks. But I think part of the reason I was frustrated is because the serving is too small for something that is so fucking good. I just loved it. Red sauce and seafood are two things that would make me happy when it comes to pasta, so as you can see, this pasta had no trouble hitting my happiness meter.


They also have pastries and bread, all-day-breakfast, as well as sandwiches. I love their sandwich especially the Frankie’s Omellete.


Their Cafe Mocha always gives me so much joy, both the hot and the Froccino versions. As mentioned, Bo’s Coffee makes good coffee, which means the coffee in this cafe’s name is not a disservice to the word.


Bo’s proudly serves Cordillera coffees and I tell you it would be unwise to not give it a try. The Sagada Drip Coffee in particular, is a personal favorite of mine.

Bo’s also offers artisanal gelato. It goes well with coffee so be sure to try their Affogato (PHP 150). It is smooth, a perfect marriage of sweetness and bitterness that makes it absolutely delightful.


There are many electrical sockets here and they also offer free WiFi although it expires after two hours. You have to ask the login details from the barista every time you want to use their WiFi again. Other than that, Bo’s is quite conducive for some reviewing, home-based or late-night work, catching up with friends, and me-time. I go to this place a lot especially on weekends that the baristas already know my name.

And the best thing about it, this Bo’s Coffee branch is open 24 hours.


Bo’s Coffee
G/F Glorietta 5
Telephone no.: (02) 403-4371


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  1. Good coffee in the company of good friends always can help you weather the storm. I like the bathroom.
    (Alchris. Hope I won't appear anonymous here, but just in case.)

  2. Hope the coffee make a better night for you. Not really a coffee drinker but I do like tasting them. Next time instead of going to Starbucks maybe I'll try Bo's Coffee.

  3. Now I definitely miss BO's Coffee. Usual tambayan ko yan sa Megamall. Bumili din ako ng mug nila pero kulay brown lang, kasi sabi nong marketing nila, di daw binebenta yong white. tsk. sayang…

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