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How I Quit Chicken To Become A Vegan

I had an almost toxic love affair with chicken; fried, stewed, barbecued, cook it whatever way and I’d eat it. I loved it so much it’s my standard answer to the question, what would be your prisoner’s last meal? And so for years I never really paid much attention to vegetarianism. It wasn’t appealing (can’t eat chicken) and I didn’t see the point of it. Having been raised in a household where I’ve been denied the good things in life, I viewed vegetarianism as another form of deprivation. I mean, why should I rob myself of the freedom to eat what I want now that I can afford it? Why should I stop myself from eating fried chicken when it’s one of the most delicious foods in the world? I’m the last person I’d imagine anyone to become vegetarian and yet here I am; I haven’t eaten chicken for almost three months and I’m on my third week of being vegan.

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