Cafe Rosa, Baler

I do have a favorite place in Baler and that is the coffee shop of Bahia de Baler, Café Rosa. It has a perfect ambiance, delectable foods and coffee, and tools to keep its guests entertained. On our second day, just before we went on our trike tour, that’s where we had our breakfast.

I was quite taken by its interiors, of native Filipino design. There were paintings on the wall, chairs made of rattan and wood, big table, and two, clean restrooms.

cafe-rosa-baler-coffeehan (15)

cafe-rosa-baler-coffeehan (16)

cafe-rosa-baler-coffeehan (13)

cafe-rosa-baler-coffeehan (9)

The café serves Filipino Breakfast (PHP 150) such as shredded beef tapa, tocino, hot dog, corned beef, homemade tinapa, daing na bangus (milk fish), and tortang talong (eggplant omelet). Each dish comes with garlic rice, fried or scrambled egg, and choice of coffee, tea or hot chocolate.

cafe-rosa-baler-coffeehan (10)

cafe-rosa-baler-coffeehan (8)

The Shredded Tapa has a strong sour taste that I had trouble liking it.

cafe-rosa-baler-coffeehan (11)

If you order Surfer’s Omelette (PHP 150), the choices of fillings are cheese, mushroom, cheese and mushroom, and vegetable. You may choose to have it with garlic rice or toasted bread and it also comes with tea, coffee, or hot chocolate. I failed to tell the waiter that I wanted mine served with rice, well actually, he didn’t ask our preference, so I ended up with toasted bread. Not bad, but I think I would have enjoyed it more with rice.

cafe-rosa-baler-coffeehan (12)

We had brewed Diarabasin coffee for our drink. Diarabasin they say is locally grown in Baler. It is quite good even sans cream.

cafe-rosa-baler-coffeehan (1)

As I mentioned Café Rosa is equipped with things to keep the guests amused. Aside from its free Wifi, the coffee shop has cable TV and playthings such as indoor golf kit, scrabble, football table, etc.

cafe-rosa-baler-coffeehan (7)

The only thing Café Rosa is lacking is an extensive menu and I find it sucky that some of the things that were on the menu were not available. Even so Café Rosa, as I mentioned in my introduction is my favorite place in Baler. It is cozy, spacious, and has things to help the idle hours.


Cafe Rosa
Bahia de Baler
Buton St. Barangay Sabang
Baler, Aurora
Business Hours: Monday – Sunday 6AM – 8PM


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  1. Naku, it was a million years ago so hindi ko na maalala & I'm pretty sure my friend said na wala na sila ngayon. Ang fave na coffee shop ko sa Pinas apart sa Starbucks ay ang Cafea sa may ABS CBN. They have a Central Perk feel to it. We used to go there a lot, to often that they knew me by my name & they even know which music I  love, haha (spoiled?!). On my last night sa Pinas bago umalis I went there with my best friend. We were there till late and before we left they gave me a cake which says Bon Voyage. Hay they were amazing. 

    Kaya lang I was not able to drop by on my last visit, busy with Poj's 1st bday eh. I hope they're still there and still offering the same quality of coffee and food =)

    Hay, basta sa kape ang haba ng comment?

  2. What a beautiful coffee shop, sis. A great find, and has a potential to be a lot better. Ako din sis, I really get annoyed when a restaurant hands you the menu & nearly half of what's on it are unavailable. I'd prefer one with a small selection, with all the dishes available and cooked well. 
    Hmmm, parang ang sarap ng bangus! But i think they were a bit too tight with the corned beef ah.
    Pero I love the idea of having toys and games to keep the guests entertained. It gives the impression that they welcome their guests to stay for as long as they want. It reminded me of one coffee shop i went to (many years ago, wala na ata sila ngayon) where they have books, guitars, board games etc for their guests,, katuwa. 
    Hay, at ang haba na naman nito, hehe =)

  3. oo nga eh, yun lang naman ang kulang sa cafe rosa, they just need a lil improvement. ambiance wise panalo naman sila. ano naman name nung coffee shop na sinasabi mo sis?

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