Coffee Shop Review: Old Manila Coffee House, Philippines

I don’t know if I should be happy or sad whenever payday comes. I am one of those people who already knew where their money would be before it even arrives. I get the money then it would come flying out the window. I pay for the electricity, the phone bill, my brother’s college tuition and allowance, credit card, etc. etc. By the time I get to pay all these things, I would be left with only one maybe 2,000 in my wallet; enough to get me through the next pay day. I’m a government employee, on a contractual basis, and I only earn a measly PHP 8,500 (USD 181.02) per month. Sucks eh? Yeah well, welcome to my world.

Sometimes I spare some money to treat myself. Usually, I go to coffee shops (oftentimes Starbucks, Dunkin’ Donuts, or Kape Manila) to enjoy one cup of hot latte or my favorite caramel frappe. Hey, I think deserve it after working my ass off for a month. I owe that to myself.

As soon as I received my salary this month (August) I immediately set out a plan to visit a café. This time, I wanted something that I’ve never tried before, preferably one with a unique ambiance. So I pulled out my laptop and launched a café hunt in Makati area. Moments later I found this website, Arabica of Old Manila, which introduced me to this coffee shop and restaurant called, Old Manila Coffee House.

Then it was time to make my own judgment of the place. I asked my best friend, Tina to join me and together, notwithstanding the rainy weather, we went to Makati. Knowing I was walking with a “human map” (Tina), I had no doubt in my mind we’d spot the place in no time, and of course, we did, quite easily. It is located on the ground floor of Prince Plaza II, Dela Rosa St. Legazpi Village Makati.

old-manila-coffee-house-coffeehan (7)

Tina and I fell in love with the place the moment we stepped in. The interiors looked really beautiful. It sure lived up to its name, Old Manila; the place would literally make you feel like you went back in time. Bottles of wines lined up the right wall, a comfortable cushioned couch sits on the left side of the room, the tables and chairs were made of dark-stained woods, and the lighting was kept on low, obviously to sustain that old feel effect. Soon, my friend and I couldn’t stop ourselves from taking pictures. Everything looked oh so lovely and cozy, we immediately felt like we were home.

old-manila-coffee-house-coffeehan (5)

old-manila-coffee-house-coffeehan (2)

A very accommodating waiter approached our table to take our orders. After a short deliberation, I ordered Rock of Manila (cappuccino with a jigger of Bailey’s Irish cream) (PHP 115-USD 2.45) and Alfredo Fettuccine (PHP 175-USD 3.73). My friend, on the other hand, picked Scent of Mount Apo (coffee with hazelnut and vanilla) (PHP 115-USD 2.45) and Tuna Sandwich (PHP 125-USD2.66 ).

In my honest opinion, I was a little disappointed with the drinks we ordered. Both were too sweet you could hardly taste the coffee. I’m not sure about their other drinks but basing on what we had, I think their coffee could use a little improvement. Old Manila Coffee House is first of all, a café so it’s important that their coffee must taste real good. It’s the one they should pay attention to above everything else.


But I have no complaints whatsoever with their food. The Alfredo Fettuccine is to die for. I so loved it and I’m glad that one serving is good enough for two persons. The Tuna sandwich is also fine and I find their decision to use whole wheat bread over white bread a good call.

old-manila-coffee-house-coffeehan (3)

old-manila-coffee-house-coffeehan (1)

All in all, it was a fine experience. There is no question that my friend and I will come back there for more. There are other dishes that we want to try including their Civet/Alamid coffee, which happens to be the most expensive coffee in the world. I guess I couldn’t call myself a certified coffee addict until I’ve had a taste of this one.


Old Manila Coffee House
Unit 9 Prince Plaza 2
Dela Rosa St. Legaspi Village
Makati City
Telephone no.: (02) 817-5651
Business Hours: Monday – Saturday 6:30AM – 12AM
Sunday – 7AM – 12AM


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  1. hi marge,
    couldnt help but add my comment upon reading this… I was excited to dine at Old Manila Coffee House in Galleria. Unfortunately, had a bad case of “unfriendly” waiting staff and you were absolutely right – their coffee wasnt as good as I expected a coffeeshop should be. My friend and I didnt finish our coffee. 🙁 … bump into your blog just today when I was looking for a batangas resort. Nice blog! Keep it up 🙂

  2. uy thank you very much ate beth, dramatic ako in real life kaya gusto ko ang blog ko eh happy naman ang dating hehe… so i'm writing reviews. thanks for stopping by 🙂

  3. uy thank you very much ate beth, dramatic ako in real life kaya gusto ko ang blog ko eh happy naman ang dating hehe… so i'm writing reviews. thanks for stopping by 🙂

  4. honestly i'm enjoying reading ur blog marj, informative sya at ganda ng lay out mo.

    write ka nga, galing mu gumawa ng write up eh! 😀
    thumbs up para sau! ;D

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