Coffee Shop Review: Satinka Naturals Makati, Philippines

In this day and age, it’s a lot easier to be unhealthy because it’s cheaper.  I mean look at all those greasy, skewered street food, which would only cost you anywhere from 3 to 20 pesos. For less than a hundred bucks, you can eat a full meal in the nearest eateries or popular food chains. Don’t get me wrong, I want to practice healthy living, that’s why I find it real sad that the things we brand as beneficial to our health are expensive. For instance, brown rice is over 20 pesos more expensive than the regular ones, you want wheat bread, you need to pay additional bucks, fruits are also pricey, and don’t get me started about the supplements. So even when I have in me the desire to eat healthy, I couldn’t sustain the habit. I just couldn’t afford to burn away half of my salary. The story is the same with establishments that sell organic products.

Just to give you an example, I discovered of late this organic cafe called Satinka Naturals. It sits in the corner of Kamagong and Chino Roces and was opened just four months ago. They claim that they only use organic ingredients for their food and drinks, free of MSG (monosodium glutamate) and GMO (genetically modified organism).

The space that they own is small, but they have an al fresco area. It looks like an ideal place to hang out but if you are with a laptop, I’m sad to report that if you want to use their electricity to charge your device, you have to pay PHP 50 per hour.

Apart from organic food, they also sell other organic products, such as mineral foundation, body scrub, insecticide, shampoo and conditioner, etc.

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Food and products here are expensive and every time I go there I end up with holes in my pocket. But whenever I could, I go back. Why?  It’s because they serve food that are so orgasmically good, the balls of my eyes disappear in every bite. Everything is freshly made, including their yogurt and cakes. I read in the menu that they use Himalayan salt (commonly known as rock salt), which contains 81 different minerals. I’m serious honey, it’s that good.

They also offer Cordillera coffee, and when you order Kalinga Coffee in particular, it is bottomless.


With coffee, I’ve already tried Iced Benguet Coffee (PHP 95). It tastes kind of bland, but it was okay. I also tried their Grass Fed Pork with Rice (PHP 235), the pork is quite flavorful, which I got to say I didn’t expect at all considering the fact that they are promoting healthy food, and we all know some healthy food tend to go easy with flavors. (Sorry, I’ve got no photos of these two)

My favorite dish is the Meat And Tomato Sauce Pasta (PHP 175). I like that it’s salty and that the sauce is already clinging to the pasta, not scattered all over the plate. The herb taste is present but not overpowering.


The Mango Juice With Mint (PHP 85) is not as concentrated as I wanted it to be (meaning, more water, less mango flavor) but I still find it quite refreshing.


When one of the staff recommended that I try their yogurt, I initially said no. The reason is I didn’t like the home-made yogurt that I tried from the Yogurt House in Sagada. I thought that they are probably just the same, too sour for comfort, because just like the Yogurt House, Satinka Naturals creates their own yogurt. But the female staff said that their version is quite different from the ones I’ve tried before. She was positive that I would like it. Her enthusiasm piqued my curiosity so I relented. Turns out she was right. Satinka Naturals yogurt is much creamier, more sweet than sour with smooth velvety texture. It is the best yogurt I’ve tasted in my entire life! The Yogurt With Honey is only PHP 95.


While the Yogurt With Cheesecake is PHP 115. It’s their yogurt with literally pieces of cheesecake.


If you got a little extra, or money is no issue if it equates to good food, you might wanna try Satinka Naturals. And when you do, you should never leave without trying their yogurt.


Satinka Naturals
1137 Kamagong St.
corner Chino Roces Ave., Makati
Contact no.: (63) 927-761 9799
Business Hours: Monday – Sunday 10AM – 10PM




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  1. My first time to take a peek and your new blog looks good. I learn a lot of new things from your posts. This looks like a place we can tirelessly go back to. I have shifted to brown rice and brown bread for a year now and it helped me with my gestational diabetes. It’s a shame organic food is so expensive, but the flavors are just delicious and fresh. Cordillera coffee sounds good.

  2. I agree, it’s really challenging to live a healthy lifestyle because aside from sacrificing sinfully good (yet sinful) food, healthier food options do not come cheap. So, I guess we can keep a well balanced diet ( a balance between healthy and not so healthy food hehe)

    Anyways, that glass of mango juice with mint looks soooo refreshing! 🙂

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