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Coffee Shop Review: Blackfish Coffee Bar, Boracay, Philippines

On my recent trip to Boracay, I discovered several new establishments worth checking out. One of them is Blackfish Coffee Bar in Station 1. I spotted its sign at the corner of a pathway as I walked down the beach one day. I looked over and saw the cafe at the end of that alley.

ℹ️ Blackfish Coffee Bar quick information

📍Address: Station 1 Brgy. Balabag Boracay island, 5608 Aklan, Philippines
🕑 Store hours: Open daily, 9:30 am to 10:30 pm 
💰 Price range: USD 2.45-4.90 (PHP 140-280)
🍴What to order: Oat milk latte

📍Blackfish Coffee Bar location

Blackfish Coffee Bar can be found on Station 1 in Boracay, Aklan. You can find it inside this small alley not too far from the beach. It doesn’t seem to have the best location, so it’s easy to miss if you’re not paying attention.

Take the small alley to the left if you’re facing the Gift Station.

🖼️ Ambiance and Interiors

Honestly, I’m not sure what to make of the stripped-back interiors. I mean, I can understand the appeal; it’s all over Pinterest for a reason, but everything is gray with no other color to break the monotony that the design felt so undone.

Ok, I know that’s the goal of the stripped-back interiors, a design that doesn’t seem finished; exposed cement structures, walls and floors with little to no paint. They were definitely going for that modern rustic aesthetics.

I didn’t like the tables, though, because they have the same finish as those graves in the cemetery. And because the table was hard and rough, I couldn’t rest my arms comfortably on it.

But that’s just me; I know many people don’t share this opinion if we use people’s Google reviews as a basis. Many have commented positively on the ambiance, some even calling it “Instagrammable.” So I might be the only weird person with a different opinion.

While I’m not an expert on design and architecture, I can appreciate them and know how they influence a customer’s decision to check out a place. Don’t get me wrong. I’m not saying it has bad interiors; I just think it could be improved.

💻 WiFi

I’m not sure if they have WiFi, as I wasn’t able to ask. For those using the Globe network, I’m happy to report that the signal is pretty strong inside this cafe.

🔌 Electrical outlets

I didn’t find outlets for charging devices.

🥯 Blackfish Coffee Bar food

Cranberry cookie  

Price: USD 2.80 (PHP 160)

Blackfish Coffee Bar - Boracay-Philippines Cranberry Cookie

I’m not sure if they serve food other than cookies, as there wasn’t any food listed on the menu. When I went to the bar, I saw a few cookies on display. Two caught my interest; one has mango, the other cranberry; I chose the latter.

They heated the cookie and served it warm. The dough was dense and not crumbly, and it was yummy. It wasn’t very sweet too.

☕ Blackfish Coffee Bar drinks

Oat milk latte

Price: USD 4.55 (PHP 260)

Blackfish Coffee Bar - Boracay-Philippines Oat Milk Latte

For drinks, I had the oat milk latte. It was velvety and had a bitter taste that was crisp and bold. It wasn’t sweet at all, so I added a bit of sugar to balance the flavor. It worked, and I ended up enjoying it.

I saw cocktails on the menu but didn’t get the chance to try them.

🥘 Blackfish Coffee Bar menu

Click the accordions below to see the menu. Note that prices may change without prior notice. USD conversion is based on the currency exchange rate on Sep 6, 2022.

Author’s note: The price below is for hot drinks (except those in color red, those are served cold). If you want it iced, you will pay an additional – $ 0.17 (PHP 10). Food prices were not listed on their menu.

Espresso – $ 2.45 (PHP 140)

Americano (still or sparkling) – $ 2.80 (PHP 160)

Latte – $ 3.15 (PHP 180)

Cappuccino – $ 3.15 (PHP 180)

Vanilla latte – $ 4.02 (PHP 230)

Vanilla almond latte – $ 4.72 (PHP 270)

Cafe mocha – $ (PHP 230)

Caramel latte – $ (PHP 230)

Blackfish coffee – $ 4.72 (PHP 270)

Oat milk latte – $ 4.55 (PHP 260)

Coco latte – $ 4.72 (PHP 270)

Watermelon coffee – $ 4.90 (PHP 280)

Coffee colada – $ 4.37 (PHP 250)

Isla coffee – $ 4.37 (PHP 250)

Chocolate (non-coffee) – $ 3.67 (PHP 210)

*Extra shot – $ 0.87 (PHP 50)

* Plant-based milk (almond, oat milk, coconut milk) – $ 1.40 (PHP 80)

Pina Colada – $3.85 (PHP 220)

Sparkling black – $4.37 (PHP 250)

Orange spritz – $3.50 (PHP 200)

Watermelon yuzu – $3.50 (PHP 200)

Watermelon mojito – $3.50 (PHP 200)

Yuzu mojito – $3.50 (PHP 200)

Cucumber mojito – $3.50 (PHP 200)

Do you want me to review any coffee shops? Leave your suggestion in the comment box below, and I’ll make time to check it out. 💕

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