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Coffee Shop Review: Muji Coffee, BGC, Taguig, Philippines

I sometimes wonder if I’m living under a rock because many things flow under my radar. For example, I didn’t know Muji, that popular Japanese retail store, had a coffee shop until recently. I checked it out when I had to go to BGC recently for an errand.

Please note that this will not be a full-blown review, as I only managed to order one cup of coffee.

ℹ️ Coffee shop – Muji Coffee quick information

πŸ“Address: Bonifacio High Street Central Square 5 30th St, Taguig, Metro Manila, Philippines
πŸ•‘ Store hours: Open daily, 11:00 am to 9:30 pmΒ 
πŸ’° Price range: USD 1.36-2.46 (PHP 80-145)
🍴What to order: Cafe mocha
πŸ”— Website: https://www.mujiph.com/muji-coffee

πŸ“Coffee shop – Muji Coffee location

Muji BGC

You can find Muji inside the Muji store on the 4th level of Bonifacio High Street Central Square.

πŸ–ΌοΈ Coffee shop – Muji Coffee ambiance and interiors

Muji sells a variety of household and consumer goods, such as housewares, fabrics, furniture, etc. Muji adapts a minimalist philosophy, which clearly shows in their simple interiors. The coffee shop is small, and the place gets packed quickly.

πŸ’» Coffee shop – Muji Coffee WiFi

Muji Coffee has no wifi.

πŸ”Œ Coffee shop – Muji Coffee electrical outlets

There are a few electrical outlets at Muji Coffee.

Muji Coffee Electrical outlet

β˜• Coffee shop – Muji Coffee drinks

They use coffee bean blends from Brazil and Honduras that are certified by the Rainforest Alliance, an international non-government organization. This NGO advocates for the rural people’s human rights promotes rural prosperity and livelihoods, creates a natural-based solution for climate change, and fights against deforestation.

Cafe Mocha

Price: USD 1.87 (PHP 110)

Muji coffee cafe mocha

Despite being an avid coffee shop customer, I have always found coffees from these establishments to be overpriced. Thus, it was somewhat surprising to me to see the low price point of Muji Coffee. A small cup of cafe mocha for $1.87, are you kidding me? This drink is one of the most expensive when you go to a regular coffee shop. At Starbucks, for one, a 12 oz (tall) cup of cafe mocha is $3.14 (β‚±185).

I’m not sure why Muji’s drinks are cheap when the store itself sells expensive products, e.g., a $14.01 (β‚±825) pillow. And considering how delicious the coffee was (yes, it was marvelous, I should have gotten a bigger cup), the low price became all the more mind-boggling for me. But I’m not about to complain; a cheap and delicious coffee? I say take my damn money.

πŸ₯˜ Coffee shop – Muji Coffee menu

Click the accordions below to see the menu. Note that prices may change without prior notice. USD conversion is based on the currency exchange rate on October 23, 2022.

Americano$1.36 (β‚±80)$1.61 (β‚±95)
Cappuccino$1.53 (β‚±90)$1.87 (β‚±110)
Cafe latte$1.70 (β‚±100)$2.04 (β‚±120)
Cafe mocha$1.87 (β‚±110)$2.12 (β‚±125)
Iced americano$1.61 (β‚±95)$1.87 (β‚±110)
Iced cafe latte$2.04 (β‚±120)$2.29 (β‚±135)
Iced cafe mocha$2.12 (β‚±125)$2.38 (β‚±140)
Ichigo cafe mocha (strawberry)$2.12 (β‚±125)$2.38 (β‚±140)
English Breakfast$1.36 (β‚±80)$1.61 (β‚±95)
Green tea and jasmine$1.36 (β‚±80)$1.61 (β‚±95)
Organic chamomile$1.36 (β‚±80)$1.61 (β‚±95)
Peach tea$1.70 (β‚±100)$1.95 (β‚±115)
Black tea$1.78 (β‚±105)$2.04 (β‚±120)
Matcha latte$2.21 (β‚±130)$2.46 (β‚±145)

🫘 Coffeehan scale

I give Muji Coffee 3 coffee beans.

🫘 Sad. Will never come back again.

🫘🫘 Meh. Lots of things to improve. Might reconsider a visit but maybe not anytime soon.

🫘🫘🫘 Good! There’s room for improvement, but overall, it was awesome. I will come back.

🫘🫘🫘🫘 Great! It’s almost perfect, but not quite there yet. Definitely, I will come back.

🫘🫘🫘🫘🫘 Magnificent! It’s a coffee shop done right. The coffee is heavenly, the ambiance is perfect, and the crew is fantastic! Definitely worth the bucks and a revisit.

Author’s Note: Coffeehan’s scale pertains to Mara’s general feel about a coffee shop. The rating is based on her personal opinion, which is primarily influenced by the coffee’s taste more than the place’s aesthetics. The rating doesn’t aim to change, nor does it represent another person’s view of the coffee shops featured on this blog.


Do you want me to review any coffee shops? Leave your suggestion in the comment box below, and I’ll make time to check it out. πŸ’•

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