Coffee Shop Review: Habitual Coffee

I’m not trying to make a month-long celebration so you don’t have to greet me belated happy birthday. Indecision got in the way so I wasn’t able to post this right away. Anyhoo, I celebrated my 34th birthday in a coffee shop; nothing fancy, just met a few friends over coffee. I was supposed to go to La Union but I decided to reschedule it the next day so I can hang out with my friends. But it’s my birthday so there should be something special about it. I looked for a coffee shop that I’ve never tried before, one that offers specialty coffee. From consulting Google and Looloo I found Habitual Coffee. [Read: A Weekend Solo Travel Guide to San Juan, La Union]

habitual-coffee-coffeehan (15)

Habitual Coffee is located in Chino Roces, Makati. How it managed to escape my attention in my three years of living around that area, I have no idea. I remember that it shares a building with Primal Ape, a cross-fit gym, what I failed to remember is the exact location so I lost my way. Yes, I wasted an hour or so of my life swimming through the traffic, trying to looking for it.

My struggle is justifiable though because it is really not that simple to locate. For one it is inside a walled area with no landmarks across from it to guide you. The only clue that I can give you is that it is near King’s Court in Dela Rosa, but stay on the Chino Roces side. If you are coming from Buendia, from King’s Court, take the sidewalk going right. You can see this concrete wall, walk a bit further and you will see its entrance. Once you get in, it’s Habitual Coffee that you will see right away, though it’s the Primal Ape signage on top of it that you may notice at first glance.

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Habitual Coffee takes on the industrialized minimalist theme that has become the signature look of third-wave and hip cafes. Decorations are kept in a minimum. The ground and the walls made of cement were left unpainted creating an unfinished look that is very masculine, which seems to echo the cross-fit gym next to it.

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Habitual sources their coffee from Belis Washing Station in Atok, Benguet. I am partial with specialty coffee because they really taste better than those you can buy from regular cafes.

habitual-coffee-coffeehan (7)

My friend, Potpot greeted me with raised eyebrows. I smiled apologetically because I was late. But it was my birthday so Potpot forgave me, lol. [Read: Travel Bug Series 5 – Potpot Pinili]

I ordered my favorite coffee flavor, Flat White PHP 140 (USD 2.90). It has strong woodsy and nutty notes with a bit of a sour aftertaste. It was awesome!

habitual-coffee-coffeehan (3)

Since it was my birthday, my friend, Pancake, got me a cake. It’s chocolate cake, which surprisingly passed to my liking (I’m not big on chocolate cake you see) because it was not overly sweet. The staff garnished it with some flowers, a nice touch that I truly appreciated. The wine candles are from my friend by the way.

habitual-coffee-coffeehan (4)

We also had two sandwiches, they were just okay to me, nothing remarkable. This one below is Grilled Cheese worth PHP 200 (USD 4.14).

habitual-coffee-coffeehan (14)

While we were there, Potpot regaled us with his many adventures and misadventures in his recent trip to the Cordillera region. As always, Pancake was in her constant giggling mood. My other friend, Alchris came with a laptop because he has to work so we didn’t really get to feel his presence that much.

All in all I loved Habitual and my friends and I agreed that it was worth returning to. Potpot said that he wants to come back with a good camera, preferably at day time so he could take better photos. As with me, I spread out the good news with my other friends and returned to Habitual few weeks after for a reunion with my former colleagues. Some of them also lost their way trying to find it.



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  1. Habitual Coffee sounds like a cafe shop for caffeine addicts like me. Can’t live a day without drinking coffee at all. I hope you mentioned the price ranges of their food and coffee. It will surely give us an idea of how expensive or affordable their prices are.

  2. Cathy and I just visited Habitual few weeks ago, its just walking distance from us. I love the place because Im a fan of unpainted walls. I ordered tea which is nothing special hahaha. I find the price too much but te servings was small. I love the grilled cheese sandwich. 🙂 I don’t knkw if it’s really good or Im just hungry hahaha!

  3. So still, belated happy birthday to you! LOL. Coffee and bread both really are the perfect combination. I am into coffee too. But mine is a different blend, I want it sweet and creamy! And those cakes, ughh, mouthwatering!!! 😀

  4. Looks like worth the effort to find out the place. Excellent food presentation, I am in love with those chocolate cakes.
    Belated happy birthday greetings to you!

  5. Sounds like a wonderful way to celebrate your birthday. Simple but surrounded by close friends. I too like to go to out of the way cafes. The wine candles were a nice touch!

  6. Being lost along the way, for sure, made your day more memorable. But what matters most is you ended with a coffee you love (that justifies as well your domain name 🙂 ) and you were with your true friends.

    From this post, I guess I have to celebrate also my birthday next year with a coffee :)))

  7. I love that you celebrated your birthday over coffee with friends! I’m glad you tried out a new place & that you were spoiled with cake. Happy birthday! Will this be the start of a new bday tradition…?

  8. I love cofee houses. Nothing better than sit there and relaxe with friends. And ofcourse have some great coffee. I like any special coffees usually! Anything like special lattes or frappes. Habitual coffe sounds nice and the cake looks great!

  9. Belated Happy Bday pa rin! It is indeed a nice idea to celebrate bday over coffee then you can just order a slice of cake. I never tried this and you gave me an idea for a me tine for me for my bday. Its those times that I want to have some quiet time with myself and just have a cup of coffee.

  10. I think I’ve heard of Habitual coffee shop before but can’t remember exactly.

    Though admittedly there are grander ways to celebrate birthdays, I think the more we grow older the more we want to keep it simple. Conversations over coffee with friends is perfect, if you ask me. I hope you also spent a meal with your fam. Belated happy birthday!

  11. Hey, good post. I do walk around that area and has never come across Habitual Coffee. I think you could say it’s your typical hole in the wall coffee shop – classy one. Happy birthday still, Marge. You do not have to be greeted again and again, but you do deserve to live and have the life as if you are having birthday every single day.

  12. A place Insee myself and a few close friends hanging around as well. Love the extra gesture of the staff to decorate the cake. And love the champagne candle. Ihihi. Cuteness lang Talaga. Please, its still your month so happy birthday pa rin. Ihihi.

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