Coffee Shop Review: Coffee Kong El Nido, Palawan

“I am hungry” was playing on repeat in my brain when we arrived in Coron. It was around 4 and we haven’t eaten our lunch so we were naturally famished. So as soon as we settled our stuff at Patrik & Tezz, we were off to the town to find a place to eat. While walking we saw this cute coffee shop with glass door and walls. The sign says, Coffee Kong.

Before we talk about the food and drinks, let’s take a little tour. Everything about the place is cute. From the scribbles and drawings on the walls, coffee cups hanging in clothes’ line, big comfy couch to the coffee grinder flanked by fertility idols.

coffee-kong-coron-coffeehan (6)

coffee-kong-coron-coffeehan (5)

coffee-kong-coron-coffeehan (1)

This Korean-owned coffee shop is located in the town proper so it’s pretty accessible. It has free WiFi connection, it is small but comfortable and as you may have noticed, with cutesy interiors, and most of all it has nice and accommodating staff.

We entered this place because we thought they offer sandwich or pasta; unfortunately they don’t. If want you more food selection, this isn’t the place for you. The only food they offer is limited to brownies, cookies, and muffins.

I had Banana Muffin (PHP 60) and it was surprisingly good. It has a sweet, caramelized surface that was a bit crunchy. The bottom was dense, moist, and toothsome. I just loved it.

coffee-kong-coron-coffeehan (2)

The Iced Cafe Mocha (PHP 120). The taste was a little dull, but it was okay.

coffee-kong-coron-coffeehan (3)

Now this is Iced Cappuccino (PHP 120), sorry, I didn’t get to taste it.

coffee-kong-coron-coffeehan (4)

Some peeps from our group went back to Coffee Kong on our second day. They had brownies, which looked delicious so I am feeling a bit sorry that I wasn’t able to give it a try.

Though I wasn’t satiated I do not regret that we chose Coffee Kong over an eatery that we saw along the way. The place was a 3-C; cool, cute, and charming, and it did help give us a first good impression of Coron. I’d definitely go back for more banana muffin, free WiFi, and yeah, I’d love to try those brownies.

Coffee Kong
Brgy 5, National Highway
Coron, Palawan



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