Ice Valley

The reason I love Starbucks’s green tea drink (despite the fact I absolutely hate green tea) is because some genius decided to add red beans to it. I just love red beans, in fact, it’s one of my favorite ingredients in halo-halo. So why the hell am I blabbering about red beans? Because it was the saving grace of that disappointing halo-halo that I had when we tried Ice Valley.

We spotted Ice Valley during our first night in Coron, but it was already past its business hours so we agreed to visit it the next day. We mistook it for an ice cream parlor so the group couldn’t help but be a little disappointed that it didn’t have what we were craving for.


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Just like Coffee Kong, Ice Valley has this simple but cute interior design. I dunno but I find those stencils on the glass wall, charming. Also, I like that they painted the place white, the walls, the door, and the furniture.

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The place is quite small so it could only take fewer people. We were lucky though that when we got in, some customers were just leaving. Oh yeah, it may be small but it has a restroom, which I think is a plus.
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Ice Valley offers cold treats (again no ice cream) such as fruit shakes and halo-halo. The only hot drink you can have here is tea. We skipped the tea and the fruit shakes, we had halo-halo. Their version is a bit different though, it has ingredients (fruits like mango, apple, watermelon, etc.) you don’t normally see in a typical halo-halo. And there are options, depending on which fruits you want to have in your halo-halo.

This is one of my friends had… it has more bananas, red beans, and yeah, you’re seeing it right, cereal flakes.




I had Halo-Halo Basic (PHP109), which had no ube, no langka, no nata de coco, and no goddamn leche flan! So if you are a true blue halo-halo lover (like me), you may find this a little depressing. I also think their products are too overpriced. But then again, we had been warned by Tezz that products and services in Coron don’t come cheap. I managed to find a silver lining and that’s the red beans. They gave a generous serving of it. As I mentioned I love red beans so I finished the whole thing.


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I’m not saying that the place is bad at all, in fact, it was cute, and though the halo-halo was different from what we’re used to, it was okay. Maybe we were just sad because we were craving for ice cream and that’s not what we found. But if you love fruits, and the weather is sweltering, and you just want a cold treat, then this place is for you.


Ice Valley
Palawan National Highway,
Coron, Palawan


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