A Guesthouse on Stilts in Coron: Patrik & Tezz Guesthouse

Patrik & Tezz Guesthouse reminded me the wisdom behind the saying, “Do not judge a book by its cover”. From its website that is anything but appealing to its equally unappealing facade, P&T ain’t something the picky travelers would give the time of day. But I’m here to tell you that if you are willing to overlook these little disappointments, you may likely end up sharing our opinion that P&T offers one if not the best accommodation in Coron.

While we were searching the net for a place to stay in Coron, Martha recommended the one where she and her friends checked-in. I had to tell her though that she would be in the company of cheapskates so our goal was to find a decent but inexpensive hotel accommodation. When Martha got back to us, she had another place to recommend; P&T, a guesthouse owned by a Swedish couple. For a 4D3N package, good for 6 pax, they offer the following:

best-place-to-stay-in-coron-patrik-and-tezz-guesthouse (5)

  • standard fan room accommodation
  • airport transfers
  • 3 days breakfast
  • 2 days lunch buffet during boat trips; and
  • island tour (inclusive of the entrance fee, boat, guide, and life vests)

It’s PHP4,050 (USD87.72) per person so we thought the price was reasonable.

As I said before, the place didn’t make a first good impression, exhibit 1: look at the gate.

best-place-to-stay-in-coron-patrik-and-tezz-guesthouse (6)

I knew it was built on stilt and that it sits on top of the water, but when we arrived it was low tide, and when the water is out, you get a good sight of the muck underneath. Then you see these little crabs that look like mutants. I mean just look at them, they are of color blue with orange claws, one bigger than the other. Dennis said that it’s called fiddler crab. It’s my first time to see one so I was naturally fascinated.


I’m happy to report though that my disappointment was fleeting. I started feeling good about the place the moment we walked through the hallway.

best-place-to-stay-in-coron-patrik-and-tezz-guesthouse (1)

The place may not be posh, but I love the laid-back, island vibe that it gives off. When you’ve been living in the city for far too long, more often than not, you have this yearning for a life that is unhurried. This is exactly the atmosphere that the guesthouse’s design and interiors promoted, so it didn’t take long for me to warm up to the idea of staying there.

The house is made of native materials and has five fan-cooled rooms. Guests could chillax on the couches and watch TV in the living room. And since you are in Coron, of course, you couldn’t wait to brag about it to your loser friends (hehe…). Good news, P&T has free WiFi access, so you could yap on Twitter and FB about how cool it is that you’ve finally managed to get your poor ass in one of the most beautiful places in the country.

best-place-to-stay-in-coron-patrik-and-tezz-guesthouse (9)

best-place-to-stay-in-coron-patrik-and-tezz-guesthouse (10)

We were given three rooms. Alchris and I shared this room with a queen-sized bed and an extra bed on an upper deck. Pao and Dennis shared a room with two single beds (no picture sorry). Rhoda and Martha occupied the room at the end of the hall, also with two single beds.

best-place-to-stay-in-coron-patrik-and-tezz-guesthouse (4)

best-place-to-stay-in-coron-patrik-and-tezz-guesthouse (3)

best-place-to-stay-in-coron-patrik-and-tezz-guesthouse (2)

Bathrooms are shared, one for women, one for men. The bathrooms have a shower, toilet, and Pao’s favorite, bidet.

The guesthouse has two pets, the uber cute persian cat named, Daddy Cat, and a big but harmless pitbull named, Muche. I am a dog lover, but it’s Daddy Cat who won my heart. He is big and fluffy, has a fine gray fur, wears a permanent scowl, and oh yeah, he doesn’t stink!

best-place-to-stay-in-coron-patrik-and-tezz-guesthouse (7)

During our stay, P&T had just received this plaque from Trip Advisor. We were delighted to learn that we were actually staying in a place that won the top spot out of 34 B&B (bed and breakfast) and Inns in Coron. See! The place is a badass!

But what it lacked in modern options, it more than made up for its simple but efficient accommodation. The owners, Patrik and Tezz are very nice people, they talk to their guests and they made sure that we were comfortable and our needs were met during our stay. The food that they serve may not be as good as the ones that we had at West Peninsula (in Caramoan), but they were delicious nonetheless (especially the ones that we had for lunch during our island hopping adventure).

best-place-to-stay-in-coron-patrik-and-tezz-guesthouse (11)


Now onto my assessment of the place. If you are a picky person and is big on first impressions, then it’s likely the place would trigger your hard-to-please persona. As you can see from the pictures above, the guesthouse is simple, lacks modern equipment (note: no air conditioning), and since it’s on top of the water, the slightest movement can be felt in the whole place (hence this story). Also, if you are the type of person who likes to take your shower a lot, you may not be too happy to find the “conserve water” notes in the bathrooms. [Read: West Peninsula Villas Caramoan]

The place also offers convenience as it is situated within the town. On foot, you’d have no trouble getting to the pier, the market, bars and restos, coffee shops, among others. This may actually be the reason why we ended up broke were able to discover different spots to eat and drink in Coron.

Most of all, their price is fairly cheap compared with others, yet they delivered. We had a place to stay, we had a wonderful tour, and we were treated with warm and courtesy by its people. In my opinion, the recognition it received from trip Advisor is well deserved and so I have no qualms about giving this place high recommendation.

Now if after all this declamation you are still having misgivings about P&T, then think of Daddy Cat. I swear to you the cat alone would make your stay worthwhile in this guesthouse.


Patrik & Tezz Guesthouse
Coastalroad, Lot 6
5316 Coron – Busuanga
Palawan, Philippines
Email: info@coron.ph



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  1. 🙂 so P&T will be one of my options then. Cozy nga syang tingna marj. Kaya lang si true about the gate. Sana ginandahan nila noh. At ang cute ni daddy cat.

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