All My Paandar Efforts to be Anne Boleyn

Paandar” is the term gays like to use to refer to someone who likes to get attention. It also means “to start something” or in some context, “extravagance.” With this word in mind, I did paandar things in every conceivable way to rock the year-end party of our company. How did I do it? Believe me honey it took a lot of work…and cash. Here’s the rundown on how I achieved my paandar look in this party.

1. Find gown-wearing characters on the Internet and hold a poll

One of the paandar things that anyone can do is to wear something like they’re off to an Oscar’s or maybe a Halloween party. The goal is to have every head in the room turned, not dissolve in the crowd. I didn’t want to wear body paint (picture Avatar), wings (picture Maleficent), or sky-high boots (picture Pretty Woman). What I wanted is to wear a gown, and not just any gown but a period gown. Hence, I had four options:

I posted the pictures on Facebook and held a poll on who should I go for. The character with the most number of votes; Anne Boleyn.


2. Find a seamstress to do the costume, bonus points if it’s a young fashion designer

I emailed and secured quotations from three costume makers but decided to get the services of a young fashion designer, Janella Marie Ibay. My original budget is PHP 3,000 (USD 60.47) but apparently, that amount doesn’t fly with a custom-made gown. So how much is the total damage for this paandar outfit? Remember the 3,000? Make it double.


3. Find a professional makeup artist

My officemate, Daryll kept on saying, “Marge, you can do your own makeup.” A statement that is actually true considering the fact I never leave home without makeup, but as I told Daryll, “If you’re a bride, would you do your own makeup?!” Of course not, and I decided that in this situation, the same principle applies. So I lurked in a female forum on the net to search for a good makeup artist. The name Ria Redor came up. And like I needed more proof that this is a small world after all, I found out that Ria is a friend of Daryll’s cousin. Ria, as her facebook profile said, is an airbrush and traditional makeup artist. She has been in the business for seven years, a career that started when one day, she discovered a mineral makeup that neither she nor her friends knew how to use. She charges PHP 2,500 (USD 50.40) for her service. The result, I looked like a totally different person.


4. Find a car service for a paandar arrival

We had a very paandar arrival, thanks to the app, Uber, which is like Grab-a-Taxi only you are not grabbing a taxi but posh vehicles. The service was fast, efficient, and the driver was so polite, it almost felt like he was my personal driver. The driver didn’t bitch about traffic, or the fact there were five of us who rode his vehicle when I originally reported that we’re just four, or that we had to make him wait downstairs for like 15 minutes. Now I know why more and more people are going the Uber way. It feels so refreshing to be transported to your destination without feeling ill toward the driver, which always happens to me when I take the regular cab. Needless to say, we arrived at Le Pavillion in style. This is probably how my prom should have been if only it wasn’t too busy being lame (there I said it, my high school prom is a thing of nightmares).

I am happy to announce that my paandar efforts weren’t all for naught. I was among the best-dressed people of the night, even walked the stage with my friend, Alchris, who like me, had his own paandar moment for this event. For our effort, each of us won a gift card worth PHP 1,000 (USD 20.16). It doesn’t really cover all of our expenses but better than nothing I suppose. So how was the party? It had some things it could improve on (like the food), but all in all it was awesome. And I was Anne Boleyn, just as I planned.




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  1. I’m too late for this party but, yes! you did it. Though I would have voted for Lestrange if I had the change though it probably wouldn’t have won you the night.

    On a different note, you’re using a Solo Pine wordpres theme, is it easy to customize? I’m looking at their Adler theme.

  2. You look stunning and definitely a show stopper! The “paandar” goal worked really well. I agree, Anne Boleyn tops off your list. Definitely creative and unique. It also looks like a fun and fabulous party.

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