10 Goals for 2015

I originally intended to publish this in January, but it got buried beneath laziness and other priorities. I figured though that I should just go ahead and post this because I want something to help direct my actions this year. You see, I have in my head a list of goals that I want to accomplish; some are necessary, the others can be considered a whim. No matter the category here are my 10 Goals for 2015.

1. Renew Passport

In August 2012, my untainted passport has expired. For some reason, I kept putting off its renewal so I resolved that this year I would make a trip to DFA to have it replaced once and for all.


2. Travel Abroad for the First Time

And speaking of untainted passport, I will make sure that it wouldn’t make a repeat performance. This year I want it stamped.

Braving the Streets of Ho Chi Minh

3. Take First Solo Trip

Every traveler’s dream involves doing it alone because you know, it’s scary, it’s a test of character, and of course, it would have everyone thinking you are such a badass. It has been brewing in my head for quite some time now and I originally intended Laos as the destination. But one sleepless night, in the midst of some personal shiznit, I chanced upon a cent sale of Air Asia. Because I was feeling shitty I took it as the universe’s peace offering. Before the night was over, I booked myself a flight to Palawan.

First Solo Trip to El Nido, Palawan

4. Ride the MOA Eye

I’d ride a rollercoaster, but you’d have to put me in gunpoint to ride a Ferris wheel. Blame this on that very traumatizing Ferris-wheel ride that my sister and I suffered when we were children. The Ferris wheel spun so fast I could have sworn it rearranged the order of my internal organs. I found out though that MOA Eye doesn’t run fast and allows anyone a peek of that breathtaking view of the city.

5. Play an Escape-Room Game

I have a secret desire of solving a crime, thanks to an overdose of literature on serial killers and unsolved mysteries, and watching CSI, Castle, and Sherlock Holmes. I’ve always been curious about detective work and the process that one has to take to solve a crime. Then suddenly, I heard about room-escape games from some bloggers and I thought, that’s it! A chance to solve a mystery!

Mystery Manila

6. Experience LaBoracay

They say it’s rowdy and wild and gives Boracay a Divisoria-in-Christmas-like atmosphere. I hate crowds, but I figured it wouldn’t hurt to experience LaBoracay at least once. I’m pleased to announce I’ve already made arrangements to make this happen. My Boracay trip this summer is booked.

Tips to Enjoy LaBoracay

7. Get abs

Out of all my goals, this will be the toughest to achieve. First, I easily gain fat in my midsection, second, my body doesn’t develop muscles easily. Now that I mentioned it, I don’t remember a time I’ve had defined muscles ever. I am not aiming to have a bodybuilder figure, I just want to be lean and a little muscular, like Anne Curtis.

8. Complete Reading Goal

I have been lazy for the past two years where reading is concerned, hence, I didn’t reach my reading goal. This time I am determined to get my groove on and finish my 30-book goal.


9. Learn How to Drive

I don’t own a car, but I think it’s high time I learn how to drive a car, because hello, I’m 32!

10. Buy a New Guitar

Last year I didn’t just say goodbye to some people, I also had to say goodbye to my guitar, Nikita. The ruin it suffered was beyond repair so I had to let it go. I miss playing guitar though so I definitely have to buy a replacement soon.

I was supposed to call this list my New Year’s resolution, but I have a habit of breaking anything that gets branded as such so I am calling this my 2015 Goals. I will let you know of course by the end of the year how I got on. May the stars align in my favor to make these happen.

What about you? Do you have specific goals this 2015?

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  1. Hi Marjorie! Late comment, it’s been 3 months since the year started 🙂 I push for the trip abroad!!! You will never regret it. My first attempt was guess what…. on my own 🙂 Once you experienced the happiness of seeing and experiencing another land, ma-aadict ka din 🙂 Yun lang as for me, medyo hinto muna.. wala ng bala (wala ng pera) hahaha

  2. Exciting! All the best! You’ll be surprised by how much you will accomplish by the end of the year. After all the packing, I stumbled upon a vision board I made with friends several years ago. I was so surprised to find that I did post a picture of Angkor Wat in there. It did happen despite forgetting about it. Awesome goals and I can see great adventured filled months ahead for you. 🙂

  3. Wow, I wish you all the best sis, hopefully you get to cross these goals before the year ends
    ! Saan mo ba plan ang first out of the country trip?

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