Where to Stay in Osaka – Rihga Royal Hotel

I kept spelling it as Righa until I reached the hotel itself and saw its name across the face of the building. Rihga Royal Hotel Osaka is one of the 11 hotels under the Rihga Royal Hotel Groups. The hotel chain can be found in different locations, such as Osaka, Tokyo, Kyoto, Hiroshima, Fukuoka, Okinawa, Nagano, Ehime, and Kagawa.

For 3 days, our group stayed at Rihga Royal Hotel. It is one of the prominent landmarks in Osaka ideal for its proximity to some places of interest, such as Umeda, Shinsaibashi, Namba, and Universal Studios Japan as well us to the city of Kyoto.

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The hotel houses a number of in-house restaurants and shops that sell flowers, clothes, souvenirs, even cars. It has its own shuttle service that can take its guests to and fro the train station. Rihga is over 80 years old and you can see it in the overall design of the hotel. But this is Japan so you can expect to see modern technologies, such as the machine-operated toilet, vending machines and the singing and dancing robot down the lobby.

There are different types of rooms located in three different areas inside the hotel: Executive Floor, Tower Wing, and West Wing. We stayed in the West Wing where the rooms are smaller in size and the room rates are cheaper. The Twin Room, where I stayed with another blogger, is about 32.7 to 44.0 m² in size. It is equipped with two double-beds, an LCD TV, aircon, mini ref, safe, trouser press, adapter, and hair dryer.

Have I mentioned that I have a thing for duvet covers? Yes I do, and Rihga’s beds have them so it made sleeping extra comfortable (that and the fact that the mattress is also quite comfy to sleep in).


My most favorite part of the room is the bathroom, particularly the super toilet. In the Philippines, I’ve only seen this kind of toilet once, and that’s at Salvatore Cuomo. In Japan, they are everywhere, even on public restrooms. The ease of use, the fact that the toilet seat gets warm once you sit on it, made bathroom time a little more fun for me. I know I sound like a cave man, but can you blame me? Japan toilets are amazeballs!


Another thing that I loved in the shower is the toiletries. One of my issues on hotels is the fact that the liquid soap, shampoo, and conditioner are usually not foamy; not at Rihga’s. It was so fun to use them and they come in big bottles that I had to stop myself from taking them home because it would definitely look like stealing, haha… 😀


Rooms have WiFi and the connection was pretty strong so if like me you just can’t wait to post everything on social media then this is something that you’d appreciate if you stay here.

Our stay comes with free breakfast and we had a choice to eat in their traditional Japanese restaurant in the basement or the buffet. I was able to try both. In the Japanese resto, you are going to be served with set meals. Food is good, but not as satisfying as the ones that you can find in the buffet. Rihga’s buffet by the way, is one of the most famous in Osaka so even if you don’t plan to stay at Rihga, you can at least go there to try their buffet. I swear it’s worth it.


I’d give this hotel a 4 out of 5. The staff are very courteous and nice, even the housekeepers who never failed to greet us whenever we pass by, the place is in close proximity to some of the best spots in Osaka, the room is clean, sleeping has been comfortable, wifi is reliable, and the buffet is excellent. I can definitely recommend Rihga to people who are planning to visit Osaka.

Rihga Royal Hotel Osaka
5-3-68 Nakanoshima, Kita Ward,
Osaka, Osaka Prefecture 530-0005, Japan
Telephone no.: +81 6-6448-1121

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  1. Just planning my trip to Japan in fall, and visiting Osaka is in on my list!

    Confused between Airbnb and a Hotel, the Rihga Royal Hotel looks really good and especially all the facilities they have!

    Really good information here and I am glad I came across this just while researching for my Japan trip!!

  2. Wow, reading your post is like I’m in Japan now. I love how you were able to convey your experience to words. The Hotel looks luxurious for me, especially the toilet. Everything is so organize and very clean, the room is great and I feel like I want to just let my body kiss the bed for the whole day. I haven’t been to Osaka, and this is something I should consider. Thank you so much for sharing this with us.

  3. Iba talaga ang quality ng Japanese ano? Tsaka lahat nagsasabi, sa Japan, very courteous daw ang tao diyan. Anyway, glad you have a good hotel to stay at. Nandiyan na rin lang naman, doon na sa mas maayos. By the way, you did not say anything about the toilet e mukhang high tech eh?

  4. I only have few words to say for this hotel “Ang Bongga ng Restroom” I love the toilet bowl and its so nice that there’s a bath tub! Love it! And its Duvet! Meaning Sosyal! You have idea how much is the rate per night?

  5. Looks like a beautiful place to stay. How was your experience with the machines and the automated systems? The food spread looks good as well

  6. This seems to be a nice and comfortable place to stay in Osaka. The fact that is centrally located makes it more convenient. The most important thing is the service with a smile that they are obviously giving.

  7. Hee hee I love Japanese bathrooms too! There is something very satisfying about a warm seat 😉 The meals looks great, especially the Japanese bento box. And it can’t be a Japanese hotel without a dancing robot! Saving this for my return trip to Japan.

  8. Japaaaaan! So many of my work mates went to Japan this year and I love all their pics and it’s definitely convinced me to go! Hopefully next year. As always you have amazing photos! 😀 😀 😀

  9. By its location and amenities it seems like a good option for visiting Osaka. The only thing for me is the Japanese food, I just can’t, lol Thanks for this review

  10. The super toilet sounds interesting. I haven’t experienced it yet. One more reason to go to Japan now. :0 🙂
    The hotel looks super comfortable and good. Thanks for the recommendation.

  11. You know how much I love Japan! If ever I will get a chance to book not an airBnb and a hostel, I would want to experience this Righa Royal hotel. You’re so lucky in this trip, I swear! Japan is like the ultimate destination in Asia xD

  12. I think I will love the bathroom too! Japan’s technology is really advanced and having the most comfortable toilet experience is seen almost everywhere in Japan. I like how the place is so modern and still incorporates the traditional design and ambiance. Do they have ramen? I’m kinda excited to try it out once I get the chance to visit. 🙂

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