Coffee Shop Review: Tweedle Book Cafe Quezon City, Philippines

Author’s note: This coffee shop is permanently closed.

When you like to travel, you kind of strip yourself of the right to complain when friends ask you to meet them in far-flung places. My reasoning is if I could endure sitting on a bus for 8 hours to get to the Cordillera region, why the hell should I mind spending an hour or so getting my arse to, let’s say, Quezon City. And so even if it takes so much effort to get to Quezon City, you could find me for the last three weekends.

My latest QC rendezvous is in another library cafe nestled in the quiet neighborhood of Scout Gandia, Tweedle Book Cafe.

Coffee shop – Tweedle Book Cafe ambiance and interiors

The place has a clean, modern interior, a remarkable selection of books that customers are free to read, and a cozy alfresco area. Every inch of the place is instagrammable, including the ceiling that bears the name of some of the finest authors in history.

However, there isn’t much to be expected from the menu, probably because the place just opened late last year. I’ve observed that for a cafe, the coffee option is pretty limited. According to Michy, one of my companions that day, the owner prefers hot chocolate, and so it is Tweedle’s specialty. The chocolate drink, to my surprise, comes in different flavors and is served in charming tea cups.

Coffee shop – Tweedle Book Cafe drinks

Infused chocolate drink

My friends ordered the Infused chocolate drink (PHP 160); Michy had the Vanilla flavor, Arline had Cinnamon.

The chocolate drinks sure tasted as promised; there was a strong cinnamon aftertaste in Arline’s drink, and Michy’s tasted more vanilla than chocolate, which I couldn’t appreciate.

Salted Caramel

I had Salted Caramel while my salted caramel is a thing for sweet dreams! The caramel taste is present but not overpowering, and the salty flavor is only remarkable at first sip. I am not particular about hot choco, but I wouldn’t mind reordering this one when I return.


Even with the chocolate buzz, I didn’t leave the place without trying their coffee. I ordered a cup of hot Latte with a thick foamy surface decorated with latte art.


Coffee shop – Tweedle Book Cafe food

The Choco Lava Cake is a must-try. It has a rich chocolate filling that oozes from the top of the cake, reminiscent of a lava. It is soft and moist and best eaten hot.

It wasn’t hard to fall in love with the place. Already, I’ve told my bookworm friends about it, and I couldn’t wait to go back and take them there. It’s perfect for people who want some “me time,” want to catch up with their reading, or those looking for a wonderful setting to engage in meaningful conversations with friends. It’s every book lover’s dream, and if you are one, even if you live far away from Quezon City, you may want to try this place. Trust me; it’s worth the trip.

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