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Get Better Sleep During Long Travel With This Travel Pillow

I have many talents, one of which is the ability to sleep during a long land travel. I just need to sit by the window so I’d have something to lean on, then I’m good. I usually bring a pillow, not the u-shaped neck pillow as I find it to be quite uncomfortable, but those regular small pillows. What I do is, I fold the pillow in the middle then tuck it on the side of my neck for support. It’s good but it tends to fall off, especially when I get deep into my sleep. Then I saw this video by Insider about a travel pillow. My immediate thought is that I need it and I want one for myself. However, I didn’t know where to get it, until one day, I was scrolling through my Instagram feed and saw an ad that is selling the exact product. 

Before we continue, here is the video I was referring to.

It might have been the phase of the moon or the fact that I had a budget that I decided to click the ad. I was redirected to the product’s online store.

This product is made by the same company behind those inflatable air sofa, Globeebag. The product description of the travel pillow claims the following:

  • Strengthened Ribs provide scientifically proven head and neck support
  • Super Soft Fleece and foam is stretched to create a comforting hammock effect
  • Patented Design fits any neck shape, jaw and shoulder

I read through the testimonials of their satisfied customers and the one that drew my attention is this,

“I’ve had 3 neck surgeries and this is the first travel pillow that helps me! I’ve spent $$$ on other gadgets. But this one works! It even worked for my 5 yr old.”

I mean if a person who had neck surgeries approves of it, then it should work for me too.

Sometimes, the delivery fee is more expensive than the product itself, thankfully, this one offers free delivery. Also, they were having a 50% promo so instead of paying the original price of $53.99 or ₱2,881.45, I got the pillow for only $26.99 or ₱1,440.46.

So I clicked, clicked, typed down my information, and paid via Paypal. After which, I received an email from them confirming my purchase. Ordering was a breeze, but the waiting time was long. I placed my order on the 3rd of May and didn’t receive the product until the 22nd of June. I had to pick it up from Makati Post Office.

There was no fancy packaging, it was just in a plastic-wrapped in a product insert. The pillow is lightweight and made of soft fleece. It has a Velcro used to secure the pillow around your neck. Inside you can find the heart of this product; the spine or what they call the internal neck support system.


The first time I used it was during my recent trip to Mariveles. It was a 4-hour journey, I didn’t have enough sleep the night before because the assembly time was early. This means I had the perfect opportunity to test the product and find out whether it was a good buy or a big mistake.

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It was easy to use, I just wrapped it around my neck but instead of securing it under my chin, I let it extend over my mouth. I positioned the spine on the side of my neck and let my head fall to the side. It was very comfortable to use, something that I didn’t expect. I woke up an hour or so later without the strain that I usually get on the neck from sleeping on a moving vehicle.

I used the travel pillow again, just last weekend when I went to Zambales for an out-of-town trip with my colleagues. This time I was on the back of the car, I positioned the spine of the pillow on my nape and rested my back on the side of the car. Again, there was no awkward repositioning of the pillow, no strain on my neck, and I fell asleep in no time. I must say I am very impressed by this product.

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The travel pillow is not that bulky and can easily fit into my bag. Moreover, it is easy to wash and doesn’t take forever to dry compared with the usual neck pillows. The only disadvantage I guess is that it is not as soft as the regular pillows, but I would argue that soft is not necessarily better.

I am so pleased that it lived up to its promise that I just had to write this product review. It’s one of the smartest purchases that I made and I’d like to share the good news.

Have you ever tried this travel pillow?

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Comments (2)

  1. neha

    You are a life saver. This is exactly the kind of thing I have been looking for. I will give it a shot on my next long flight. Somehow, I am never able to sleep in a sitting position, thus making long flights really stressful for me. I hope this will help.

  2. Teresa "Tess"
    Teresa "Tess"

    I’ve never tried this pillow but I’m considering it now. Like you, I don’t like the u-shaped pillows. I think they made my neck hurt! I get warm easily on flights. Did you find that you got hot using this?


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