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For four days, Crown Regency Hotel, a name quite familiar yet for some reason didn’t ring a bell to most taxi drivers, served as a resting place for me and my friend, Imee last December. How was our stay in the said hotel? Here’s a review.

The first thing I noticed in the hotel is that it looks old; the dark-colored furniture, antique decors, faint orange lighting, and the building’s facade in badly need of a repaint job. It’s a four-story building that looks small and lonely compared to the hotel sitting across the street, Dusit Thani.


crown-regency-hotel-makati-coffeehan (5)


The room though was decent and clean, our room has a queen-size bed. The first thing I liked about it, it has a huge closet. There is complimentary coffee for guests. There’s a huge mirror in the bathroom and the table sink is also big. Now let’s continue the tour. The room has a flat-screen TV with cable.

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What I loved most about it is the bathtub! I got a confession to make, before this, I’ve never in my life, bathed in a bathtub. One of the things that I want to have in my future house is a friggin’ bathtub, that’s how bad I want it, so imagine my excitement when I discovered it. First night in the hotel, I soaked myself in that tub like they do in the movies, full of bubbles and a good book in hand.


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The room was almost perfect except for four things:

  1. The bathtub doubles as the shower area.
  2. The toilet has no bidet and no dipper (tabo) in sight. So imagine how hard it is to wash your fanny after doing your business. True there is a bath tub, but can you really stand the thought of washing your tush in the same place, which you fill with water to soak yourself in? That’s totally unhygienic (we did call them to ask for a dipper but to no avail so I ended up buying one).
  3. There is a blow dryer, but it stops working every so often.
  4. The hotel staff knew that there were two of us, yet they only provided toiletries for one person.


Imee also had a little discussion with some of the receptionists when she checked-in. See, she had an early flight from Cebu and so she reached the hotel at around 7AM. Early check-in though would cost her PHP2,000 so she decided against it. They told her to come back at 11AM but when she did, they said there was no available room yet. If that was true, then why did they tell her to pay 2,000 for early check-in before?

Imee has always been short-tempered so she insisted that they give her a room, only then did the staff give in and found a room for her.

Crown Regency is not perfect, but I would still give it a three out of five. For what it’s worth, we had a decent room and our stay wasn’t entirely bad. For this stay, we paid over PHP8,000 (U173.55SD) through Agoda.

Crown Regency Hotel
1026 A. Arnaiz Avenue,
San Lorenzo Village, Makati
Telephone no.: (02) 813-4441

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Comments (18)

  1. Senyor Iskwater
    Senyor Iskwater

    Backreading. Nawala ang comment ko rito. Hay naku marge… hahaha

  2. Alchris Mendoza
    Alchris Mendoza

    When I read that you hadn't soaked yourself into a tub yet, I'm in for something of a shock. But then the realization had sunk in me: I wouldn’t have bathed in a tub yet if not because of the free travel mercies brought by a university paper… So maybe it shouldn’t be that much a surprise. In fact I think I have long since bathed in a tub; the last time was in college! Good-bye, free travel mercies!

    As for this hotel, I think it’s decent enough. Or maybe it really is. May not be plush, but decent. Only the thought of soaking yourself into a tub where you’d just rinsed your butt—that is disgusting. Good thing you bought that dipper!

  3. akoysi MEcoy
    akoysi MEcoy

    now this reminds me so much of my work haha, ganyang ganyan nung mga pag bibida namen sa mga hotels an affiliated with us ee

  4. Too Young To Feel This Old
    Too Young To Feel This Old

    Well I only spend ten minutes in the bathroom max (another five if…you know LOL). If I have to shave maybe a little longer. But you sleep on the bed for at least an hour. As long as there's TP, running water, and a clean towel, I really don't mind.

  5. Marjorie G
    Marjorie G

    Me, I care about the bathroom. I can sleep on the floor, but you gotta give me a decent bathroom. I also wondered why the pillows were stacked like that and why there were only three.

  6. Marjorie G
    Marjorie G

    Merong bubble soap yung hotel pero yung ginamit namin, binili namin ng friend ko. Oo nga, may kamahalan.

  7. Marjorie G
    Marjorie G

    Kaya nga napabili ako ng tabo bigla haha…

  8. Marjorie G
    Marjorie G

    Yun lang di naman ako sanay na paper lang ang gamit. Feeling ko hindi ka naman talaga luminis sa ganun.

  9. Too Young To Feel This Old
    Too Young To Feel This Old

    Looked alright. The walls and the counters are are marble and granite. That's pretty nice. It's kinda weird they'd just stack pillows up like that though. And most all I care about any hotel I stay is the bed. As long as they actually wash the linens and they have a mattress topper, that's all I care about. Sometimes I leave a tip and a note that says Thank you because hotels pay their housekeepers like crap.

  10. June | Life and Spices
    June | Life and Spices


    Kahit naman ako di pa naka bath tub pa kaya nag hahanap ako ng mura na pede ma try. San ka kumuha ng bubble soap? Totoo yan na pag kunyare sosyal yung hotel walang dipper, nangyare yan sakin sa Crown Regency sa Cebu.

  11. ZaiZai

    Any room with a bath tub is perfect for me 🙂 Goal ko yang magka bath tub by this year 🙂

    I LOLed at the fact na walang tabo..ang panget nga mag hugas sa bathtub!

  12. Gracie

    Bath tub talaga ang favorite ko kapag naghotel staycation hehe, dun ako nagmumuni muni sa kakababad at nakakarelax lalo na kung bubble bath o yung massage bath tub chenes. Mukhang european ang style nila na sa bath tub pwede na ring magshower, unhygienic pero one at a time nalang. Shower muna then linis tas magbabad na hahaha. Yung toilet naman nila, instead na tubig, paper yung gamit kaya walang dipper. At pinagtanggol ko ba daw ang hotel nila, di naman actually di pa ako nakapagstay ng crown regency at dahil sa review mo e mukhang di na ako nagkainteres. Unless nga maging maganda ang customer service nila 😉

  13. swj

    I appreciate your helpful review.

  14. Marjorie G
    Marjorie G

    So customer relation is something they should really work on.

  15. michymichymoo

    Had the same experience with Crown Regency Mactan. Our stay was pleasant, but I think they should train their employees on how to deal with guests.


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