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Coffee Shop Review: Kopilism, Sampaloc, Manila, Philippines

I was born and raised in Sampaloc, Manila, and spent 30 years of my life in a small but crowded neighborhood. I lived there so long that sometimes when I dream about heading home, I’m always led to our old home. In reality, I don’t get to visit our old house anymore, but lately, I’ve been going there to attend my grandma’s wake. Unfortunately, my grandma just passed away, but that’s unrelated to this coffee shop review, so that’s everything I’ll say on the matter.

Anyway, I was in the wake when I asked my niece and younger sister to accompany me to the market. We were walking down Maria Cristina street when I spotted this small coffee shop called Kopilism.

ℹ️ Coffee shop – Kopilism quick information

πŸ“Address: Zone 44, 663 Maria Cristina St, Sampaloc, Manila, 1008 Metro Manila, Philippines
πŸ•‘ Store hours: Open daily, 9:00 am to 5:00 pm 
πŸ’° Price range: USD 1.38-2.42 (PHP 80-140)
🍴What to order: Iced salted caramel
πŸ”— Website: https://www.facebook.com/kopilism/

πŸ“Coffee shop – Kopilism location

Kopilism sits in a residential area along Maria Cristina st. in Sampaloc. This is the first Kopilism branch I’ve ever visited; other branches can be found in other cities, such as Quezon City, Rizal, Marikina, and Pasig.


πŸ–ΌοΈ Coffee shop – Kopilism ambiance and interiors

Kopilism is a small walk-up coffee shop, so you just order your coffee through the window. They have outdoor seating; two picnic tables and a few chairs under a patio umbrella.

Kopilism - Seats

πŸ’» Coffee shop – Kopilism WiFi

Kopilism doesn’t have free Wifi.

πŸ”Œ Coffee shop – Kopilism electrical outlets

There are no electrical outlets in this coffee shop.

β˜• Coffee shop – Kopilism drinks

Nutella latte

Price: USD 1.73 (PHP 100)

Kopilism - Nutella Latte

My sister doesn’t drink coffee so she had the Nutella latte. It is the sweetest of all the drinks that we had. So cloyingly sweet, it was so hard to drink. However, my aunt and mother who had a sip both liked it. Both have sweet tooth so I guess if you like sugary drinks and nutella, you may find this drink to your liking.

Ca phe sua da

Price: USD 1.38 (PHP 80)

I ordered ca phe sua da, a Vietnamese drink that means iced milk coffee. It’s less sweetened than the Nutella latte but still too sugary for my taste. It wasn’t all that bad, but they could definitely go easy on the sugar.

Kopilism - Ca phe sua da

Salted caramel

Price: USD 1.38 (PHP 80)

Kopilism - Salted Caramel

The best drink, in my opinion, is the one that my niece ordered; the iced salted caramel. It has a nice salty flavor to it that equalizes the sweet taste. All three drinks were sweet, but the salted caramel was the only one with a balanced flavor. Thus, it’s the coffee that I’d recommend you try if you get to visit Kopilism.

πŸ₯˜ Coffee shop – menu

Click the accordions below to see the menu. Note that prices may change without prior notice. USD conversion is based on the currency exchange rate on Nov 1, 2022.

16 oz22 oz
Ca phe sua da $1.38 (β‚±80)$1.73 (β‚±100)
Ca phe da$1.38 (β‚±80)$1.73 (β‚±100)
Coffee latte$1.38 (β‚±80)$1.73 (β‚±100)
Salted caramel$1.38 (β‚±80)$1.73 (β‚±100)
Caramel macchiato$1.38 (β‚±80)$1.73 (β‚±100)
Americano$1.38 (β‚±80)$1.73 (β‚±100)
Kopi rum$1.38 (β‚±80)$1.73 (β‚±100)
Kopi luwak$2.07 (β‚±120)$2.42 (β‚±140)
Mo-kahlua$1.73 (β‚±100)

16 oz22 oz
Peach lemon tea$1.56 (β‚±90)$1.90 (β‚±110)
Matcha latte$1.56 (β‚±90)$1.90 (β‚±110)
Nutella latte$1.73 (β‚±100)$2.07 (β‚±120)
Strawberry milk surprise$1.73 (β‚±100)$2.07 (β‚±120)

🫘 Coffeehan Scale

I give Kopilism 2 coffee beans.

🫘 Sad. Will never come back again.

🫘🫘 Meh. Lots of things to improve. Might reconsider a visit but maybe not anytime soon.

🫘🫘🫘 Good! There’s room for improvement, but overall, it was awesome. I will come back.

🫘🫘🫘🫘 Great! It’s almost perfect, but not quite there yet. Definitely, I will come back.

🫘🫘🫘🫘🫘 Magnificent! It’s a coffee shop done right. he coffee is heavenly, the ambiance is perfect, and the crew is fantastic! Definitely worth the bucks and a revisit.


Do you want me to review any coffee shops? Leave your suggestion in the comment box below, and I’ll make time to check it out. πŸ’•

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