I’M Hotel: Here’s Why We Are Excited About The 5 Star Hotel You Can Afford

I have never believed in Santa Claus until now. Well not the big guy with reindeers and gives gifts based on a kid’s naughty or nice meter, but the real-life santas. I realized that Santa is but a symbol of those people who can make your Christmas wish come true. In my case, my Santa Claus is my dear friend, Cai (Travelosyo). You see, one of my wishes in my imaginary Christmas stocking is to stay in a 5-star hotel. Not that I can’t afford it, but let’s just say that it’s not something I can do out of a whim. So when Cai told me we’d be staying in this new hotel, I couldn’t contain my excitement. My Christmas gift has come a tad early! Last month, I was one of the first two bloggers (the other being Cai) who had the opportunity to stay in the first 5-star hotel in Poblacion, Makati; I’M Hotel.

But first, you don’t speak the word I’M as aym; it’s pronounced as two different letters, ay-em. According to the very lovely and accommodating marketing manager, Melissa Lim, the name means, “I am all about you,” which implies the hotel’s objective to give premier hotel experience to its guests. The hotel is currently on soft opening and is targeted to have its official opening in the first quarter of 2017.

I’M Hotel offers many things that you cannot find in other 5-star hotels and this includes but not limited to the following:

Onsen Spa

I am not sure if there is any onsen spa in Japan where inked people can enter, but I guess I don’t have to worry about such a thing now with the opening of I’M Onsen Spa. The spa covers about 3800 sqm and 6 storeys inside the hotel making it the largest state-of-the-art spa in the Philippines. It has a carbonated bath technology that was imported from Japan. It has 69 beds, jacuzzis, steam rooms, communal beds, even VIP rooms that can be used for small events. The spa offers numerous spa treatments such as onsen bath (tea, herbal, flower, and milk baths), body and foot massage, facial, body scrub among others. During our stay we were treated to a relaxing body massage treatment. It’s a one and half hour of shiatsu and swedish massage.

After the massage we were offered this tea made from red dates and lychee. I am not a tea person but I finished the entire cup in no time, that’s how delicious this special tea is. It is sweet and doesn’t have that awful grassy flavor that I’ve always hated when it comes to regular tea.  

We were not able to try the onsen as it was not yet in operation during our visit, but I am definitely coming back for it.

434 Guestrooms

The rooms are designed by the Singapore-based interior designer Suying Metropolitan Studio. Each room is spacious, elegant, and modern looking. Out of 434 guestrooms, 91 suites are equipped with  Bosch-fitted kitchenette, living room, and dining area.

Cai and I were billeted in one of the Executive Prestige King rooms, while his video team, Andrei and Mel stayed in the Executive Prestige Twin.

The Executive Prestige King is a 40-sqm room equipped with a king size bed, Smart TV, a couch, safe, workplace, coffee and tea making facility, and telephone. The toilet takes a small space in the corner separated from the shower room. The bathroom, on the other hand, has a Grohe rainshower and a built-in bathtub. They use Crabtree & Evelyn products for the toiletries.

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It was the first time that Cai and I used a Smart TV so we had a moment of being amazed when we turned it on and found that the remote control functions the same way as the mouse does to a computer. You could see a cursor on the screen and in the beginning, we struggled a little bit. It takes some getting used to but when you finally get the hang of it, it makes viewing such a pleasurable experience. Now I know why some people are dreaming about getting a Smart TV. On top of that each room has high-speed Internet connection.  

Glass-bottomed Swimming Pool

Come night time I was already suffering from fever so I wasn’t able to swim in the infinity pool. I feel so bummed that I wasn’t able to do so because as written in the header, it is a glass-bottom (or acrylic-bottomed) swimming pool. You can see the bottom of this pool in the lobby, just look up. My companions were able to take night swimming though and based on their experience, it was both weird and interesting. Weird because as I mentioned, the bottom of the pool is made of glass, so you can see the people watching you from below during your swim.

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I would have loved to experience it myself, darn! Anyway, there is definitely going to be a next time! Just amazing swimming in this pool is? Watch this video of Mel (Follow him on Youtube in his channel, Super Jeepeney)

Another unique feature of the swimming pool area are the bird cages lounges sitting on an elevated platform on top of the pool. 

Dining Options

You don’t have to leave the hotel’s premises for a satisfying meal. During our stay, we had a very sumptuous dinner at Empress Jade and a hearty breakfast at Bloom buffet restaurant. Bloom has a flower theme going on (hence the name), each table is embellished with real plants and flowers. They serve international cuisine. As the rest of the hotel, Bloom is still on soft opening so most sections are still not operational when we were there.

Empress Jade delighted us with its delicious selection of Chinese cuisine. Note that I was already nursing a fever during our dinner but not even that dulled my appetite. The food was so delicious.

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Other Amenities

During your stay you don’t have to miss a day in the gym because I’M Hotel has its own gym. For party and events, they have ballrooms and VIP rooms. Pretty soon there will also be a bar called, Antidote on the hotel’s rooftop. I am looking forward to the opening of Antidote bar because it will have a luminescent jellyfish tank. Now that is way too awesome to miss.

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With great luxury comes a hefty price tag; that’s the rule, you want to experience anything of quality you have to ready your pocket. Hence, for many of us, staying in upscale accommodation is nothing but a dream. But that’s now in the past because the game-changer in the pool of luxurious hotels has finally arrived. I’M Hotel offers all the comforts of a 5-star hotel for a price that is absolutely more affordable than its contemporaries. Room rates start at around PHP 5,000 (USD 100+), cheap right?! Who says luxury should be expensive?

Booking online directly on I’M Hotel’s website is the most savvy way because

  • I’M Hotel guarantees the best rate (if you find a better rate elsewhere, they will match it)
  • I’M Hotel offers enticing packages that are only available on I’M Hotel’s website
  • I’M Hotel has special perks for people who book online, such as a free cocktail to be redeemed at the Mermaid bar

Book your stay with I’M HOTEL now by clicking this link! 


I’M Hotel
Makati Avenue corner Kalayaan Avenue
Makati City
Telephone no. +63 2 755 7888


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  1. I like spending time in a hotel. It’s a much needed rest from the hustle and bustle of life. It an be expensive though. Everything in this hotel looks grand and at a great price, too!

  2. This is really a great hotel with that price tag. I recently got aware of the existence of this hotel while I’m looking for something else on the map. I thought it’s an old hostel in Makati. So, it’s really a delight to read your review coz I’ve already mapped it in on my mind and learning how very wrong my first impression is. Haha! I have to thank you for learning all its cool amenities and affordable rate. Btw, is the onsen spa designed for exclusivity like for a couple only or grouped by gender only?

  3. You had me at “5 star you can afford”! I love staycations and if I had a lot of money, I would book a hotel room every weekend! You are right, this hotel can really rival its more ridiculously expensive counterparts. In fact, it’s got even more to offer than many 5-star hotels. Not a lot of luxury hotels have a super cool pool like that of IM Hotel’s! That’s so unique! Plus, you mentioned something about the bar with a jellyfish tank! Ooohh… now that is really interesting! I can’t wait for that too! The room looks really plush and cozy, and I love that it has a bath tub. I’m definitely keeping this hotel in mind the next time I need to recharge and stay in a hotel. Great write-up! 🙂

  4. Affordable 5 star hotel? That sounds so much like an oxymoron! Lolz. Congrats first of all on your Christmas Wish coming true. The view from atop looks spectacular! Fruit infused tea sounds interesting. I’d like to try that too. The rooms & pool looks awesome!

  5. First of all congratulations for the dream come true. And then, the hotel does look quiet fabulous to stay. I would love to stay here – only problem is I can also hardly afford the 5 star luxury 😀

  6. Interesting to know that I can get bath such as tea, milk, herbal and flower, curios to get one of them. The dining looks pretty impressive and the cuisine that didn’t dull you up despite your fever should be indeed appetizing!

  7. That is indeed a privilege to be able to try that. I passed by that hotel once when I was in Makati. It looks nice in the outside. I find the swimming pool interesting since people from the lobby could see your feet (hopefully). I think they were able to make it affordable since the size of their executive is just 40 sq.m. and it’s not fully furnished.

  8. Wow 6 storeys of spa! XO Also, I’ve never heard of a 5-star hotel that charges that low, is that their regular price already or is it only a soft opening promo price? XD Hard to believe haha!

    1. Hi Yan, definitely the price may be subject to change but the marketing manager said that their goal is to make luxury affordable to people so I don’t think they would hike up the price too much. 🙂

  9. Still expensive on my end. hahaha but hey it’s reasonable, though. With all those ambiance and amenities, it sure is worth the penny spending a day here! I love the concept of the glass bottom swimming pool. I haven’t seen the same idea here and I find it unique and cute! The place for the rest, I love the dining table too. It’s too exquisite!

  10. Sounds like a real staycation! I haven’t heard of I’M Hotel before. I was actually surprised that it’s located just in Makati City. I thought it was overseas like in Hong Kong. It’s also great to see you and Cai. Been a while since that DIY gathering. Hope to see you both 🙂

  11. Wow it looks awesome! I want to do more staycations. Will surely try I’M when it opens next year. Maybe Cai can be my Santa too. ?

  12. So this was what Cai has been talking about when he flooded my newsfeed with this new hotel in Makati. Haha! Good for you two for being one of the few who first experienced the stay. What I am mostly interested into was the glass-bottomed swimming pool (though I’m not really a swimmer), I reckon it will be fun to take a dip.

  13. cai is my santa claus too haha I’d also feel the same way if I stay at I’M Hotel.. good thing they have this affordable 5 star hotel in Makati. I wonder howit feels to swin in the glass bottom pool?? waaaah

  14. Wow! There are many things happening and places to go to in Makati! I would love to have an in-depth feature of all the cities in NCR and Makati is first on my list! Good to know, too, that I’M hotel features an awesome glass-bottom pool! That’s what I want to see and experience myself! 🙂

  15. Hi Marge, I’m staying in IM hotel soon too. This January. Can’t wait to experience their onsen. It’s good you got over your fever. And OMG, Php 5000 for all that? That’s really a steal. It gives room for everyone to experience the comfort of all this. Now, I am looking forward to trying all this.

  16. Hi, this hotel has a unique name! Mine is too! My name means self.
    Anyways, the USP of the hotel is a challenge. The property will have to make true its promises. I hope I’M lives up to the challenge.

  17. I AM a tea person and the lychee/date tea sounded amazing. As did the massage! I’m sorry you missed out on the infinity pool, although I dunno how I feel about people looking up through the glass bottom to watch you swim. Hope you’ve recovered from your fever.

  18. This looks amazing! Lucky you to get to stay there. I have only stayed in a 5* hotel once in London and I wasn’t that impressed. But this looks pretty special. that pool is to die for!

  19. The hotel seems to be very cozy. I particularly like the glass bottomed swimming pool and that mermaid…the room looks so simple and comfortable while the spa looks lavish.

  20. Wow! Am so envy about you for having your own Santa Claus 😉 I wish I will have one too 😉 a nice hotel to stay in with all its available amenities. Personally am attracted to enjoy the onsen spa. Cheers, SiennyLovesDrawing

  21. Hi, Marge. Glad to see you and Cai had a great time. Hotel does look nice, pero I think the F&B is where the money is, the food looks really yummy and tasty. Being Chinese I can be quite picky on food, I think this is a trait common to my ethnicity. And oh, is that you with your eyes closed underwater??? Hihihi.

  22. Ooh! My husband and I are totally into staycations so this is going on our must-try list. You had me at Crabtree and Evelyn toiletries, hahaha. I also love the Poblacion area – so I’m looking forward to exploring the place a little bit more if we do end up staying in I’M. You just gave me an idea for our anniversary – thank you!

  23. This hotel just got better and better as I read on! I thought at the start ‘Wow what a view!’, then I saw the spa and was extremely jealous of you, then I wanted to collapse onto that inviting bed and enjoy the gorgeous room and so on. I don’t know if I would be brave enough to go in the stunning pool! I’m sorry you were too unwell to have a dip! The food looked delicious. The price blew me away! It is so affordable for the beautiful experience! You lucky thing! I hope you and your friend get to go back when they open next year!

  24. Lucky indeed! So much luxury! Each space seems to be crafted well. The food spread too seems excellent. I am sure this will be a big hit with customers.

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