Frendz Hostel and Resort Boracay Review

I thought I was done with hostels, not because I’ve gotten rich and snooty but because I’m in my late 30s, I thought it’s time to graduate from staying in a shared room when I travel. But my friend, Che, who joined me on this Boracay trip, is the opposite of me. She’s so used to luxurious accommodation (she works in the hotel industry) that she wanted to try a hostel. I agreed but with a condition that on some days, we would be staying in two hotels of my choice. That’s how I discovered Frendz Resort and Hostel Boracay.

I booked two beds in a shared room, we each paid P2,016 for a 3-night stay. The resort is in Station 1 but not that far from Station 2. It is off the road and a few minutes’ walk from the beach.

There weren’t many guests in the hostel as can be expected as Boracay is only accepting a limited number of tourists for now. We were greeted by their smiling staff who seemed to be genuinely happy that we were there. And I’d like to especially mention one of them, Robin, who has been such a darling. He was always smiling and whatever we asked, he would provide to us graciously.

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The hostel sits in a secluded lot with a lush garden, a small swimming pool, and a bar and restaurant. It is surrounded by nipa-hut-like cottages. The restaurant is my favorite spot in this hostel, it’s just so cozy that Che and I liked hanging out there.

They upgraded us to a deluxe double room, which means that the original intention for staying in this hostel was not realized. I couldn’t help but laugh at Che; so much for wanting to try a hostel. But she didn’t seem to mind that we were upgraded, in fact, she was excited about it. [Check room rates here].

Our room is air-conditioned (some rooms only have fans), a queen bed, its own bathroom and toilet, a small old fridge, and a CRT (cathode ray tube) TV, yes, the one that has a thick case on the back. Che likes watching TV, I don’t.

The bed is big and comfy, the mattress a bit firm. On our first night, Che and I both slept on this bed but she said that she’s no longer used to sharing a bed with someone that she couldn’t sleep. Thus, she requested another mattress from the staff so she could sleep on the floor. I didn’t really mind having the big bed for myself, but still, I had a hard time sleeping. It’s not because I didn’t like the bed, in fact, it is quite comfortable, it’s just that my friend turned the thermostat of the a/c down to 17°C that I spent our nights there suffering from the cold. Imagine me wearing socks, tossing and turning on the bed, hardly getting any sleep. I love my friend but I think it’s best that we stay in two different rooms on our next trip, lol.

The WiFi is not the best as it lags a little, but overall, it worked okay. Having said that, it may not be the best place for working remotely. The Internet tends to become slow when there are more people around, and the hostel is not even fully booked.

By the way, people come to the restaurant for the siomai. We didn’t know why at first until we tried it. They both have chicken and pork siomai but the former is the one that you should try as it’s really good. It’s only 20 pesos for 3 pieces. Hanging out there to drink is a nice experience as well. I just wish I’d seen this hostel pre-covid days, I imagine it would be a lot of fun if there were more guests around.

Generally, my feedback for this hostel is positive. The place is clean and cozy, the rates are cheap, and the staff is among some of the best people I’ve met. I told Che prior to this trip that if I didn’t like this hostel, I’d move to another hotel. But we ended up staying there for the whole four days that we booked, which should already tell you that Frendz Resort and Hostel is worth it.

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