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Coffee Shop Review: Good Sh*t Coffee Makati, Philippines

It was 4:53 pm, and I was waiting for a friend in a cafe called Good Shi*t Coffee; yes, that’s what it’s called, nope, I didn’t censor the word; the owners did. I just discovered this cafe via Google Maps, and you can find it along Enriquez Street, in our favorite hangout spot, Poblacion, Makati. It opened in November 2021, according to the barista.

ℹ️ Coffee shop – Good Sh*t Coffee quick information

πŸ“Address: 5872 Enriquez, Makati, Metro Manila, Philippines
πŸ•‘ Store hours: Open Sunday – Thursday – 6:00 am – 10:00 pm | Friday – Saturday – 6:00 am – 12:00 am 
πŸ’° Price range: USD 1.75-3.50 (PHP 100-200)
🍴What to order: Salted caramel coffee, guava cheese roll

πŸ“Coffee shop – Good Sh*t Coffee location

Good Sh*t Coffee can be found along Enriquez Street in Poblacion, Makati.

πŸ–ΌοΈ Coffee shop – Good Sh*t Coffee interiors and ambiance

The cafe is small, the barista bar occupies about one-third of the room, and the remaining space is where you can find the seats. Against the lime-washed wall on the far left side of the room is a long cushioned bench. Three round tables were attached to the sides of the bench, flanked on each side with contemporary, multi-colored backless chairs. There were additional seatings outside, but it was so humid that I chose to hang out inside.

πŸ’» Coffee shop – Good Sh*t Coffee WiFi

The cafe has free WiFi that is remarkably fast and reliable. Never had I gotten disconnected while I was there, although I would still have to test it with a laptop for better evaluation. Maybe next time.

β˜• Coffee shop – Good Sh*t Coffee drinks

Iced salted caramel coffee

Price: USD 2.71 (PHP 150)

I ordered Iced caramel coffee with oat milk. Plant-based milk alternatives (oat, soy, or almond) are available, but you need to pay an additional USD 0.89 (PHP 50).

The barista asked whether I wanted my coffee hot or cold, and I replied hot, yet she served me an iced coffee. I thought it wasn’t worth throwing a fit over, so iced coffee it is.

Good thing I ended up loving the taste of the coffee. It had that burnt taste that wasn’t overpowering and complemented the drink’s sweet and salty flavors. The coffee had a bit of a grainy texture, which I assume may have come from the caramel or oat milk. In m opinion, it was indeed some good shit coffee.

πŸ₯― Coffee shop – Good Sh*t Coffee food

Guava cheese roll

Price: USD 2.17 (PHP 120)


I ordered a guava cheese roll, and it was delicious. The pastry had a bit of a flaky texture, like a croissant but was denser.

Good Sh*t Coffee proved its name’s promise. They do offer good shit coffee indeed; yes, I didn’t censor it out.

Author’s note: Prices may change without prior notice. USD conversion is based on the currency exchange rate on Sep 6, 2022.

🫘 Coffeehan Scale

I give Good Sh*t Coffee 4 coffee beans.

🫘 Sad. Will never come back again.

🫘🫘 Meh. Lots of things to improve. Might reconsider a visit but maybe not anytime soon.

🫘🫘🫘 Good! There’s room for improvement, but overall, it was awesome. I will come back.

🫘🫘🫘🫘 Great! It’s almost perfect, but not quite there yet. Definitely, I will come back.

🫘🫘🫘🫘🫘 Magnificent! It’s a coffee shop done right. he coffee is heavenly, the ambiance is perfect, and the crew is fantastic! Definitely worth the bucks and a revisit.


Do you want me to review any coffee shops? Leave your suggestion in the comment box below, and I’ll make time to check it out. πŸ’•


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