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Coffee Shop Review: Coffee Chill 96 at Train Street, Hoan Kiem, Hanoi, Vietnam

Before I even flew to Hanoi, I planned to visit Train Street and check out the coffee shops there. I saw numerous Instagram and TikTok posts about it, and like many, I was inspired to go there too. It’s called Train Street because it’s on the train tracks, each side lined with several shops and houses. We don’t have anything like it in the Philippines (well, we do, but they’re not tourist attractions) or in any other destination I have gone to thus far, so I was very curious and determined to go there.

In this review, I’ll focus on the coffee shop I’d specifically visited, Coffee Chill 96.

ℹ️ Coffee shop – Coffee Chill 96 quick information

📍Address: 96 P. Trần Phú, Hàng Bông, Hoàn Kiếm, Hà Nội, Vietnam
🕑 Store hours: Open 24 hours 
🍴What to order: Egg coffee

📍Coffee shop – Coffee Chill 96 location

Coffee Chill 96 is one of the coffee shops found inside Hanoi train street in Hang Bong, Hoan Kiem. You can get there via Grab car or bike, a transport service you can book through the Grab app.

When I reached the place, I saw a steel barricade blocking the end of the tracks. There were a few locals—I assumed they were residents—standing by the fence. As I was about to enter, they told me that it was forbidden. I stood there confused because I could clearly see some coffee shops were open and tourists were hanging out. What was going on?

❓Is Hanoi train street open to the public?

Currently, Hanoi train street is closed to the public, as ordered by the government.

❓Can I visit Hanoi train street?

The only way to get inside train street is through invitation by one of the residents or business owners. In my case, I was approached by a tall man who showed me his phone screen with a message in English. It said I could have coffee in his coffee shop for ₫40,000 ($1.71). I went there to have coffee anyway, so I accepted his offer.

He motioned for me to follow him, so I did. We walked down the tracks to his small coffee shop, Coffee Chill 96.

Coffee Chill 96 - Hanoi - Vietnam - Train Street

🖼️ Coffee shop – Coffee Chill 96 ambiance and interiors

Coffee Chill 96’s interiors are basic; away from the Instagrammbale aesthetics adopted by most coffee shops these days. There were long benches, foldable chairs, and small tables. Vietnamese lanterns were hanging under the signage outside, and a drapery of flags from different nations was on the ceiling.

There are more seats found on the opposite side of the coffee shop, also owned by Coffee Chill 96. It had a second floor with a balcony.

Coffee Chill 96 - Hanoi - Vietnam - Facade 2

💻 Coffee shop – Coffee Chill 96 WiFi

I wasn’t able to ask the owner if they had WiFi. I used Airalo’s eSIM during this trip, providing me with a reliable Internet connection.

You may sign up and download Airalo here, then use my referral code, MARJOR9500, to get US$3 off your first eSIM purchase. 

🔌 Coffee shop – Coffee Chill 96 electrical outlets

Coffee Chill 96 has electrical outlets.

☕ Coffee shop – drinks

Ca phe trung (Egg coffee)

Price: USD 1.71 (VND 40,000)

I ordered one of the traditional Vietnamese coffees, ca phe trung. It had a generous drizzle of cocoa powder on the top, adding a bittersweet kick to the coffee. It was delicious, although if I have to compare, Cafe Giang egg coffee was still the best out of everything I’ve tried in Hanoi.

Coffee Chill 96 - Hanoi - Vietnam - Egg Coffee

There were a few tourists that the Coffee Chill 96’s owner allowed entering at Train Street, but as soon as they got in, they opted to stay in another coffee shop. I felt the owner’s frustration; some people lack common courtesy and understanding of the situation.

So if you’re going to train street and one of the shop owners approaches you, please have the decency to acknowledge your agreement with them. Let us show respect to the locals.

🫘 Coffeehan Scale

I give Coffee Chill 96 3 coffee beans.

🫘 Sad. Will never come back again.

🫘🫘 Meh. Lots of things to improve. Might reconsider a visit but maybe not anytime soon.

🫘🫘🫘 Good! There’s room for improvement, but overall, it was awesome. I will come back.

🫘🫘🫘🫘 Great! It’s almost perfect, but not quite there yet. Definitely, I will come back.

🫘🫘🫘🫘🫘 Magnificent! It’s a coffee shop done right. The coffee is heavenly, perfect ambiance, and the crew is fantastic! Definitely worth the bucks and a revisit.

Do you want me to review any coffee shops? Leave your suggestion in the comment box below, and I’ll make time to check it out. 💕

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