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Coffee Shop Review: Coffee Artea, Makati, Philippines

I used to frequent Poblacion, Makati, pre-pandemic. I took French classes twice a week at Alliance Francaise de Manille; then, on weekends, I met my friends for drinks. It’s safe to say I knew every nook and cranny of this area because my friends and I loved dining and drinking at different bars and restaurants. Man, I still missed those days.

Today, the area is slowly coming back to life. I even spotted newly opened establishments, like this cute coffee shop called Coffee Artea. I went there so early in the morning I had the place practically all to myself.

ℹ️ Coffee shop – Coffee Artea quick information

πŸ“Address: 5966 1209 Fermina, Makati, Metro Manila, Philippines
πŸ•‘ Store hours: Open daily, 9:30 am to 10:30 pm 
πŸ’° Price range: USD 1.19-4.74 (PHP 70-280)
🍴What to order:
πŸ”— Website: https://www.facebook.com/coffeearteapob

πŸ“Coffee shop – Coffee Artea location

Coffee Artea can be found along Fermina St. in Poblacion, Makati. It’s secluded from the bar scene but close enough. In fact, it only took me a few minutes to get there on foot from Z Hostel.

πŸ–ΌοΈ Coffee shop – Coffee Artea ambiance and interiors

Coffee Artea is a hole-in-the-wall coffee shop, just a tiny space that holds a coffee bar and an area with a few rattan tables and chairs.

The place has character and an artsy vibe, far from the minimalist aesthetics that most coffee shops go for these days. And I appreciate it because as much as I love minimalist designs, I think the concept is getting tired. Now, I want coffee shops that look different from the rest, and I guess Coffee Artea succeeded in that department.

πŸ’» Coffee shop – Coffee Artea WiFi

Unfortunately, this is not the place for remote working. Coffee Artea has no Wifi.

πŸ”Œ Coffee shop – Coffee Artea electrical outlets

Coffee Artea has no electrical outlets.

πŸ₯― Coffee shop – Coffee Artea food

Ube cheese pandesal  

Price: USD (PHP )

There’s nothing special with the Ube cheese pandesal; by that, I mean it’s almost bland. You should also eat it while it’s still warm because the bread becomes a little bit hard when you let it cool down.

β˜• Coffee shop – Coffee Artea drinks

Flat white

Price: USD 2.20 (PHP 130)

The Flat white was rich and smooth and quite bitter. So I added a few teaspoons of muscovado sugar to balance the taste. Overall, it was okay.

Horchata manchado

Price: USD 3.22 (PHP 190)

The barista, a young man who seemed to be either in his late teens or early 20s, asked me if I was familiar with the horchata of El Union Coffee; I said yes. He then told me that they have their version of horchata and that it’s their bestseller.

He gave me a small cup of it for a free taste, “This is the reason our customers keep coming back,” he added.

I took a sip and thought it was good; sweet and creamy, with a nice hint of cinnamon.

“Do you have dirty horchata?” I asked the young man.

“That’s our dirty horchata, ma’am,” he replied.

My forehead knitted in confusion; I’m pretty sure there was no coffee in the sample he gave me, but okay.

πŸ₯˜ Coffee shop – Coffee Artea menu

Click the accordions below to see the menu. Note that prices may change without prior notice. USD conversion is based on the currency exchange rate on October 12, 2022.

Espresso – $1.52 (β‚±90)

Long black – $2.03 (β‚±120)

Cappuccino – $2.20 (β‚±130)

Kafe latte – $2.20 (β‚±130)

Flat white – $2.20 (β‚±130)

Mocha – $2.37 (β‚±140)

*add – $0.34 (β‚±20) if you want it iced

Ube kezo espeziale – $3.22 (β‚±190)

Northern horchata – $3.22 (β‚±190)

Salty chocolate – $3.22 (β‚±190)

Locally grown tea:

Seasonal dried fruits and botanical tea – $4.74 (β‚±280)

Fruit tea:

Peach citrus tea – $2.71 (β‚±160)

Honey mansi herbal cooler – $2.71 (β‚±160)

Tropical passion fruit tea – $2.71 (β‚±160)

Rock salt americano – $3.05 (β‚±180)

Meringue macchiato – $3.05 (β‚±180)

Leche flan affogato – $3.39 (β‚±200)

Horchata manchado – $3.22 (β‚±190)

Leche burle latte – $3.73 (β‚±220)

Truffle grilled cheese panini – $3.22 (β‚±190)

Garlic cheese bomb – $3.22 (β‚±190)

Ube keso pandesal – $1.19 (β‚±70)

Classic croissant – $1.35 (β‚±80)

Moka keso la tarta – $1.68 (β‚±99)

Davao cacao cookies – $1.69 (β‚±100)

Pain au chocolat – $1.69 (β‚±100)

Torsade chocolat – $1.69 (β‚±100)

Burnt Basque cheesecake – $3.56 (β‚±210)

🫘 Coffeehan scale

I give Coffee Artea 3 coffee beans.

🫘 Sad. Will never come back again.

🫘🫘 Meh. Lots of things to improve. Might reconsider a visit but maybe not anytime soon.

🫘🫘🫘 Good! There’s room for improvement, but overall, it was awesome. I will come back.

🫘🫘🫘🫘 Great! It’s almost perfect, but not quite there yet. Definitely, I will come back.

🫘🫘🫘🫘🫘 Magnificent! It’s a coffee shop done right. The coffee is heavenly, the ambiance is perfect, and the crew is fantastic! Definitely worth the bucks and a revisit.

Author’s Note: Coffeehan’s scale pertains to Mara’s general feel about a coffee shop. The rating is based on her personal opinion, which is primarily influenced by the coffee’s taste more than the place’s aesthetics. The rating doesn’t aim to change, nor does it represent another person’s view of the coffee shops featured on this blog.


Do you want me to review any coffee shops? Leave your suggestion in the comment box below, and I’ll make time to check it out. πŸ’•

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