Palo Alto Bed and Breakfast

After staying in Dream Land Cottages and Tapik Beach Park Guesthouse in El Nido, I was ready to experience something real comfortable. For the record, I don’t mind staying in rustic accommodation, but I’d be lying if I tell you that I don’t prefer a much pleasant or cozier setup, which is exactly what I found at Palo Alto Bed & Breakfast in Puerto Princesa.

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Palo Alto is only 15 minutes away from the airport and the city center but is off the main road. The reason for this they say is that they want their guests to feel closer to nature. Palo alto means tall tree in Spanish, which is the very characteristic of Acacia Mangium, the tree that they used to build the place. Because they are away from the city center, they offer free shuttle service to their guests. The shuttle service, however, is subjected to van availability. You may check their daily van schedule at the lobby.

I like the native design used in this place and the lush greenery. It made me understand and appreciate the logic behind their decision to build it away from the main road. Here you get the peace and quiet and the fresh air even if you’re not that far from the city. Sure, it takes more effort to get there but the trip is worth it. Anyway, what is 15 more minutes compared with the 6 hours that I spent on the road traveling from El Nido.

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I stayed in their Standard Double Room for PHP 2,400 per night. I checked in way too early (12 midnight) but thank heavens they didn’t charge me extra, even when it appeared like I stayed there for 2 nights. My room is spacious, clean, equipped with a TV with cable, closet, air-condition unit, safety deposit box, and a mini fridge. The bathroom has toiletries and hot and cold shower.

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The bed is comfortable and is even covered with a canopy. The room is clean and mosquito free, but I sure loved that canopy, made me feel like a princess.

[Book Palo Alto via Agoda]

Other available rooms include:

  • Deluxe Pool Room (PHP 7,000) – 4-6 pax
  • Deluxe Family Loft (PHP 6,000) – 4-6 pax
  • Deluxe Loft (PHP 5,000) – 3-4 pax
  • Superior Room (PHP 3,000) – 2 pax
  • Standard Twin Room (PHP 2,400) – 2 pax



Palo Alto has an in-house cafe/restaurant called, Salakot Cafe. Accommodation is inclusive of breakfast and this is where guests have them. It is also open for some light snacks, lunch and dinner, or if you just want to hang out and enjoy a cup of joe.

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Salakot is not just a cafe, it’s an art gallery. Also, it goes up to the 4th floor where you can find a view deck for squirrel and bird watching.

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I saw neither bird nor squirrel though.

Swimming Pool

Across the narrow street, you will find a separate area for the swimming pool. I woke up early in the morning for a quick swim and had the opportunity to have it all by myself.

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Palo Alto Palawan Travel & Tours

Palo Alto offers tour packages, such as Dolphin Watching, City Tour, Underground River, and Firefly Watching. I availed it save for the Dolphin Watching. Everything has been taken care of for me so I no longer had to worry about food, itinerary, and taking permits. For convenience, I recommend that you avail it too if you will be staying at Palo Alto. You may check out my previous post to know the places that are included in their tours. [Read: First Solo Adventure Continues in Puerto Princesa]

I’m sure there are other cheaper options for accommodation in Puerto Princesa but the comfort and the convenience that Palo Alto can offer are worth every cent. The place is beautiful, the staff is nice, I couldn’t ask for more. In fact, I’d love to stay there again if given a chance to return to Puerto Princesa.


Palo Alto Bed & Breakfast
Kawayanan St., Libis Road
Barangay San Pedro
Puerto Princesa, Palawan
Telephone no.: +63 (48) 434-2159
Mobile no.: +63 (917) 595-2725
Email Address:


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  1. The cafe and the pool look great! I love that it’s surrounded by nature as it’s much more pleasant when there are trees around you. Rustic design also has its charm. All in all, if i ever happen to go to Palo Alto, i know where to stay 🙂

  2. This place looks so lovely and who would know from looking at it that it’s so close to the airport! I really love the rustic feel of the whole place and the swimming pool looks gorgeous, the first photo of it makes it look like a hidden away sanctuary!

  3. I like the hotel name and its interior. Location is convenient and its tour packages make more your travel easier too. A good choice of accommodation indeed.

  4. never been to puerto princesa and it’s only once that I have traveled alone. Judging the place, the room rates that you have shown are pretty worth it. I have known a few hotels and places to stay (in session road in baguio and los banos mostly) that charge for a higher rate and it’s not really that awesome unlike this. Too bad that no birds were to be found on the bird watching view deck… Looks like a great place to propose to your special someone though :3 hahahaha #wishKoLang XD

  5. My friend and I stayed at Palo Alto for three days when we went to Palawan years ago. It was a memorable experience and the people are amiable. The food was not so superb but appetizing and filling. Should we visit Puerto Princesa, we will still prefer Palo Alto

  6. It looks fantastic. I really like how it showcased a lot of wood. To me that feels clean and fresh. But it was done in a classic way where it didn’t feel cold but rather warm and homey like a cabin. The pool looked amazing. I think I could have spent a lot of my time there. The food looked really good, too.

  7. Siguro ok na rin ito if one of the necessity is proximity to the airport? Looks like a typical B&B in provincial areas na mas upscale than the usual traveler’s inn.

  8. The place really looks cozier, calm and serene. I want to visit this place someday for I have not gone yet to Palawan, though I live in Western Visayas. It is a bit closer to our region.

  9. Bookmarked this! Only PHP 2400 for that awesome view, nice pool and quiet surrounding not mention with complimentary brekkie. I say totally worth it. Surely will stay this place when we visit PP.

  10. The bed is indeed wonderful. <3 <3 I have never slept on one with a canopy before. I think the prices are not bad, and I hope the service is friendly and accommodating too for a more worthwhile stay.

  11. I’ve explored Puerto Princesa twice, one was an organised tour while the 2nd was a DIY trip..
    On both occasions, it was for a trip to El Nido.
    Really, it’s a cap for everything when you want to explore Palawan, it can be tiresome not to mention that by leaving El Nido you might be nursing sun burns if you did your explorations properly.
    So the little overstay in Puerto Princesa is an added bonus.
    I can definitely understand why you would seek out comfort.
    Now for the next time I’ll explore Palawan and happen to pass by Puerto Princesa.
    I’ll think about this place..
    The pool sold it for me.

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