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Bahia de Baler

I’ve been seeing some people in a forum asking where should they stay in Baler. Here’s my recommendation. Bahia de Baler is not beachfront, but it’s only a few minutes away from the beach. It has two buildings and in this review, I will be specific with Bahia de Baler II where we stayed.

December 13, I emailed Bahia de Baler and Bay’s Inn resorts for their room rates. Bahia de Baler was always prompt in their response, Bay’s Inn, on the other hand, replied one time then ignored my second email. So we picked Bahia de Baler and decided to just share a single room with 3 beds. There are 7 of us in the group so the others had to sleep on the floor and we just paid for the extra mattress.

bahia-de-baler-coffeehan (2)

That’s PHP 1,200 per day. Now this would work if you are totally comfortable with the people you are going with. Since I was on a trip with my good friends, sharing one room even with guys didn’t become an issue.

Getting There

It takes about 10 minutes to get to Bahia de Baler from the bus terminal. Check-in time is 2PM. We were way too early so we waited in the receiving area.

bahia-de-baler-coffeehan (7)

bahia-de-baler-coffeehan (1)

bahia-de-baler-coffeehan (13)


bahia-de-baler-coffeehan (14)


There are two Bahia de Baler, as I mentioned we stayed in Baler de Baler II.

The rain was pouring hard outside and the tricycle drivers who would take us on a tour were late. The front desk lady seemed to have taken pity on us, probably she took pity on me because I looked like I was about to collapse due to lack of sleep, that she allowed us to have an early check-in. Rhoda asked if there would be an extra charge, the receptionist said no (bless her soul!). Soon we were taken to room 103.

bahia-de-baler-coffeehan (8)

This room has three beds, a shower and a toilet, TV with cable, air-con, wall fan, and a closet. It’s PHP 1,200 per day exclusive of breakfast.

bahia-de-baler-coffeehan (9)

bahia-de-baler-coffeehan (12)

bahia-de-baler-coffeehan (10)

bahia-de-baler-coffeehan (11)

I cannot speak for my friends but in my case, I had no problem sleeping. Maybe it helped that I shared the bed with Rhoda who hardly moved. I mean she literally stayed in one sleeping position the entire night, I almost feared that she died or something hahaha…

My only problem with the room is that the door knob of the bathroom is busted so we used the “Do Not Disturb” sign on the door every time someone uses it.

Bahia de Baler has a big backyard covered in plants and trees. Hence, enjoying a morning walk without leaving the vicinity is possible. The only thing that prevented me from completely enjoying the experience is the fact that it was raining the whole time we were there.

bahia-de-baler-coffeehan (3)

bahia-de-baler-coffeehan (4)

bahia-de-baler-coffeehan (5)

bahia-de-baler-coffeehan (6)

Cafe Rosa

Bahia has its own coffee shop called Cafe Rosa, a quirky place adorned with painted surf boards and some paintings. The place is guests-friendly what’s with the billiard pool, portable indoor putting green, table soccer, and some board games like scrabble. My friends and I loved hanging out here, and this is where we went for breakfast during our stay.

When we checked out this is where we also stayed to kill time.

bahia-de-baler-cafe-rosa-coffeehan (1)

bahia-de-baler-cafe-rosa-coffeehan (2)

All in all we had a comfortable stay at Bahia de Baler that whenever someone asks me where to stay in this part of Aurora, it’s the only place that I recommend. The place is good for its rate plus the staff is nice.



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    I love how the place looks so green! Alagang alaga ang mga halaman nila!


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