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You know that Instagram Ask me a question sticker where you encourage your followers to ask you anything and then you’d post your reply? This sticker is especially useful for famous Instagrammers who want to connect with their followers. And since I’m not popular, I was very reluctant to use this feature for fear that I will be ignored; which is exactly what happened when I finally used it a few days ago. Only two people heeded my plea, while the other three, well, they’re my close friends so I sort of forced them to do it. But just as I mentioned in that Instagram post, I will be using their questions as material for this blog post, so here you go.

If you could be a fictional hero in the Marvel universe, who would you be?

I want to be either X-Men’s Jean Gray or The Avenger’s Black Widow because they are both femme fatale, but then who am I kidding? I am Wolverine, I am definitely Wolverine. You know, tough exterior, a little too gruff, but deep down I’m really a good person, lol. Just like our man, Logan, I am very misunderstood. Even my close friends told me that they didn’t like me at first. So many people have taken offense to my silence, misreading my inability to socialize for arrogance. In reality, it just takes some time for me to warm up to people because I don’t give away my trust easily. Yes, very Wolverine-ish.

What’s your greatest fear?

Honestly, it’s dying early. To be taken by my maker without having a chance to accomplish all of my dreams in life.

Also, I’m scared of sharks, I know that the likelihood of me seeing them in person is slim since I’m not big on water activities but, still I have this unreasonable fear of these underwater predators. First, I think we can all agree that they look scary, those big sharp teeth give me the creeps. So to sum it up I’m afraid of dying specifically from a shark attack.

Would you consider yourself successful?

The meaning of success is different for each person. If we are going for the old and common societal definition of success – married with kids, rich, and famous – then the answer is no. But you see, I don’t want to define my success based on somebody else’s. I know this sounds corny, but let me explain.

We can’t all be married, rich, and famous, that’s the hard truth. Therefore, if this is the only way for us to measure success then not everyone has a fair chance at winning in this life. Granted not all of us can meet success, but it doesn’t mean that a chance at it, no matter how slim, should not be made available to everyone. Also, the world is big and there are so many pursuits in life. You can be successful at your studies, successful in your career, heck if you will, successful with your love life. We all have our dreams, our own path to choose. Therefore, success should not be determined by others; it’s something that you should set for yourself.

I had all these goals since I was a kid that I have worked all my life to achieve, such as, leaving the neighborhood where I grew up and where my family has been living as illegal settlers for decades, finishing college, getting a better-paying job, traveling the world, learning another language, and the biggest of them all, buying my own house. And guess what darling, I was able to accomplish all of them. So to answer the question, using the bar I have set for myself, then yes, I consider myself, successful.

Tell us of a time you met someone special on the road

You can easily set me apart from my traveler friends by the number of guys I dated while traveling: zero. Yes, my loves, with over a decade worth of traveling spanning three continents, thirteen countries, an unspecified number of provinces in the Philippines, I have never dated anyone on the road. While my friends could write an entire book on travel dating alone, I only managed to write about this one Spanish guy that I met in Penang and we didn’t even date. I know right, I’m a loser, lol.

It just happened that he sat at the same table where I was and started talking to me. He’s tall, cute, and even told me indirectly that I’m pretty, but nothing came out of this encounter. By nothing I mean he didn’t get my number, didn’t even ask for my name, and we never saw each other again. But I found my conversation with him as one of the most interesting I’ve ever had with a stranger that I wrote an entire article about it.

What’s your biggest regret in life?

Two people have asked this same question so here it is.

There is one incident in my head that whenever I remember, I couldn’t help but scold myself for doing what I did. I guess it means that I regret this so much that whenever I think about it, I’m always imagining changing the scenario.

So here it is, I was fairly young and stupid, dating a guy for the first time. After just a month of telling me that he loved me, he was trying to break things off via Yahoo messenger. He went on and on about deciding that we should forget about each other [but if I wanted we could sleep together, no strings attached, (wow)], that there was never an us, that he would never leave his ex-girlfriend for me (which I realized was not really an ex, that was just his press release).

I mean, that was the longest not-a-breakup breakup I’ve ever had to sit through and I was completely shattered. Yet, I sat there, playing it cool, still responding while this prick drone on about how insignificant I was to him and that what we had wasn’t real. He was gaslighting me long before I knew of the term and I felt powerless because I seriously thought I was in love with him.

So what was the regret? That I responded at all. If I could go back in time, the moment he said that he wanted out, I would close the chatbox, block him, delete his number, remove him from my Facebook, and I would never ever talk to him again. I wouldn’t give him the benefit of knowing what I was thinking. To this day this is my biggest regret because had I been smart enough to sever all communications with him right then and there, I could have saved myself from years of unnecessary heartaches.

Are you single?

The simple answer is yes. The long answer is… joke, I don’t have a long answer, lol.

So that’s it, my slightly staged Q&A, which I’m never doing again. Still, I wanna thank my friends, Cai, Alchris, Marge J., Aleah, and Lou, for humoring me and sending in their questions so I can make this blog post.

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  1. michymichymoo

    Thank you so much for this very personal blog post, Marge. I totally agree that success is how you define it. Hope you’ll do a second part in the future!

    • Marjorie Gavan
      Marjorie Gavan

      NOt sure about making a part two but thanks for saying that Michy lol.


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