100 Happy Days Challenge

In February, I dared myself to be happy for one hundred days by taking in the 100 Happy Days Challenge. To be honest, I’d been plagued by doubts if I could see it through especially in the first few weeks. I am not exactly a person who barfs glitters and rainbow and I have those days when I can be quite difficult to deal with because I tend to lean on the dark side of things. When I started this I was at the peak of my depression, a condition I have been battling my entire life, hence, attempting to take this challenge is no picnic. But I was determined and the fact you are reading this post means I’d been successful.

The task didn't come without some issues. Among the challenges that I faced were...

  • Boring days – Some days were so uneventful I had to make an effort to find something to be happy about.
  • Sad days – This is the most difficult because dealing with depression means you are feeling miserable most of the time, so imagine trying to be happy when you’re feeling anything but.
  • Bad days – You know those days when bad things pour that you get frustrated and angry, and you just want to kill some people. I had many of those.
  • Forgetfulness – Sometimes I forget, in fact there is one day that I missed posting so I had to extend another day just to complete the challenge.

Those were the challenges but as you can see, I’ve managed to trump them all. Does it mean I had been happy the entire 100 days? Of course not. It only means I was able to see past the ugly things and find something pleasant even in the shittiest of days.

So what are the things that made me happy in those 100 days?

100 Happy Days List

  1. Olaf of Frozen
  2. Tea Farm with Ni and Es
  3. Dumaguete sylvanas
  4. Valentine sweets from colleagues
  5. Wickedmouth Unang Putok book signing
  6. Castle (TV series) book version
  7. New e-books
  8. Sheldon and Amy’s first kiss (The Big Bang Theory)
  9. New York cheesecake
  10. Beef wanton mami
  11. Finishing level 167 of Candy Crush
  12. Mitch Albom book signing
  13. Swiss chocolate cake
  14. Sold two of my books
  15. Pizza treat by Dennis
  16. Earning from selling books
  17. Coffee with Nicalyn
  18. Jackson and April (Grey’s Anatomy)
  19. Test shoot for a TV commercial
  20. Halabos na hipon
  21. 12 Years a Slave
  22. Watching live bands at SaGuijo
  23. Gino’s Brick Oven Pizza with Ni, Rhoda, and Alchris
  24. Blue Jasmine
  25. Chitchat with Patti
  26. Uniqlo tank tops
  27. Seafood marinara
  28. Drinking with Bembe and her friends
  29. Training ISO newbies
  30. Gino’s Oven Pizza with FTWWP
  31. Hanging out with Shayne in her place
  32. Lunch with Maggie
  33. Words of encouragements from friends
  34. Late-night meetup with Christian
  35. Free McMuffin from McDonalds
  36. Peach tart
  37. Boracay
  38. Puka island
  39. Checking out Boracay’s night scene
  40. Christian’s birthday party
  41. PHP 500 off on my room rental fee
  42. Visiting Shayne in her office
  43. Choies clothes
  44. Commune
  45. Merienda with Raffy, Orlene, and Rhoda
  46. Pure & Best chocolate drink
  47. Grateful Protons Meetup
  48. The Story of Edgar Sawtelle
  49. Greenbelt chapel
  50. Customized tote bag
  51. Mango and banana
  52. Polvoron
  53. Trip to Ifugao
  54. Amphitheater rice terraces
  55. Riding top load in Banaue
  56. Conquering Sumaguing Cave
  57. Dagdagay
  58. Free laptop use courtesy of Alchris
  59. Opening a BDO account
  60. Bagnet
  61. Cloudy day
  62. Staycation at Best Western Oxford Suites
  63. Bato Springs reservation
  64. A glass of milk
  65. BDO debit card
  66. Afritada cooked by Shayne
  67. Dressed-up earphones
  68. Mochi
  69. Staycation at Berjaya Hotel
  70. Berjaya lotion
  71. Mangoes from Gerald
  72. Jopoy’s
  73. Pizza treat by officemates
  74. Coffee
  75. Polished nails
  76. Sophie’s Mom
  77. Carrot raisin bread
  78. Loan reimbursement
  79. ISO team
  80. Aircon in the bus
  81. New backpack
  82. Sponsored staycation at Casa San Pablo
  83. Lake Pandin
  84. Listener doll
  85. Jollibee’s Creamy shake
  86. Part-time job
  87. Innodata summer outing at Ocean Park, Subic
  88. FTWWP’s summer outing at Bato Springs
  89. Hair treatment
  90. The happy pig in the Farmville app
  91. Work tips from Roland
  92. Free and convenient doctor consultation
  93. Hot calamansi juice
  94. Witches of East End
  95. Cold soda drink
  96. Pasalubong from Alchris
  97. 2:54
  98. Treat by Diwa, Glaiza, Zu, and Ina
  99. Doughnuts from Roland
  100. Central with friends

The conclusion

My 100 Happy Days journey officially ended on May 22, 2014. I can honestly say that my state of being is a lot better now than it is 100 days ago.

“Happiness is not something ready-made. It comes from your own actions.”
– Dalai Lama

From doing the challenge I learned that “happiness is a choice” is not just some corny cliche but a truth. In those 100 days, I was compelled to examine life in a different spectrum. It has helped me see with clarity, what used to be a blurred and inconceivable theory, that anyone, including me, who has been suffering from clinical depression for quite a long time, can actually be happy. Happiness that may not be in a grand scale and may have only come in small doses, but happiness nonetheless. I’ve been very uncomfortable, at times, frustrated because some days were just really bad I was forced to go out of my way to find something to be happy about. But this has taught me that no matter how awful a certain day may seem, there is always something good in it.

To all people who have one way or another, contributed to the success of this undertaking, thank you very much. And my lovelies, I wish you all happiness.

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  1. Chuper mahirap nga. I've been hunting for happiness matagal na, and this challenge gave me a chance to somewhat leap a milestone. Nakakatuwa kase at least kahit maliliit na bagay eh na-aacknowledge. Congrats for accomplishing the challenge! Lalo na at may depression ka! I can totally relate. And even if your not doing this challenge anymore, I hope you still continue to find reasons to be happy.

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