Coffee Shop Review: Restock Curiosities Makati, Philippines [permanently closed]

Editor’s Note: Restock Curiosities Makati is permanently closed.

It feels like entering a new cafe. It looks quite different from the way I remember it and it wasn’t even that long ago. Restock Curiosities is an art cafe tucked in what I dub as the most hip street on San Antonio Village, Guijo. The work of art that they hang on the wall or display on each corner of the cafe are curated from local artists and they are all for sale. When art goes, they are replaced, hence, the interior design of Restock is ever changing.

When before the walls are painted in teal, now it is painted in gray. Here, let me show you some before and after photos.



The huge painting on the wall in the middle part of the room is gone. Now it has rows of shelves where the National Geographic magazines are on display.



Some pieces on the shelves on the side of the bar have been replaced. What I wish they would take out though is the wood art on the bottom shelf. Those crater-like thingy on top of the wood are the stuff for nightmares for people with fear of holes. I happen to have a mild case of trypophobia so looking at them gave me goosebumps.



Even the new baristas are new faces; both are clad in an all-black ensemble. The woman has dark hair, bangs, and eyeglasses. She was wearing a dress with a very low neckline and a pair of boots. How hipster eh?! I loved her entire outfit. She’s like that cool friend of yours who just got home from the States, speaks zero Tagalog, and thinks that everything that you do is not cool .

If you are a fan of art like me you will definitely love Restock. I mean look at all the impressive art pieces that they have.

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I recommend getting the Long White coffee (a.k.a. flat white). Their version is dark and bitter and I love it. The prosciutto is surprisingly good and I love how gooey the cheese is. The crust is very soft you can’t hold it up because the end droops to the side. I didn’t really mind, I love it.

Most people are resistant to change; not me, I embrace it. I didn’t have a hard time appreciating the new look of the cafe. I want to go back and see how it’s going to look next time.


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