My 31st Birthday And Typhoon Maring

While Tropical storm Maring and her twin, habagat, were busy drowning the metropolis, I turned 31 last August 19, 2013. I held my little party at my favorite cafe, 8065 Coffee. I invited over 20 something people but due to the terrible weather condition, only half of them were able to make it. I thought of postponing the event, maybe do it another day, but my friend, Imee, flew all the way from Cebu for this so I didn’t want to waste her effort.

It was just a simple dinner with some of my friends. It’s the first time I’ve seen them all together and it was a refreshing experience I gotta say.

So this is me and my friends who braved the storm hehehe…

my-31st-bday-and-typhoon-maring-coffeehan (5)

Shayne, my friend barista from 8065 Coffee decorated the place with balloons. She told me that she just wanted me to be happy on my birthday, isn’t she sweet?! She also gifted me with this uberlicious cake! [Related: Review of 8065 Coffee]

It was just a simple celebration, with lots of bagnet, some drinks, and nonstop chit chats. Now I’d like to introduce you to my guests, here are my friends from college, Christine and Ana.

my-31st-bday-and-typhoon-maring-coffeehan (6)

my-31st-bday-and-typhoon-maring-coffeehan (2)

Below, I’m posing with my doctor friend, Bethel, and my cousin, Jackie.

my-31st-bday-and-typhoon-maring-coffeehan (1)

my-31st-bday-and-typhoon-maring-coffeehan (9)

And here’s me with my resort manager/restaurant manager/diver instructor/bartender/chef (whew! curacha!) friend from Bicol, Madie.

my-31st-bday-and-typhoon-maring-coffeehan (10)

The friends that I met from an online forum, Maggie and Imee.

my-31st-bday-and-typhoon-maring-coffeehan (7)

And the friends I made from my current work, Kean, Bart, Diwa, and Alchris.

my-31st-bday-and-typhoon-maring-coffeehan (4)

For the record I have more friends than this, just so happened that many of them weren’t able to make it because of Maring. I hope next year the weather would be kinder, maybe then I’d be able to introduce you to more of my friends.

There was no theme, no karaoke, no dancing, and the alcohol was kept to a minimum. The weather was also pretty bad, but it was still, all in all, a happy celebration. I am grateful for reaching another year, which almost didn’t happen, following this dark episode that happened two months ago. Well, as you can see I was able to survive. I’m still around and I will be, for as long as I can.

For my birthday wish, well… I’ll keep it to myself and let you know when it’s been granted. Would you be a doll and say a little prayer for me so it will come true. That would be the best birthday gift, ever. 🙂



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