My 29th Year

Hi guys! I just celebrated my birthday last Friday, August 19 and I’m now officially twenty nine! Yes, a year shy before hitting the big three-o. I’d be lying if I tell you I’m not in the least bothered that I’m approaching thirty, I mean really who wants to get old? But feeling miserable about it won’t magically turn me ten years younger so why waste energy? So I’d rather be grateful that at least I’m still alive… and so far, healthy.

Last August 18, I didn’t hit the bed until 12:00 just so I could welcome my birthday. I got me a brazo de mercedes flavored cupcake from Frostings, sang myself a happy birthday (like a moron), blew the candle, uttered a wish, and said my prayer of thanks to the lord.

Everybody was expecting I’d skip work that day; I didn’t. I see no point staying at home doing nothing just because it’s my birthday. Besides, I never run out of “bum days” anyway, I got all weekends for that.

All in all the day went well. I was greeted by friends, family, and colleagues, got some gifts, saw 55 birthday greetings posts on my facebook wall, and met two of my dear friends later that night for a dinner in Libis.

The day seemed like any other day but to me it was anything but ordinary, thanks to the people who made the effort to make it special for me. Love you guys!

Oh yeah, my birthday wish; I wish to have more adventures and see better transitions in my life.

My head is kind of messed up right now so I’m ending this quickly. See you guys in my next post and thank you for dropping by 🙂

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  1. Happy birthday, Marj!!! 🙂 Huli man daw at magaling, cute pa rin! LOL  

    one year short for the big thirty-O, eh… don't worry looking very very young naman 😉

  2. thanks kristeta. so my blog is bugged? what gives? the only thing that i added here is the disqus reply form. maybe i should ask spanish pinay what she did about it. thanks for informing me sis 🙂

  3. Belated Happy birthday to you. May your wishes come true =) and many more happy & healthy years to come!

    Btw sis, just wanted to mention that I couldnt access your blog from my computer, it's giving me a warning not to proceed – similar thing to what Spanish Pinay experienced recently (re malware). Thought i let you know.

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