Why I’m Going Back To The Corporate Despite My Love For Traveling

A few days from now I will be starting a new job at a new company in a new city. It pays better than my previous work, I would still be a technical writer, and it’s only on a 6-month project basis. And I am not excited about it, if any I dread it, the way I used to dread Mondays.

Two months ago I resigned from work and since then my life has become so much better. Suddenly, I was free to wake up whatever time I please, go to wherever without worrying if I still have enough leaves, and hang out with my friends without pulling a Cinderella so I’d still have enough sleep. The thing that I had been dreaming of everyday in my office’s desk; the total freedom of not having a schedule, not waiting for Fridays, not fearing Mondays, not worrying about the deadlines was suddenly a reality. And I was on a roll like a prisoner who was given parole. I did so many things that I couldn’t do when I still had work and boy I had a blast.


It is the happiest I’ve ever been in years. I went on trips; five destinations in two months’ time, focused my time on blogging, and freed myself from stress and worries. I didn’t have to ask for anyone’s permission, I didn’t have to answer to anyone, and nothing is more intoxicating than that.

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For the first time in many years, I wasn’t stressed and I felt like the most fortunate bitch in the hood, living the good life that once upon a time was only a dream. I didn’t make room for my fears and worries. I didn’t obsess about where would I get money when my back-pay runs out. I passed copies of my resume to some companies, most of which were referred to by former colleagues and friends, but I didn’t wish to work for any of them. I went about the whole business of job hunting without being consumed about the need to be accepted. I went to interviews relaxed and free from expectations. If I got accepted, great, if not, it’s cool. Indeed, I felt bold and fearless and I loved every second of it.

Have you tried living this way? A life unrestricted and exhilarating? When was the last time you’ve taken a leap of faith? These past two months have been my leap of faith and I felt so alive and if I had my druthers I would love to keep this lifestyle forever. But despite not worrying I wasn’t blind about my responsibilities; I am sending my youngest sister to college, I have bills to pay, I am currently living on a temporary basis at my friend’s condo and I can’t live here forever. So despite being all happy and cheerful about my newfound freedom, at the back of my head, I knew I had to get back to work. I did try to find a freelance job and I even took some writing and editing gigs, but they weren’t really enough to sustain me.


I told my friends that I still want to become a freelancer full-time, but if it doesn’t pull through right now then I shouldn’t force it. Hence, I don’t want to close my door to going back to the corporate world. Sure, I still want the freedom, to own my time and to be my own boss, but if it’s not possible now then it’s okay. The important thing is I find a way to earn a living.

Then I found it. I accepted the job offer and I am now two days’ shy of doing it. I have wanderlust running through my vein and it is highly unlikely that I would ever stop traveling. But for now, I am going to keep still, go back to work, and schedule my trips according to my day-off. I am allowing myself to feel a little sad that I am going back to the old routine of waking up-dressing up-showing up to work.

But in the grand scheme of things, getting a job is a blessing, not a curse. I think it’s normal for most people, specifically travelers, to feel like they are dragging themselves to work. After all, who really wants to work? I’m sure if everyone has a choice, none of us would work our ass off and that we would all choose to be out there, explore the world, and not care about money, bosses, leaves, bills, and such similar things. But as an adult, there should always be a balance between reality and dreams; you should go out and get your dreams but don’t lose your head and forget about your responsibilities. There are means to do it; you just have to find what works best for you and believe me there is always a way.

So on Monday I am going back to work. I will do what I have to do, meet my new colleagues, write technical documentation, wear my OOTD-worthy clothes even if my officemates think I overdress. But I am a flamingo in a sea of penguins. I will always be different than everyone else and I am not ashamed of it. Maybe I will hate Mondays again and look forward to Fridays but that’s okay. I will do my job and I will kill it. And on weekends and whatever days available, I’d still respond to my wanderlust.

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  1. You really have inspired me with this article. You’re just so brave to leave the life you have in a corporate world and just live your life with the freedom you really have enjoyed. I haven’t been doing that thing cause I might be ended up scratching my head and run out of money to pay my bills. Good thing you’ve tried it and went back to the corporate world right after you have experienced so much and learned much as well.

  2. I wish you luck on your new job. It may not happen now but i hope you get the chance to do the job that you love the most! Just like you, I’ve always wanted to be free! Currently working as an OFW in the Middle East. I wish to be back soon in the Philippines and establish my own business related to traveling (hehe). As of now, i don’t know how to do it. Hope to figure it out soon…


  3. Being in the corporate world is really challenging especially if your soul wants to wander around. It may seem like a prison but in our country, that’s the way to support one’s self. Good luck with your work!

  4. I feel like keeping your toes dipped in the corporate sea gives you a sense of routine. Waking up at a certain time and coming home at a certain without fail, and some people enjoy having that sense of routine in their lives, me being one! Great post, I really liked reading it!


  5. Good luck on your new job! I dream of quitting my corporate life but then I always second guess myself and think that I’ll eventually end up missing it hehe.

  6. But as an adult, there should always be a balance between reality and dreams; you should go out and get your dreams but don’t lose your head and forget about your responsibilities.

    I feel you. Good thing I found other entries that share the same sentiments as I do. Thanks for making me realize I’m not alone in this “I-feel-like-not-working” dilemma. 😀 😀 😀 Truly an inspirational and motivating post!

  7. Unrestricted and free, like a bird let out of the cage. Yes, the feeling is exhilarating but I think there is still something liberating when it comes to working hard and earning what you deserve. 😉 You can do it!

  8. Currently my “dilemma” right now, ate! I feel you! I always look forward to Fridays (and long weekends at that) just to spend the days-off somewhere out of Baguio. Well, good luck on your work ate! <3

  9. Hey, good on you for doing what you love a lot! You work a little bit for now and then go out in the world and enjoy your life every now and then! That’s what I have been doing for a while! I enjoy it so much! But I hope one day when you have saved a lot that you can explore even more places! Cheers!

  10. A wanderlust will remain in you, working in a corporate world was once my life too, but I vowed myself to forever leave that kind of journey. It’s been 6 years now that I am not anymore in that kind of world, but hey, I don’t mind people or friends working in that field, we all have our own path, we all have our own different story, in fact, I admire them for working hard in the corporate world to reach the dreams they have. I salute you for taking those priorities in life for your sibling and for paying your bills, somehow, somewhere, in the future, life will turn you the way you want it to be. I wrote about how shifting corporate world to tour guide changed me. http://www.everywherewithferna.com/corporate-world-to-tour-guide/

  11. Hi Marge, this is an interesting, sincere read. I think a lot of people can relate to your predicament. Traveling is indeed wonderful, but majority of our lives happen in the in-betweens. So I hope that someday you find a job that you love or finally be able to do freelancing on a full-time basis. 🙂

  12. I totally agree with you. If we had the chance, of course we’ll choose not to work. Even I, still being a college student already hate working. I know it’s something we can’t easily run away from but if we really want to, there will be a lot of ways.

  13. I was also once in the corporate world and thought I would stay there contentedly… until I had my youngest. When he came everything else seemed meaningless. I guess whatever equates to wanderlust is what happened to me for my child. I was so determined to leave the corporate world and become a work at home mom. I’m so thankful that I was able to do just that! Hang in there. What you desire will come for you as well and when it really hits there’s no stopping you from achieving it.

  14. This is a really interesting piece and it got me rethinking my priorities. I admire you for being selfless, which I find hard to be when I travel. I’m sure you’ll find ways to still fulfill your wanderlust! Kill it! 🙂

  15. That feeling of freedom is really a bliss. I have it now and cherish every second of it. I only took one subject this short semester, what a blessing to be able to write and do other things that we are passionate about without worrying about deadlines from school or work. I hope you find your job fun in many ways 🙂

  16. Congratulations on your new job! I was like that before as well, but then I realized what made travelling so great was the fact that it was a much needed sanity break from work. Travelling is my reward and something I look forward to because I deserve it. That is my own opinion though. 🙂

  17. Ugh, so brave enough to go back to the normal grind! Months ago, I did quit my job and now I am working online at home. The corporate setting is really different from working remotely. I know for sure, maybe after some time I will be back to the corpo world when I’m ready to commit again. Looking forward to see your future posts! <3

  18. A good read and you remind me of someone! 😀

    I admire you as I am on the same boat as you are!
    I have been working on the same company since I graduated and I recently grab a second job opportunity to satisfy my wanderlust for a random getaway.

    I hope for the best! <3

  19. I amworking a fulltime corporate job and a weekend traveller. I’m rather inspired going to work every week knowing that it pays my weekend get aways. We are blessed 🙂

  20. I like reading stories like this. It is already an adventure in itself to leave your comfort zone. Congratulations for having the courage to do it and goodluck in your latest adventure!!

  21. i have been on your shoes last year. I became like a free butterfly when I resigned as an IT specialist. No more worries on travels, bf band gigs to attend and blog events. I became active on blogging again. And then, I realized I still have responsibilities and my earning from freelance writing is not enough, so one day, I got up, looked for work and got hired. And same as you, I got jitters. I am in doubt if I really want to go back corporate. But hey, I am still here now. 

  22. Oh I can relate to you on so many levels–but I’ve never done the corporate thing though, I was too afraid. I’ve been an art history teacher for four years which was a great thing– it means I get summers and holidays off–for my wanderlust pleasures, but I just quit to do my MBA, which will invariably get me into the corporate world. We’ll see how things go. I wish you won’t have to hate Mondays though!


  23. Hey Marge! It’s great post! I know everyone loves the idea of being your own boss and do whatever you want to do but for few people it’s possible. Working as freelance in the beginning is crucial but once you get to know the insights of how it really works becomes a bit easy and sooner or later it would help you to pay the bills.
    So I would say it’s better to do corporate job and do blogging and freelancing at the same time!
    But it’s all about being happy! If you are not happy there is no point of doing it

  24. I am so used to work Monday Friday now that I wouldn’t imagine it any other way. Even though I love my job I have to admit Fridays have a special r flavor. I’d love to work remote or travel the world with my laptop some day. In fact my type of job would be God for that. One day one day.. Good luck with your new corporate job:)

  25. I think that it is one’s attitude towards work that makes it more or less complicated, not only in work but in life. By focusing on the positive, things are done easier and more efficiently. Reality dictates what we do and one thing on a lot of people’s mind is the finances. And you did what you did, Marge, and I hope that come work day you are and will continue to stay positive, full of life and joy.

  26. I like that lifestyle, too. Work Monday to Friday and spend weekends traveling. Sometimes I dream of being single so I could travel and buy anything I fancy, with no kids to worry about. But I have kids and Im stuck in our small house to look after them. Perhaps I can still travel when they are big enough. I cant wait for that time. Right now though, I will just enjoy their company.

    1. Your time will come. As children grow you should take them on more adventurous trips and let them see what is still safe to see.

      I am lucky as I chose to become a teacher. I get many days to travel and experience places which not only opens my eyes to the world, but helps me to enhance my lessons.

  27. I love the corporate world. It gives me a sense of security when it comes to financing my life’s hullabaloo haha Best of luck on your new journey! <3 hey, this is another travel worth blogging about 😉

  28. Nice move. ☺ had my fair share of travelling after college
    Took an almost 2 years off to explore too bad wasn’t able write those, only left with memories. ?? i’m a corporate slave also but able to manage time. So good luck!

  29. I can relate to you, I left my 6 year old job in the biggest mall chain here in the Philippines to explore things and travel. And I was hired by 2 companies last february but I turned it down because I realized that its not what I want. And now, let’s face it, we need money to survive so YES! i am into interview gigs right now, and need to go back in my corporate life too…

  30. My comment was too late, I read this already last time but was on the phone and signal was awful. Congratulations on the job! I know it will suit your needs, not maybe all, but at least, it goes there. And at the same time, I am 40% sad for you because I know you wanted a freelance job so bad, to be free of waking up and sleeping in schedule. But anyways, goodluck! See you in BGC! hehehe

  31. Goodluck Marge! Don’t worry, you’ll get the hang of it sooner than you think. You’re amazing at what you. Just transition gracefully back into corporate. Trabaho-ipon-travel.

  32. I think for me the most important thing is having a work-life balance. I definitely could not have a job that didn’t allow me to travel once in a while. Hope the new job is satisfying and the you can keep on traveling!

  33. Glad that you had a blast during your break Marge! You def needed that! When I resigned from my super toxic corporate job, I wasn’t sad. I was ecstatic. Freedom never felt so good. So I was really thankful I found a way to be a freelancer. Hope that you’ll venture that way in 6months time. But in the meantime, kill it and save. 😉 this is probably my fave piece of yours yet.

  34. I think it is true that given a choice people would not work, but I also think that there are good things about jobs that go beyond having a salary: sure there is less freedom, but it might be stimulating, interesting, it might teach you things, get you to meet interesting people. For me, part time travel is the best of both worlds and I really hope it will be the same for you: best of luck with the new job, I hope it goes amazingly well and I have no doubt you will feed your wanderlust whenever possible!

    1. Yes, working in the corporate setting has many advantages also. I am aware of them, I just don’t think they are enough to make me wanna do this for the rest of my life. Thanks Marta.

  35. I guess.. just enjoy and have fun. 🙂 remember to go for your dreams and we only live once.

    Not really YOLO but rather, it is for us to think about and do things that would make us happier and would lead us to our goal. Not really the goal in itself. 🙂

    🙂 🙂 🙂

    Honestly, I’m enjoying myself now but in a few months or maybe a year, I’m definitely going back to work. I guess. 🙂 let’s see and enjoy 🙂

  36. Marj, your post really made me smile. I loved every single bit of it – especially the last paragraph.

    As I have been in the freelance business since January and it is finally getting hot and heavy, I can surely understand you – especially if you have to take care of your young sister. You are a wonderful human being and I am sure you have taken the right decision for this moment.

    May I wish you a lifetime of adventures and may God bless you! 🙂

  37. Congrats on the new job, Marge. It’s amazing, isn’t it? Taking the leap of faith changes you in every way. When I took a short sabbatical in 2012 to figure out what to do with my life (way before motherhood came), I would say, it was the best decision I have ever made. Shortly, I went back to the corporate world again with a different mindset. It was liberating. I found myself being an even better employee afterwards whilst working on something that I truly love. We grow even more courageous in getting our ideas, our skills and a big part of ourselves out there knowing that if all sh*t hits the fan, we have a fall back and we will survive. Walking through the corporate corridor without fear is exhilarating. I do miss the corporate world sometimes and I am so happy for you. Time to celebrate!

  38. I think it’s great that you had some time spent to rest and relax a bit after working in the corporate world for so many years. Taking a breather makes you realize that there’s really more to life than stress caught inside the four corners of the office. You still have weekends to wear casual outfits! 🙂

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