Why The Rich People Stay At Luxurious Lodgings [Villa Caipirinha Review]

I like to call myself a medyo-budget traveler, which means some aspects of my trip would be budget-friendly like the accommodation, but I wouldn’t mind spending for the “experience” part of the trip e.g. tour and food. 50% of my budget for a trip is spent on accommodation so as much as possible, I like to keep it cheap. So long as the place is clean and decent, it’s good enough for me. But I’d be lying if I tell you I don’t dream about staying in one of those luxurious lodgings and Boracay has many of them. But I wondered, why do the rich people pay so much for a luxury accommodation when they’d be spending most of the time outside anyway? Was I missing something? In my recent trip to Boracay, I think I found a piece of the puzzle.

It had been a long travel by sea and though I was able to sleep it felt like I didn’t. This time, I didn’t have to travel all the way from Kalibo because the ship docked at Caticlan Port. So we walked out of the port, went out around the back towards the entrance like we were playing a game. My patience was wearing thin from all the waiting but of course, I didn’t voice it out because it was all justifiable; I was traveling with a group, it was a sponsored trip, and some things needed to be coordinated first. Finally, we boarded this boat that would take us to the island. In my previous Boracay trips, I took the service of Southwest Tours for the transfers. On this trip, we were assisted by Island Star Express.

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Prior to this trip, JR, our main contact from Travelbookph—one of the main sponsors of this trip—had been sending us teasers of the place where we would stay. The photos were enough to impress me but it turns out they were nothing compared to the actual. Remember when I said I was feeling lethargic? Well, I was jolted back to life the moment I saw Villa Caipirinha.

Villa Caipirinha, named after a Brazilian cocktail, is one of the luxury private houses of Cohiba Villa. It’s located on Diniwid Hills, about 20-minutes away from the white-sand beach of Boracay. Do not worry about its distance to the beach because the Villa offers van service to get you around the island. Personally, I didn’t mind going off the touristy area because Boracay is more than just its pristine white sand beach.

Villa Caipirinha has 7 double bedrooms and 10 bathrooms. It is big enough to accommodate up to 16 people. These bedrooms are grand and spacious, with a kind of bed that would make you want to sleep forever. I took photos of my own but not as beautiful as those that were taken by one of the bloggers I was with, Justin Vawter so I secured his permission to use the pictures in this post. Anyway, each bedroom has a theme color, painted on the wall against the bed. I find this interesting because the colors gave the bedrooms a some sort of identity that makes each one unique.

The best part of this villa, in my opinion, is the living room that opens to an infinity pool with a Jacuzzi. It also offers a spectacular view of Boracay. It’s so beautiful that’s where we hang out most of the time. The pictures below show the night and day view.

When you stay here you will be assisted by four full-time staff who do the housekeeping and food preparation. Never in my life have I felt this comfortable and important in an accommodation. The food that they served was also good and whatever we wanted, the staff was willing to give or prepare for us. It was such an incredible experience.

Other amenities include a fully functional kitchen, a dining room, an entertainment area with a huge flat TV screen, projector, and sound system, and a pool billiard.

On our last day, we decided to have a pool party, well at least half of us did, the others were busy partying in Boracay. In between swimming and sipping our beers, we all agreed that we were lucky to have been invited by Travelbookph and Stop Sleep Go to join this trip. As a budget traveler, I don’t really stay in expensive lodgings hence I never really understood the rich why they have to spend so much money in a place just to sleep in. But after this, I think I now have a clue if not completely enlightened on why they do it apart from the fact that they can afford it. When I was at Villa Caipirinha I was in complete state of relaxation. I had no time to entertain negative thoughts but I had all the time in the world to be grateful. I was happy, comfortable, and invigorated. And isn’t that the goal when we take vacations?

So if you are willing to discover more of Boracay and you want to have that ultimate retreat from all the stress that had been zapping out your energy, I highly recommend that you book your stay at Villa Caipirinha in your next Boracay trip.


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  1. Very nice hotel, that must have been a treat! I like to book 4 star accommodations that we normally can afford and most of the times they give you almost the same comfort that a 5 start hotel gives, but for a better price. Thanks for sharing this post.

  2. If you were in a complete state of relaxation it’s all worth it in my opinion. Villa Caipirinha seems to be a homey place, I like it. It looks really cozy outside by the pool during night.

  3. It’s really not just the rich people who choses luxurious accomodation. I consider myself average on that aspects. I like to visit luxurious places and be able to experience the life of the locals at the same time. But when you go on a trip to the local areas, it makes you feel really tired by the end of the day, which is why I think a good accomodation is needed. Because frankly, I don’t just travel to expore, I also travel to relax. 🙂

    Btw, this hotel looks amazing!!

  4. This is a lovely and elegant hotel A perfect setting for a foray into the beautiful wonderland of the Philippines with its exotic beaches and islands.

  5. I myself is a budget traveler, I don’t want to spend more on luxurious lodging.. what’s better for me is the nature tripping. Even if have lots of money, I would not lodge on expensive rooms.. just a warm cozy and safe place is good enough..

  6. Ahhh, Boracay. Home. Used to be, that is. It is a matter of perspective. When you are used to luxury and being pampered, then it follows that the same standards hold true for most when traveling. Expensive or not, it is again, a matter of perspective.

    If I have more than enough money, I’d throw it to Caipirinha too. Why not, luxury is being taken care of, feeling important, feeling special. 🙂

  7. My family is going to Boracay this October and we have not booked our rooms yet. We will attend my sister’s wedding and she gave me a budget to spend for our rooms. I will surely check out this place as it looks really beautiful

  8. This looks like a really elegant and luxurious place. I liked the ambience and how they have given a different character to each bed room. The Living room opening on to an infinity pool is another great point. Looks lovely for a relaxing stay.

  9. I am more of a budget traveller and usually find hostels/dorms wherever I visit. But this hotel looks amazing and I’ll definitely check this place out when I visit the city.

  10. Wow this place looks so luxuriously relaxing hehe. Would love to stay here! Will definitely check this place out if ever I’m in Boracay. It’s okay to splurge every now and then ???

  11. I sometimes splurge money for luxurious accommodation not because it’s the way I travel, but sometimes, I love to be pampered pretty well or yet sleep the whole day. lol. I’m a budget traveler and I slept everywhere.. but sometimes, I feel the need to stay in a place like this.

    And yes, this place looks really stunning!

  12. I’m a budget traveler when I travel solo or sometimes when I travel with friends. But I also like staying in nice accommodations when I travel with a partner. Aside from the privacy, it’s the ambiance and service that you’re paying for. You hit it right in the head, it’s the state of relaxation that’s aimed for. 🙂 I would def love to stay in Villa Caipirinha when I get to Boracay.

  13. I also do not like to spend too much on accommodation because as you say you are not there most of the time. However, having experienced a couple of luxury resorts, I can now see why people spend the money. Villa Caipirinha looks lovely and the view can’t be beat.

  14. This looks fabulous: between the view, those beautiful rooms and the staff, it must really feel like you are royalty! I think nice accommodation can really make a big difference during a trip: I don’t need it to be happy abroad, but it is definitely a nice plus whenever affordable 🙂

  15. Stunning architecture! A pool party there, spent with great company over good conversations and cold bottles of beer, sounds perfect!

  16. Oh gosh the place is gorgeous. I like spend a good budget in my hotels, because I like them clean, but also modern and the bathroom is so important for me Haha. But I wouldn’t mind spending less, as long as it’s clean, that’s most important. Even though “rich” places give some nice comfort feeling. This one is really beautiful, I tried to search but couldn’t find. How much is the place ?

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