31 Things To Live By

Something rained on my parade… literally. It’s 11:35AM, classes and work in government offices are suspended, there are only five of us from our team who were able to make it to work, and the rain is pouring, the streets are flooded, and Tropical Storm Maring is showing no signs of stopping anytime soon. Today also happened to be my 31st birthday, which I plan to celebrate via a simple dinner at my favorite coffee shop with some of my friends. Unfortunately, many of them are stranded at home and have already expressed their regret for their absence later. Now my mood can be likened to the weather, cold and gloomy. I have always loved the rain, I just wish that it skipped this day though. But oh wells, such is life.

In the last two years, I just posted about what went down on my birthday. This year, I’ve decided to share what are the things that I learned in 31 years, things that I try to live by to make life a little less excruciating for me and the people around me. So here you go folks, 31 things that I learned and take by heart.




1. Any goal, no matter how impossible, is actually attainable if you want it bad enough.

2. Unless you have dementia, you should know if the food in a shared fridge is yours or not.

3. When riding a crowded bus or train do not stand by the entrance/exit.

4. If you don’t want to be an accidental “conductor” take the rear seats when riding a jeep.

5. Never, under any circumstances, drink alcohol with an empty stomach.

6. If you’ve had too much to drink but you didn’t puke, induce vomiting by inserting one or two fingers down your throat. It will save you from the pains of a hangover.

7. When you have a zit, cover it with toothpaste and let it sit over night.

8. If you want to vent but your friends are tired of listening to you, tell your story to a stranger.

9. If you couldn’t hold back your tears in the workplace, cry in the bathroom.

10. Do not interrupt other people when they are talking. Wait for your turn.

11. When you are hanging out in an establishment (say a coffee shop) and it’s closing hours already, don’t wait to be told to leave. Just fucking leave, the staff gets tired and needs to go home too you know.

12. If something is really bothering you about a particular person, then tell him or her.

13. When you’ve been dumped by someone for another person, move on. You don’t deserve to be with a person who believes there are someone better than you.

14. For the sake of humanity, always flush the toilet after use.

15. Turn the lights off when it’s bed time.

16. You only need one phone.

17. Never stalk your ex, not in person, not in social networks. Have some pride. It doesn’t pay to subject yourself to emotional torture. I highly advise you severe all kinds of communications, that means, deleting your ex’s digits, and unfriending him or her on social sites.

18. Don’t always follow the rules.

19. Read books.

20. It pays to try something you wouldn’t normally do. As they say, don’t knock it til you try it.

21. Don’t be a stupid hater. Hating something just because many people are bashing it, rather than having a firsthand knowledge of it, is retarded.

22. Always give people the benefit of the doubt.

23. Never belittle somebody else’s accomplishments just because you think you’ve done better.

24. You are never too old to learn.

25. Saying sorry doesn’t always mean that you’re admitting defeat. It may also mean you’re not a total asswipe and you may have something remotely close to what we call humanity.

26. Your success should inspire, not discourage other people.

27. Never tell a half-baked truth. If you have to edit some parts of a story before telling anyone then you probably shouldn’t be sharing it.

28. You should always be aware of how you smell. For world peace, take a bath and brush your teeth, always.

29. When walking down the street keep your bag in front of you.

30. Unless your place is sound-proof, singing karaoke in a residential area should not go beyond 10 p.m. People need to sleep.

31. No person deserves the glory of subjecting yourself to pain.


Wow, those are 31 things, I am so proud of me hehehe… Anyway, I do hope you guys stay safe in this cruel weather. Now greet me a happy birthday will ya?!


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  1. Super belated happy birthday? I laughed at the item about stalking the ex. Sometimes, thinking about past relationships, it makes me laugh. I felt that the immaturity when we were young was needed in order to get where we are now. Plus, it sometimes can relieve stress. How weird I am right? HAHAHA

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