Blog Mo Ipasuot Mo Helps The Kids Of Barangay Malugay

Who doesn’t love kids? They are cute, innocent, carefree, and full of promise. All they want to do is play, and ice cream, and jolly spaghetti, and toys, and a piggy back ride, and their own laptop, and a ticket to a Justin Bieber concert, and a new pair of shoes, and whine at night, whine in the morning, whine everyday, and every week. So again, who doesn’t love those little munchkins? Well… me.

Given this, you would think I’d turn up my nose at the idea of serving kids in need, well I am not that heartless. In fact, when Christian of Kwentong Iskwater asked me to join the outreach of this group of bloggers called Blog Mo Ipasuot Mo (BMIM), I didn’t so much as bat an eyelash and said yes.

blog-mo-ipasuot-mo-helps-the-kids-of-barangay-malugay-coffeehan (6)

The event was held at Barangay Malugay, San Martin de Porres, ParaƱaque City on July 20, 2013. I went there with my fellow Pinoy Bloggers Outreach (PBO) members, Glenn and Christian. I didn’t know any of the BMIM members so I stuck with the two. Even so, I tried my best to join the activity by taking part in the registration and food preparation. Good thing the BMIM folks are nice people so I didn’t feel so awkward.

Before anything else, we wore our nameplates. Then Christian and I helped with the registration but putting stickers on the shirt of the kids that bore their names and tied ribbons on their wrists.

blog-mo-ipasuot-mo-helps-the-kids-of-barangay-malugay-coffeehan (2)

I’m not sure how many kids joined the event, but they sure are a lot. I was worried that they’d be hard to handle, as most kids are, but to my surprise they knew how to follow instructions.

blog-mo-ipasuot-mo-helps-the-kids-of-barangay-malugay-coffeehan (1)

The outreach’s activities include story telling, fun games, distribution of bags, t-shirts, and school supplies, and bonding and feeding the kids.

blog-mo-ipasuot-mo-helps-the-kids-of-barangay-malugay-coffeehan (3)

blog-mo-ipasuot-mo-helps-the-kids-of-barangay-malugay-coffeehan (5)

blog-mo-ipasuot-mo-helps-the-kids-of-barangay-malugay-coffeehan (7)

blog-mo-ipasuot-mo-helps-the-kids-of-barangay-malugay-coffeehan (4)

The weather was hot, the event was held outside, I’m not familiar with BMIM members, and I am still not fond of kids, yet there is something about this event that thawed my heart. I know I wasn’t able to contribute much but it still made me feel good that in those few hours, I was with BMIM as they worked together to help put those beautiful smiles on the kids faces. And I do hope that BMIM will continue to flourish and put shirts on more kids.




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