Lake Pandin: Discover the Smallest Lake in San Pablo Laguna

Dubbed as the most pristine out of all 7 lakes in San Pablo, Laguna, Lake Pandin is a popular side-trip destination in Barangay San Lorenzo. It is the smallest of the 7 lakes, about 20.5 hectares, with an average depth of 207 ft. It is separated from another lake, Yambo, by just a narrow strip of land, hence they are called as twin lakes.

I’d visited this lake twice; the first time was with my blogger friends after our memorable staycation at Casa San Pablo Bed & Breakfast. It’s a good 15 to 20-minute walk, depending on your pace, going to the lake from the highway. We walked under the midday sun, hence the look of displeasure on everyone’s faces as we trod the dirt path. There are motorbikes that you can rent to get to the lake for PHP 50 (USD 1.00) per person. We only took this option going back to the main road.

Our efforts have not been in vain, the lake is beautiful.

lake-pandin-laguna-coffeehan (1)

There are activities that you can do on this lake, though I’m not sure if swimming is one of them as we didn’t see anyone doing so. Bamboo rafts lined the side of the lake, waiting for tourists to hire them for a cruise down the lake. You can ride these rafts anywhere between 180 to 600 pesos, depending on the package of your choice; you make take the bamboo raft ride with or without food.

My friends and I decided to relish in the view while enjoying our halo-halo and fresh coconut. We were allowed to sit inside one of the parked rafts.

You may refer to the article of ThePinaySoloBackpacker on how to get to Lake Pandin.

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  1. As a citizen of Laguna, I want to thank you Marge for feature the beautiful wonders of our province. San Pablo City can be a monster when you visit the city (pollution, congested streets, dirt- all the children of modernization) but beyond all that chaos there's the real beauty of Laguna.

    I've been to that place when I was a child. It's really nice to see photos of that place again. Ngayon ko lang din nalaman yung Casa San Pablo. It's very neat and cozy.

    Reading this, parang ngayon ko lang narinig ang tungkol sa San Pablo lakes. Minsan talaga you should try looking at your own home province from a different angle and a different point of view para ma-appreciate mo ang iyong pinanggalingan.

    Thanks again Marge!

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