Where To Stay In George Town – House Of Journey Hostel & Guesthouse

My suitcase is small, but it was no fun pulling it along for 750 meters to get to my hostel. I had an option to take a bus, but it only takes a 10-minute walk from the jetty so I figured I should just go on foot. What I didn’t anticipate is how hard it would when you have a suitcase in tow. And so there I was grunting, pulling, lifting my suitcase over uneven surfaces, all the while looking at my map to make sure I was heading in the right direction. I walked the length of Chulia street trying to find Hong Ping Hotel. Behind this hotel, is where you can find the House of Journey hostel & guesthouse.

House of Journey sits in an old heritage structure built in the 1850s. It is not as I was early for my check-in, thus, I went for a quick shower, left my bag in the lobby, and started exploring George Town. I returned sometime in the afternoon, completed my payment for my 3D2N stay, then followed one of the staff as he led me to the 6-bed dorm room. The rate per head is MYR 40 ($9.40 –  ₱483.58) per night.

Not sure if they got a room with an AC, but in my dorm room there are 2 ceiling fans. On my first night, somebody turned off the only fan that could hit my bed; I had a fitful night needless to say. I wonder how it is during summer; I bet the room would be as hot as an oven. The lower bunk beds have curtains, the lockers are small with door panels that are so loose I didn’t trust leaving my valuables there at all. I woke up with a blanket placed neatly beside me, one of the staff probably visited at night to give it to me and found me already sleeping. I wish they could have given it to me as soon as I checked in.

There are many showers and toilets available, so no problem with that. You’d be happy to know that they have a speedy WiFi connection. For breakfast, there are fruits and toast, tea, and one of the best coffee I’ve ever had. Bring your own towel and toiletries (only shower gel is provided) because they don’t provide those. The floors and the walls are made of wood, may not be the place for light sleepers, but carrying earplugs do the trick.

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Check-in time is at 2:00 p.m. and check-out is at 11:00 a.m. They accept volunteers in exchange for a free stay. Best to inquire if you are interested by shooting them an email at houseofjourneyspenang@gmail.com.

I would recommend House of Journey for the following reasons:

  • convenience – it’s right at the heart of Penang George Town historical sites; close to Chulia Street, Love Lane, Little India, and the World UNESCO Heritage area.
  • free breakfast – need I say more
  • rate – cheap but the place is decent
  • cleanliness – they sure maintain the premises clean especially the shower and toilet
  • WiFi – any place that has strong and reliable WiFi is recommendable in my book

I didn’t get to make friends with the other guests (no surprise here), but I did meet someone just when I was leaving the guesthouse.

To book your stay at House of Journey, click here.


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  1. Thanks for a nice description of the house of journey hostel. It seems like a nice place to be in. I also like to have a strong and reliable WiFi connection so that I am able to stay the night.

  2. Ooh, this was the guest house where you met Benjamin Button. 🙂 Your experience dragging the suitcase reminded me of a similar one coming out of a subway looking for my hotel. I walked several kilometers to find it. I had a tiny trolley luggage that was in fact a hand carry size that would easily fit the airplane compartment, but it was in the middle of summer. The pathway was made of cobblestones and the pavements were inclined. The vendors hardly spoke English and were sending me to different directions, I was going around in circles. Luckily I found one person that gave me the correct location. I can definitely relate that it’s no fun walking with a suitcase in tow. That’s really well priced and wow it even includes breakfast.

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