Garden Cafe: A Western-Themed Cafe in Bohol

There used to be a TV series that I watched when I was a kid and I loved it for the sole reason that it had a deaf and mute character. The sign language had me spellbound, I would watch the show and try to mimic the character, picking up as much as I could from each episode. I would then use what I learned when I play with my cousins and siblings. I had a flashback of this time in my childhood when I went to the Garden Café, a Western-themed cafe in Bohol that has deaf and mute people for a staff.

There is a section in the menu that teaches a little bit of sign language that the patrons could use to communicate with the staff. Just as I was about to use it, I realized one of them could hear and speak (#sayang).

garden_cafe_coffeehan (13)

While waiting for our orders to be served, my companions and I indulged in a little exploration of the place. The place is a café and a museum. Tables are on a booth seating arrangement and everywhere you look, there’s some western relics on display, such as a saddle, beaver skull, old lamps, and photos of real-life cowboys.

garden_cafe_coffeehan (14)

garden_cafe_coffeehan (6)

garden_cafe_coffeehan (9)

garden_cafe_coffeehan (2)

garden_cafe_coffeehan (1)

garden_cafe_coffeehan (5)

garden_cafe_coffeehan (8)

We ordered burgers and shakes. The burger here is one of the best food that I’ve ever had in Bohol, in fact, I’d recommend anyone to go to Garden Café if only for their burger. One of my companions loved it so much, she kept talking about it even after we got back to Manila. Regular Burger is only PHP 85 while the Quarter Pounder is PHP 135. For PHP 55 you can enjoy a cup of Brewed Coffee. If you want something cold, they offer fruit shakes. Try the Mango Shake (PHP 85), it’s quite refreshing.

garden_cafe_coffeehan (3)

garden_cafe_coffeehan (12)

garden_cafe_coffeehan (11)

For the burger alone the place is already worth a visit. But more than that, I recommend Garden Cafe because it’s a place that provides equal opportunity for the deaf and mute people.


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  1. Too bad you weren’t able to use sign language, it would have been fun 🙂 The interiors are really cute except for the monobloc chair as it doesn’t go with the theme (or maybe it’s just me) 🙂

  2. We used to come here usually after church when we were still in the Philippines. That was back when the young lady was about 1 to 2. It looked different then. It was the only pizza place in our town at that time.

    Also, back in high school, I remembered me and friends (from the Udlot Youth Art Group) tutored one young panadero from Garden Coffee. He was so good with art.

  3. The basket of bread and old lamps are a nice touch. The garden is pretty. Fresh cup of brewed coffee for 55 pesos is a winner.

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