Batad Pension and Restaurant

Rest is a reward you have to earn if you are spending the night in Batad. In our case, we stayed at Batad Pension and Restaurant, which can be found at the foot of the hill. The place is big and offers an unobstructed view of the Amphitheater Rice Terraces.

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Batad Pension has eight rooms and Ifugao huts. Our group stayed in the two huts that are equipped with a fireplace and adorned with Ifugao decors, utensils, and whatnot.

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This is one of those accommodation where you have to take the good with the bad. To explain it further, let me give you the breakdown of what you can expect if you stay here.

The Good

  • The place is big
  • You may have a taste of Ifugao’s traditional way of living and culture by staying in the Ifugao huts
  • There are many carved, wooden art pieces to check out
  • It offers a great view of the Amphitheater terraces
  • The staff is quite friendly
  • The food they serve, especially the native chicken, is good
  • Bathrooms are equipped with a water heater

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The Bad

  • It’s situated down the hill so getting there can be real challenging and exhausting
  • The bathrooms are dirty
  • The running water gets muddied in the morning
  • The water heater in the bathrooms didn’t work
  • Power outage is frequent
  • I’m not sure about the other rooms, but the huts have no electrical socket
  • The place has weak signal (no FB for you)

batad-pension-house-coffeehan (9)

To be fair the murky water in the morning, the low signal, and the power outage are beyond their control. Also, the water heaters in the bathroom just need to be fixed. But if you are high maintenance, fastidious, and obsessed with the Internet, you may find these little setbacks frustrating. I suggest that you don’t let these things prevent you from enjoying the experience of being in Batad. [Book this room via Agoda]

The staff speaks English well and they are quite friendly. They are always open and willing to engage in lively conversation with their guests.

All in all, I give Batad Pension a 3.5 rating.


Batad Pension and Restaurant
Batad, Banaue, Ifugao
Mobile nos.: (63) 916-4888141/(63) 918-9643368


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  1. As far as I'm concern it's the only thing that needs improvement. I just hope that this review would compel them to keep the restrooms clean.

  2. The restroom gave me the chills!

    Anyways, they offer a great view indeed, it would help if they placed the clothes line somewhere else. It looked like it was blocking the view from what looked like the dining area 🙂

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