Wrong Ramen

Like an omen, the name of the place has ostensibly predicted how I’d find their noodle soup dish (more on this later). Wrong Ramen is a small noodle house located at Bonifacio Global City. The reason behind its quirky name has been pretty much explained in one of the posters that are on display in their store…

“Right Ramen is made by Japanese cooks. Wrong Ramen is made by idiots who think they’re better than Japanese cooks.”

Unlike the popular ramen restaurants, WR is locally established but drew inspiration from three Japanese ramen houses; Ichiran, Butao, and Ramen Jiro (none of which I was able to try). I think I’ve heard about Wrong Ramen before, but it hardly registered in my consciousness. It wasn’t until my best friend, Tina, suggested that we go there on New Year’s day that I recalled the name.

Upon entering we received a perky greeting from the staff. I read from some reviews that the place gets filled with customers quickly so I was surprised to see an empty restaurant (probably because it’s a holiday). First thing that I noticed is its uncomplicated interiors in brown and grey tones. The tables have dividers which can be removed to accommodate customers that came in groups. Each table has chopsticks neatly placed on the corner. But what I found most interesting are the decorative pieces. The humorous posters, the stencils on the glass wall, the Darth Vader action figure by the stairs, and the scrabble board-inspired decors.

wrong_ramen_coffeehan (5)

wrong_ramen_coffeehan (1)

wrong_ramen_coffeehan (4)

wrong_ramen_coffeehan (6)

wrong_ramen_coffeehan (3)

wrong_ramen_coffeehan (12)

Because my pocket has been deeply abused this holiday season, I didn’t order anything save for the ramen. But my friend ordered an appetizer, the Chashu Rice Rolls (PHP 125), so we were able to try something else from the menu. The Chashu is a real winner, devoured in no time by my friend and I.

wrong_ramen_coffeehan (7)

wrong_ramen_coffeehan (10)

wrong_ramen_coffeehan (9)

Tina ordered Sea Men Ramen (PHP 345). The naughty connotation on the name didn’t escape me. Did they actually name it “sea men?” I give WR props for their sense of humor. Anyway, this ramen is heavy in flavor what with all the seafood elements in it, such as clams, squid, and shrimp.

wrong_ramen_coffeehan (8)

I, on the other hand, ordered Tonkotsu Light (PHP 290). I didn’t completely hate the ramen, it’s just that I wasn’t so crazy about it either. The serving is generous and the broth is creamy, but the strong taste of mung bean sprouts ruined it for me. See, I happen to hate mung bean sprouts, in fact, I have a great distaste for lumpiang togue (spring roll). Since the ramen has a generous amount of it, thereby greatly affecting the taste, I had a bit of a hard time appreciating it.

wrong_ramen_coffeehan (11)

This is just me though. If you happen to love mung bean sprouts, there’s no reason for you to not appreciate WR’s noodles. I told Tina that when I go back, I’d probably just request to the waiter to go easy on the sprouts or skip it altogether. Yes, I think it’s premature to give up on WR when I’ve only tried one ramen.

I had “wrong ramen” in my first WR experience. I’m still hopeful though that it would be different next time. For what it’s worth, it wasn’t a bad experience at all, just a case of an excessive dose of sprouts.



I tried the Communist in my second visit and I loved it. This time I specifically asked not to add the sprouts.


Wrong Ramen
Forbestown Rd,
Taguig, Metro Manila
Contact no.: (02) 823 8249
Facebook: Wrong Ramen



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Comments (8)

  1. joy

    Interesting place Marge:)

  2. michymichymoo

    I want to try that place for the longest time! Taralets ulit. hahaha!

    • Marge G
      Marge G

      Sure! I want to try The Communist, someone suggested that it’s the best ramen there.

  3. Zaizai

    So you literally had the wrong ramen at Wrong Ramen 🙂 I haven’t tried any ramen house, if you get to try one worth recommending, please let me know sis!

    Happy 2015! 🙂

    • Marge G
      Marge G

      Yes sis, literally hahaha… Why don’t we visit a ramen house next time? That’s it, that what we should do.

      • LiLi

        Take me too. *sigh. So wrong to drop by here at almost 11 pm. Nakakagutom.

  4. Arni

    Omg, I can’t help drooling at the photos. I can almost taste them. I have a weakness for ramen. I love the wit and quirkiness of this place. Interior design is straightforward as well. I’m marking it in my list of places to visit. Sayang, we’re only in Manila for 2 days, but we should definitely meet when we’re back for good, maybe end of the year? Wait, Sea Men Ramen filled with sprouts? They’re really consistent with the humor. :))

    • Marge G
      Marge G

      Ooh, sayang naman. It’s ok, we can still meet some other time. You like ramen pala, I love ramen too!


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