Wee Nam Kee

I’m not sure if I mentioned this before but I am not too keen on authentic Chinese cuisine. If however the food has been cooked Filipino style then I make an exception. This pretty much explains why by and large, my blog rarely touches Chinese food. Note that I’ve done Italian, French, Indian, and Filipino restaurants on my food and restaurant reviews but never Chinese. Well not until now. Today I place the spotlight on a Chinese resto called Wee Nam Kee, the subject of my most recent food trip with some friends. It is, by the by, one of the food spots in Ayala Triangle, Makati. Yes, I know, we’re back in the triangle, that is because I ain’t done with the place yet.

This happened last October 15. It was a some sort of a forced celebration, the kind you get on with your closest chums, for an accomplishment of a friend, in this case, Alchris. He just got his first paycheck from our “sideline” and we bullied him into treating us; it worked!

Ambiance wise, it’s good; soft yellowish lighting, the color theme play around red, brown, and black, while there is a touch of gold on their walls, decors, and furniture.

We chose Chicken Rice (PHP 40) over the regular one and it was a good call. The rice is moist and tasty, reminds me of the famous green rice of Paotsin. It’s what you would remark as “kanin pa lang ulam na.” It tastes so good, you can do away with viand.

It doesn’t mean though that we didn’t order viands, of course, we did. First on our list, Roast Pork (PHP 220) good for two persons. It’s a given, roast pork is delicious, I wouldn’t say though that there was a little something special with this one. It’s just your regular crispy pata, didn’t taste like it has been marinated in spices prior to frying. I could be wrong though, all I’m saying is it wasn’t exactly remarkable.

This one was a real surprise, Fookien Noodles (PHP 205). One of the dishes that I don’t like cooked in a Chinese way is noodles. There is something about the way they tasted that I couldn’t get myself to appreciate. That’s why I was pleasantly surprised by this one. It has bits of chicken, shrimps, and vegetables. Totally delish and savory. We all loved it.

The scrumptious Small Quarter Chicken (PHP 248) is very moist, tender, and tasteful. It is both sweet and salty and we couldn’t get enough of it.

It’s Lime Juice for our drinks (PHP 55). It is not as strong or as sour as the ones I had before (thank god!). It has just the right amount of sweetness.

If all Chinese food tastes as good as the food at Wee Nam Kee then it might just become my most favorite dish. Like I said I’m not too keen on Chinese cuisine but for Wee Nam Kee, I’ll make an exception.


Wee Nam Kee
Ayala Triangle Walkways, Makati
Facebook: Wee Nam Kee PH




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Comments (4)

  1. Fathercarmona

    I went with my whole family last weekend to Wee Nam Kee. The chicken rice was good, except for the pork asado which was too dry, cereal prawn too pricey. Be prepared for their lousy service, few dishes we ordered was not served but was on the bill. The crew are inexperienced, not deserving of the service charge they add on your bill. I would not come back, lot of places offering good chicken rice with better service.

  2. suituapui

    Ahhhh!!! The name of this place has the same surname as mine. Is it the owner's name? The food looks goooood!!!! The roast pork makes me drool! Yummmm!!!! LOL!!!

  3. U8ypinkcookies

    i wanna try! i miss the authentic chicken rice from SG!

  4. CafeMobility

    i have always been wanting to try this but every time i do, they're always full. grabeh kahit week ends, a time when i expected all people to be at the mall and not at ayala triangle. 🙁


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