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People came and they came hungry, and most probably they left the place with a full stomach what with the wide array of food available in a one-day only food festival, EAT Valero Street last September. And I was among those people.

The event was held at Signa Designer Residences or that beautiful condominium unit that is so beautiful it naturally became the subject of my daily visualization. Anyway, three entities are behind this food fair; Ampersand Collective, Mothership F&B, and The Fat Kid Inside.

eat-valero-street-coffeehan (6)

I came there alone, not sure where to go or what to eat. I was hoping to see familiar faces, fellow bloggers to be more specific, but I think 11 AM was too early. Because I was part of the VIP list, I was able to take home some McCormick products, which is one of the sponsors of the event. It got me excited of course because I honestly love McCormick. It started when I got invited in a McCormick event in 2012 where I was able to try their products.

Some of the participating food establishments (a.ka. those that I wanted to try but wasn’t able to) that I spotted were Snack Box, Baits, Sugar Babies, Bald Baker, Sweet Ecstasy, and The Juice Stand.

eat-valero-street-coffeehan (16)

eat-valero-street-coffeehan (17)

eat-valero-street-coffeehan (18)

eat-valero-street-coffeehan (10)eat-valero-street-coffeehan (2)

eat-valero-street-coffeehan (1)

There were also those that were familiar to me (a.ka. those that I tried in the past), such as Cupcakes by Sonja, Scarsdale, Sabao, and French Baker. [Read: Review of Cupcakes by Sonja]

eat-valero-street-coffeehan (7)

eat-valero-street-coffeehan (8)

There were none-food participants too like the one that sells customized aprons, Aprons by Elle + Ken and the one that sells decorative plants, Space Garden.

eat-valero-street-coffeehan (3)

eat-valero-street-coffeehan (5)

Of course, I didn’t leave without eating. Here’s what I tried:

Bao (PHP 50) from Sabao, available in pork, sisig, chicken, and mochiko (breaded chicken) flavors. It also a dinuguan version for PHP 65. Because I love sisig, it’s what I ordered. I wasn’t too happy about it to tell you honestly, because the taste is a bit flat, both the bun and the sisig. Maybe I should have just ordered the other bestseller, dinuguan.

eat-valero-street-coffeehan (14)

eat-valero-street-coffeehan (20)

I also had Seafood Pad Thai (PHP 180) and Sambal Egg (PHP 25) from Pink Panda. These two I really enjoyed because they were delicious. If you love kwek kwek like me then you will have no trouble liking Sambal Egg, it’s basically the soshal version of it.

eat-valero-street-coffeehan (12)

eat-valero-street-coffeehan (19)

Unfortunately, it was just a one-day event. Let’s all hope for a repeat. Maybe make it a weekend thing?


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Comments (15)

  1. Sam

    I was there last last Friday as a Zomato foodie! Hope to write about my faves soon 🙂

  2. bluedreamer27

    what an interesting tummy-fulfilling event here.. I find that Bao especially the one filled with diniguan really interesting.. it seems like you no longer need to match puto with diniguan because you can have them both in one eating na through this dinuguan-filled bao.. and the price is really affordable.. i wonder san kaya ang Sabao
    I’m pretty sure you had a blast here
    thanks for sharing

  3. miss happy feet
    miss happy feet

    the food here looks so tempting. I am sure they taste delicious too! Always wanna go to the , i hope i’ll be there one day.

  4. Yami

    Decorative plants is intereting. I got an idea on my next event. Hehe! Attending this kind of event is a nice activity. ☺

  5. Maerose JS
    Maerose JS

    Yay! I miss streetfoods. Most edible stuff here in Norway are in individual stores, and you might glance upon a cart or two selling pancakes and sausages. I miss the authentic Asian street food trips! Looks like you really enjoyed the one-day festival. Never heard of it, but if they’re going to hold one here in Scandinavia, I’d love to go!

  6. Dorothy Mae C. Torretijo
    Dorothy Mae C. Torretijo

    Wow!! All food are mouthwatering!! Hope I could also experience this event soon. Thank you for sharing xx

  7. ariane

    This post made me hungry haha. So sad the event only lasted one day. When’s the next one? 🙂

  8. Melissa

    Waaaa! I would love to try that Bao! All the food looks yummy. How is this event only one day?? Huhu. 🙁

  9. Cai Dominguez
    Cai Dominguez

    It’s near our office, I wish I paid them a visit. Seeing seafood pad thai made me really hungry. Awww I’m missing Thai food now! Ahhaha

  10. Sheri

    So much food to try out, it all looks so delicious! Thanks for sharing

  11. fred erick
    fred erick

    Wow!! i love events like this. I wanna try new variety of foods. i hope they will do this again this year so i can attend. thanks for sharing

  12. Stargazer Writes
    Stargazer Writes

    Wow! Look at all those food! They are affordable and they all looked delicious. I would certainly have fun as well if I were there. You are so lucky!


    Interesting. I rarely go to Valero but the next time I do, I hope I could chance upon this in the future. It would be nice to pick up some food, walk around while slowly eating during a break.

  14. jeng del rosario
    jeng del rosario

    intertesting dear.. I was actually supposed to go.. but things happen.. hihihi I see you got a picture of cy… the bald baker.. I hoped you were able to try out his cookies… hmmmm 😀 😀 😀 also sana the burgers!!!! hihihi sorry … na stress ako kasi i wasnt able to try them out LOL … 😀 cheers

  15. Arni

    This looks uber fun! Both visually and for the palate. Hope they do this again.


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