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Travel Bug Series 11 – Jerny Destacamento

I’ve gotten bad with laptops, I mean mine gets always infected with viruses that I had to reformat them a few times (yes I can be stupid). In those few times, a friend saved my ass because first, he is an IT, second, he is genuinely a nice person. And because he is really nice, his kindness tends to be abused by some people (myself included hehe…), but I hope to return the favor by telling the world about him. Incidentally, he is also a travel blogger and he chronicles his adventures in his blog, The Jerny (you know, journey sounds like Jerny, gets? lol). Meet our Travel Bug Series feature number 11, Jerny Destacamento.


Please introduce yourself

Hi guys! My name is Jerny; yes, that’s my name. People would often sing “What a journey it has been…” because they thought it’s how my name is spelled, but no. No worries though, it sounds the same.

When and why did you decide to put up your blog, The Jerny?

My blog (The Jerny) started this year, January of 2016. I put it up for the purpose of reminding myself of my whereabouts, what has happened, what went through the journey I had that time, and also for the future that when I get old and unable to travel, I would read my stories that I’m sure would bring back memories and smile to my face. I love traveling solo as well as with friends and most of all with my girlfriend.

Why do you travel?

I travel because I love meeting new places. I am always excited to look for new adventures being an adventure junkie that I am. Excited to meeting the place I have never been to. Traveling puts a smile on my face and a sense of excitement to my being. It is also my way of keeping stress away from my life.

You are fairly new to blogging, do you take inspiration from other bloggers?

Yes! I have these Lakbaykada friends who are bloggers and I love their contents. My blog was supposed to be up by 2015, but I was still undecided that time until I found my friends who encouraged me to create a blog with a content of my own.

How do you find blogging so far?

I am enjoying it. I love writing. I used to write poems during my school days. Blogging is documenting what you feel, what you experience, similar to poetry, but consists of long phrases and words. It’s fulfilling.

You like to take DIY trips, how do you compare it with organized tours?

DIY trips are a far better experience than taking an organized one. In DIY traveling, you only have yourself as the main culprit and you have no one to turn especially on bad days or when something went wrong in the itinerary. It was also a way of getting more experience and be familiar with the routes and roads in your destination. It’s also cheaper than organized ones. Organized tours aren’t that bad, there are times I took tours too because I am tired of making an itinerary and conducting research so I just let those guys take me where they should take me.

What is the most daring thing  you’ve ever done while traveling?

Skinny-dipping, I guess? Hahaha! Yeah, it was on my solo trip in Cagbalete. There was no one near where I went for a swim and this idea just popped in my head and I decided to take my clothes off and sunbathe in the warm sun. It was fun, I hope I could do it again, hehehe.

When you are preparing for a trip, are you looking for something to do specifically or do you like to play it by ear?

here was a time when I was in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia that I was bored in the city and I did not want to go somewhere very far because my flight is coming near. So I decided to just go for a little swim and dip myself somewhere cold because it was scorching hot. It wasn’t on my itinerary and I am very glad I did it. The most fun trips are spontaneous and I’m sure people will love that too.

What are you hoping to achieve in your blog?

Readers. Enough readers to read my stories. Other than that, I also want it to be just a diary of my travels and read them in the future. I also would like to help people reach their destination in the cheapest way possible as a backpacker and introduce the places I have been to them.

How often do you travel like say, in a month?

Depends on the budget and time. There was a time that I get to travel 4-7x a month, a series of weekdays and fully booked on weekends for more than two months. If only I was solo traveling, I might have been to anywhere during my day offs. But as of now, only 2-4 times a month.

How do you balance work and your love for traveling?

Work in the weekdays and travels on the weekends. It’s the only thing I can do being a person with a shift at night.

What is your must-have item when traveling?

My wallet. My food and place to stay are dependent on that, lol! I can live and travel with no phones or cameras, it’s just that I wouldn’t be able to document or take photos of them if I don’t have them, but it’s okay. Traveling is more than just photos.

What is your non-negotiable term when traveling?

I hate being late especially on DIY trips. The bus won’t wait for me, the jeepney won’t wait for me, the plane won’t wait for me unless they are all delayed.

Where are you off to next?

To Calaguas, this June 18-19! My ticket was a prize that I won from a raffle during our first meetup with the old traveling group. My luck was there! Hehe…

Any traveling tips you want to impart to our readers?

Keep traveling. If you want to look for yourself, then travel. If you want to escape from the reality of the office, travel. If you want to move on, then travel. If you want to meet new friends, then travel – solo. If you want to relax, just travel. It will keep you sane, even when you feel like losing yourself, you can them back together because your love for traveling will get your whole self back to you.

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Comments (6)

  1. Andi

    Mr. IT ka pala Jerny. Mr. Dragon Nest 🙂

  2. Sheena

    How to be part of your Travel Bug series? Haha 🙂

  3. Arni

    I enjoyed reading the interview. He sounds like an excellent traveling buddy or the kind of friend you enjoy listening to with his travel stories over drinks.

  4. Jerny

    Wooohooo! Travel bug series number 11 is up!
    Thanks Marge for featuring me! iShare na dapat ito sa lalong madaling panahon! bwaahaha!
    I hope my posts will contribute good to the society and to the place where I have been!

  5. lorlyn landrito
    lorlyn landrito

    Wow love all your answer Jerny. Yes it’s true if your bored : travel If you want to meet new group of friends :travel Solo. Love all your pictures.

    • Jerny

      Opo Ate Lor. Traveling is your best medicine for loneliness. 😀


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