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Lately, I’ve grown an obsession on Google Spreadsheets. I have a sheet for my travel itinerary, a sheet that tracks my day to day workout, a trix that monitors the participants in the blog threads of my Facebook blog (Circle of Travel Bloggers), a trix for all the French words and phrases that I am trying to learn, etc. If I could write this blog on a Google Sheets I probably would, that’s how crazy I am with this G Suite tool. And then lately I’ve come up with another way to use it by creating a file that records the page views of all the posts that I’ve published here on Coffeehan. Yes, I can find weird ways to make use of my free time. And it’s because of this latest foray into the G Sheet that I was able to come up with this new topic. I was able to find the most viewed as well as the least popular articles in my blog. This covers the period 2010 to 2017. Yes, my blog is old, it’s turning 7 years old this August. From the results, I have come up with the lists and I thought of sharing the results with you today.

Before we dissect the lists, a few thoughts… First of all, I am not certain as to why these articles are popular to my readers in the same way I am not sure why some did not fare so well. A friend suggested that it has something to do with SEO. She does have a point, SEO after all affects how a post will appear in organic search. The reason I am not fully convinced though is because the results are not consistent on my blog. In fact, my top 1 article has a Bad score on Readability and an OK score on SEO based on Yoast. Moreover, it didn’t have a lot of tags that would assist in its search-ability index. On the other hand, I have many articles with perfect SEO scores, yet the views didn’t even go beyond 100.

I am likewise unsure about the hand of social media on this because there are posts that I heavily promoted yet fared poorly on page views, but there are articles that I hardly shared to people yet they did so well. I am sure there’s a good explanation for this, I just haven’t figured it out yet. Anyway, let’s get on to the lists. I divided them into different categories and picked the top 10 posts for each one. Ranking goes from 10 to 1, with #1 as the most popular.

Most Popular Posts

Category aside, these are the 10 articles with the most number of views.

10. The Day I Became a Guest Reviewer on Pop Talk

About: A summary of what happened on the day that I shot an episode with Pop Talk as one of their guest reviewers. Pop Talk is a TV show that reviews restaurants, hotels, and adventures.
Year published: 2016
Page Views: 1,961

9. What to expect on Tour A in El Nido Palawan

About: A showcase of islands that are covered in the Tour A in El Nido.
Year published: 2015
Page Views: 2,083

8. What to Eat at Universal Studios Japan

About: Not sure about which food to try when you go to the Universal Studios Japan? Here’s an article that shows just that.
Year published: 2016
Page Views: 2,115

7. Conquering Mt. Mabilog

About: A story of our climbing adventure on Mt. Mabilog in Laguna.
Year published: 2015
Page Views: 2,418

6. Staycation For Two At Guijo Suites

About: A review of Guijo Suites, plus a blog giveaway.
Year published: 2015
Page Views: 2,704

5. That Little Vigan Called Las Casas Filipinas de Acuzar

About: A review of this 18th-century themed heritage accommodation in Bataan.
Year published: 2015
Page Views: 2,911

4. A Gloomy Walk to the Smokey Mountain

About: A sad account of our volunteering activity in this notorious slum area in Tondo.
Year published: 2015
Page Views: 2,962

3. Dream Land Beach Cottages – El Nido Palawan

About: A review of this beach-front but cheap accommodation in El Nido.
Year published: 2015
Page Views: 3,058

2. Sundang Island – Your Island For A Day

About: A review of an accommodation on a small island in Cavinti, Laguna, which people can book/rent via Air Bnb.
Year published: 2015
Page Views: 4,530

1. First Solo Travel In El Nido Palawan

About: An account of my first ever solo travel.
Year published: 2016
Page Views: 4,684

Top Features on Travel Bug Series

Curious about the most viewed people on my Travel Bug series? Here’s the list.

10. Travel Bug Series: Arni Nauleau

9. Travel Bug Series 3: Karan Grace Ballon

8. Travel Bug Series 10: Darlene Mae Madrid

7. Travel Bug Series 2: Michelle Melo

6. Travel Bug Series 7: Jonathan Espiña

5. Travel Bug Series 8: Erwin Manalad

4. Travel Bug Series 1: Cai Dominguez

3. Travel Bug Series 5: Potpot Pinili

2. Travel Bug Series 6: Kris White

1. Travel Bug Series 4: Laurie Ann Legaspi

Top Stories: Travel

For the travel category, here are the articles that gained the most number of readers.

10. The Not so New Story of a Mekong River Cruise

9. A Weekend Solo Travel Guide to San Juan, La Union

8. 7 Tips To Conquer Fear Of Flying

7. Tips To Enjoy LaBoracay

6. Why It’s Hard to Camp at Mt. Gulugud Baboy

5. How to Avoid Offending the Monks at Vĩnh Tràng Temple

4. 8 Adventures to Experience in the Philippines

3. What to expect on Tour A in El Nido Palawan

2. Conquering Mt. Mabilog

1. First Solo Travel In El Nido Palawan

Top Stories: Food

I post travel articles most of the time, but Coffeehan started out as a food blog. Here are the top 10 stories under this category.

10. Valero EAT Street

9. Tweedle Book Cafe

8. A Blast Of Spanish Cuisine at Alqueria


7. Bring Back That Old Feeling At Filling Station Bar

6. An Exclusive First Look at LoLa Café’s New Menu

5. A Fusion of Italian and Spanish Cuisine at Toni and Sergio

4. A Showcase of New Dishes at Hotel Rembrandt The Lobby

3. Yumchee Raises the Bar in the Fastfood Scene

2. Forced Healthy Eating in Vietnam

1. What to Eat at Universal Studios Japan

Least Popular Posts

And here’s the list of the 10 articles with the least number of views. Note that these articles were published either this year or the latter part of 2016, which may explain why they don’t rank well. I’m leaving them here for promotion, hoping that you, my dear readers, would give them a chance.

10. Villa Caridad Hotel – The neglected resort in Quirino that I’d still recommend, here’s why

9. The Curator – Coffee and Cocktails

8. Plank Sourdough Pizza Review

7. Beefy’s that Burger Place Worth Traveling all the way to Nuvali

6. Cafe Central, a Lovely Cafe at the Heart of Pub Street

5. Travel Packing Made Easy with Bagail Packing Cubes

4. KKK Coffee: A Nod to a Revolution

3. Restock Curiosities – The Ever Changing Art Cafe

2. 7 World Heritage Sites You’ll Love to Visit in Asia

1. Summer Siren Festival 2017 – A Night of Friends, Booze, and Music

Personal Favorite 

And I’d like to end this article with the list of my personal favorite. Like if you ask me, which articles in this blog that I want people to read, these are the posts that I’d recommend. Here they are in no particular order:


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  1. Jerny

    One more month to go Marge, Coffeehan will be 7 years old. May paparty ba? haha! 7 is a lucky number (7 years old is usually given a great value – age, anniversary, etc)! Sundang Island is my personal favorite here among all your posts. Because I really would love an Island of my own (even just for a day)!

    • Marjorie Gavan
      Marjorie Gavan

      Thanks Jerny. Nope, wala namang bonggang celebration kasi busy ako hahaha…

  2. michymichymoo

    Happy Anniversary, Marge! 🙂 Sorry for the not commenting often but know that I’m always checking your IG stories. Hihi. Your post about your brother is my favorite, btw. I miss you and hope to see you soon!


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