Seriously Though, It’s Serious Dough

Serious Dough (SD) is one of the stalls that can be found in what I perceived to be as the most soshal food hall there is, Hole in the Wall.

Originally, SD offered one whole pizza to their customers. For some reason, the customers don’t finish them. Maybe the principle in that pizza joke comes into play? You know, the person doesn’t want his pizza to be sliced into 8 instead of 6 because he may not be able to finish it? Okay, just read the screenshot below.


So they decided to offer them in slices instead and apparently it did the trick because more people are buying now. Sliced or not, I would have eaten these pizza because they are really good. For me this is saying a lot because when I have little to no sleep, my sense of taste is significantly reduced, yet despite my zombie taste the pizza, especially the 4-cheese was able to dance and please my taste buds.

Chef Steve is very proud of their 4-Cheese pizza that he said it has a fighting chance to be considered as the best 4-cheese pizza there is. I wouldn’t say that it is the best 4-Cheese pizza I’ve ever had but I have to agree with Chef Steve, it delicious enough to be compared with the best. I found it savory even when my palate was stunted, what more if I ate it in my fully awake state.

I liked how they put different pizza flavors together like they were pieces of a puzzle, it made for a good looking presentation I must say.

Other pizza flavors available are Pepperoni, Italian Stallion, Supreme Commander, Mushroom Spinach Ricotta, and T-Rex. Some of them go for PHP 200 (USD 4.24) a slice, others go for PHP 250 (USD 5.30). Pretty expensive for a slice but then again, the slice is fairly big and they are delicious so I’m willing to compromise.

Then there’s the pasta. We were served two of them. First is the Spinach Ricotta Cannelloni. If you’re not familiar with cannelloni, it’s a cylindrical pasta that is usually stuffed with a filling, in this case, spinach and fresh ricotta. The pasta is big, about 1 inch if I remember it right, that I wondered for a moment if I was eating pasta or a sandwich (lol). Please forgive my ignorance, I’ve never eaten a cannelloni before.

I am more of a red sauce pasta person so I liked the Spaghetti & Meatballs. It is made with marinara sauce, meatballs, mornay sauce, parmesan, and fresh basil.

For drinks we had mocktails (the clear one tastes better), while some of the guys had pale ale.

I thought we were done already when they started serving us with this weird looking waffle that looks like bubble wrap. It’s the eggettes of Milk Trade and they were served with steamed milk. Click my short review of it on Looloo here

After all that eating, I was almost in a coma. I mean who wouldn’t be? Serious Dough reminded me that some food is seriously worth staying up for.


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Comments (4)

  1. Tina and Jimmy
    Tina and Jimmy

    Serious Dough to my hearts content! love pizza and the best part about it for is that when you get it by the slice you can mix and max since I’m so indecisive 🙂 It is a little pricey I suppose, But in all aspect from living in the US most of my life the price is equivalent and for really good pizza it would be worth it!

  2. Carola

    4 cheese pizza is my favorite!! Now I really need to put this restaurant on my bucket list. Whenever I order pizza, I almost always eat the 4 cheese pizza! It’s just delicious. But I must say I love the idea of different pizza flavors together as well!

  3. Zwitsy

    whoah, that’s pretty much expensive for just a slice but if its taste isn’t what you get from other pizza shops, then the price is reasonable then. I hope they’ll expand their business in provinces as well.

  4. Kerr Quevedo
    Kerr Quevedo

    So pricey but looks so yummy. Soshal talaga hahaha Sana pumunta sila here in Cebu para may matambayan ako. LOL

    But seriously though, they look like they’re raising the bar higher in the name of pizza. I like your flatlays!



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