Santino’s Grill

Our Coron host, Tezz (Patrik & Tezz Guesthouse) said that if we want to treat ourselves to some good food, Santino’s Grill is the place to go. She swears by it, said that it offers the best baby back ribs in town. In truth, I had forgotten all about this suggestion until a tricycle driver took us to the place when we were looking for a place to dine.

The place is popular, according to the trike driver and we soon learned why. To begin, the place has a good native-themed interiors; wooden chairs, tables, and dividers, ethnic carvings and figures, lanterns that emit soft yellow glow, rattan blinds, native curtains with shell inserts, and the roof made of nipa.


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The interior is just icing on the cake. The food here is delectable, a little steep but so worth every penny. For starters, let me present to you what I ordered, Baby Back Ribs With Fries. It’s huge, meaty, juicy, savory, and more than I could handle. In fact, I shared some chunks with my companions because I couldn’t finish it alone. One has a choice to have it with fries or mashed potato. Since I am no mashed potato person I chose fries, which turned out to be a mistake. The fries weren’t as tasty as I expected. It’s like the cook had forgotten the wonders of salt. But the mashed potato, that’s another story.


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The reason I am not a fan of Mashed Potato is because they are generally bland, so there were only two recipes that passed to my liking: the one from Red Ribbon and the one that a friend of mine makes. SG’s version managed to make its way to that exclusive list. This puffy, creamy, yellow piece of heaven is oh so delicious. And it’s a big serving too so I was able to get some from my friends.


santino's-grill-coron-coffeehan (6)


Here’s something that I didn’t try because I didn’t want to; Seaweed Salad or what we call locally as lato.


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One of my companions also ordered ribs, but hers was of beef. I noticed that this one was meatier than my order.


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Kebab is delicious too, but it tastes better with the soy sauce.


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Then there’s Sizzling Chicken topped with mushroom and cream with carrot, peas, and corn on the side.


santino's-grill-coron-coffeehan (7)


Sizzling Pork Chop, according to my friend is just “Okay, nothing special.”


santino's-grill-coron-coffeehan (8)


Grilled Tuna Panga is really good too, the meat is tender and thick and hey that’s tuna, you can never go wrong with tuna.


santino's-grill-coron-coffeehan (13)


I hope I made your mouth water this time. As you may have noticed I wasn’t too happy in my last two posts so I hope my enthusiasm about Santino’s Grill gets you excited about visiting it too. SG is one of the best things that we found in Coron and if you ever get to that part of the Philippines, I highly recommend you include it in your itinerary.


Santino’s Grill
37 National Highway, Tagumpay
Coron, Palawan


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