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That night I was donned in high-low black dress, white bejeweled strappy high heels, and I brought my orange purse. I curled my locks, painted my lips red, and wore an expensive perfume. I looked every bit a woman who is about to meet a man for a night of romantic rendezvous… only I wasn’t. That night I was with my good friend, Imee and since we picked a swanky place for our Christmas dinner, we thought we should dress the part. The posh place in question? Sala Bistro in Greenbelt.

Sala Bistro is one of those restaurants I used to gawk at whenever I passed by that part of Greenbelt. Translation: it’s not something I could afford to visit whenever I like. They serve wine, the place glowed under faint lighting, the patrons are of the wealthy side, and the price of the food is heart-attack inducing. The staff are dressed well, prompt, and spoke in English. Good thing I was dressed well to conceal my real identity, hahaha…

It takes some time for the food to be served, but they give you complimentary bread so you won’t die in your seat waiting for your order.


We also ordered a glass of white wine called, Pebble Lane Gisborne Chardonnay (PHP420, gulp!). It is sweet at first sip, a little citrusy but leaves a bitter aftertaste. It took me a while to appreciate the taste because I’ve developed an aversion for wine after a night of intoxication and a terrible hangover that lasted for days. But one of my resolutions is to learn how to drink wine again so I pushed through it. Further into the night, I’ve grown to like it.

The names on the menu made me feel like they were written in Sanksrit, so I asked the waiter for their bestseller. He said that one of their most popular dishes is the Casarecce Pasta (PHP 560). I took his word for it. It wasn’t aesthetically pleasing, but it tasted good. It’s one of those pasta dishes that is on the salty side.


My friend, on the other hand, had Spaghettini (PHP 590), a seafood pasta. It is sour and salty, a bit spicy, and the taste of herbs was intense. I liked it better than the Casarecce.


For desserts, we shared a slice of Chocolate Tart (PHP 290). It’s basically a brownie with a scoop of vanilla ice cream. The presentation was good, but there was nothing special about it.


I had Cappuccino (PHP 120), which was nice and frothy.


In conclusion, Sala Bistro is a nice place, good ambiance, patrons dress well to impress, it’s quiet, and the staff look and speak well. Indeed, it is a perfect place for a quiet dinner with friends, family, or most especially, with a special someone. The place imbibes a romantic atmosphere and the food is okay, what’s not to love?

I will tell you what’s not to love, the price. Though it is beautiful I believe that the food is ridiculously overpriced. For one, a 400 ml bottle of Viva is already 90 bucks. So for drinks I suggest you take the flavored ones, because really, if you are going to pay that much, at least make it something worthy. If you want water and you’re not picky, just ask for tap water.

The food is not at all bad, but I’m not going to jump up and down about it either. I’ve had great-tasting pasta before for half the price of what we had here. I think Sala Bistro is one of those places where what you are really paying for is the ambiance, rather than the food. I give them A for food presentation, but for the taste, it’s a B.

Still I liked the experience, if only for the fact that I shared it with a good friend and we had an opportunity to be served like we were royals.

The damage? It’s PHP 2, 919.29, inclusive of the tax and service charge. Yes, I think I just had a little heart attack.



Sala Bistro
G/F Greenbelt 3
Ayala Center, Makati
Contact no.: (02) 729-4888
Business Hours: Monday-Thursday & Sunday – 11AM – 11PM
Friday – Saturday – 11AM – 12AM


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Comments (16)

  1. Gracie

    Mahal man dito sa bansang kinalalagyan ko, mahal pa din sa tingin ko yang kinainan mo haha. Bakit? Kasi pwede namang lutuin sa bahay, makakamura ka na comfortable ka pa sa bahay. Dami pang sobra. E sa resto, pangalan ang binabayaran mo tsaka amenities nila kaya mahal. Pero bet ko pasta, looks yummy.

  2. akoysi MEcoy
    akoysi MEcoy

    kala ko magastos na ko sa nangyari sakin kahapon, no match pala ko dito hahaha,
    well wala namang masama iindulge ang sarili once in a while

  3. Arni @ Travel Gourmande
    Arni @ Travel Gourmande

    Too bad most of the food didn't hit the mark. Nice interior though especially with the Christmas Tree.

  4. Marjorie G
    Marjorie G

    Really? And here I thought I spent too much, hahaha…

  5. Marjorie G
    Marjorie G

    Filipino food is still the best for me Ate Joy.

  6. Marjorie G
    Marjorie G

    Like I said, it's A for presentation.

  7. Alchris Mendoza
    Alchris Mendoza

    I stare a little longer at those photos, the pasta in particular. And they suggest that the pasta is oil-based… If it really is, it looks great and must taste great as well. But I'll take your words for it. The B grade.

    Also, I'd have to agree about the price. Cannot spend an amount, which can keep my stomach full for more than two weeks already, just for one glorious dinner experience. Unless maybe it's for a very special kind of event.

  8. CheeNee

    not bad for the price, compare the food here in uae.. di na nga masarap, mahal pa..

  9. Joy

    Nice experience though:) me, I am craving for pinoy foods:)

  10. michymichymoo

    YOLO! If you want a whole bottle of Pebble Lane (you know, just to relax), I can hook you up with the dealer. 😉

  11. Marjorie G
    Marjorie G

    Yeah, as they say, “you only die once” so you might as well look good hahaha…

  12. Marjorie G
    Marjorie G

    You mean to say this is still cheap? Grabe haha…

  13. Hi! I am LiLi!
    Hi! I am LiLi!

    I don't remember ordering pasta sa mga food trips namin ng family. Though I love eating pasta pero feel ko lang di ako nabubusog. The pasta you ordered looks good. The spaghatenni looks dry,

    I converted the presyo to dolyar and I realize mas mura talaga sa atin.

  14. yccos

    habang binabasa ko, nicocompute ko eh..hahaha.. You deserve it, so hell with heart attack,… and even if you die that night because of heart attack, it would have been in a glamorous outfit, in a posh place! hehehe.. Stay fab!


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