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Rockwell’s 2nd Ultimate Taste Test

There is something you should know about me; I eat a lot but I don’t gain a lot of weight. That is because I get stuffed easily, like a person who underwent a bariatric surgery. It means I am not an ideal person to attend a food fair but hell… who is there to stop me?! So I went to the Rockwell’s 2nd Ultimate Taste Test (UTT). I learned of this two-day event from Anton Diaz’s blog, Our Awesome Planet. It was held from September 15 to 16 at the Rockwell Tent in Makati with an admission fee of PHP585.

Just like in WOFEX, joining me in this gastronomic adventure is Rhoda. She didn’t want to come along at first, good thing she changed her mind. I wouldn’t mind attending a food fair alone but I don’t think it’d be as interesting or as enjoyable as having a friend around. I mean who would perform the Heimlich maneuver on me if I go on my own right?

rockwells-2nd-ultimate-taste-test-coffeehan (10)

We got our ticket online and paid it thru BDO over-the-counter transaction. We went to the event on its first day, reaching the venue at around 1PM. After showing our printed ticket to the receptionist, we signed their attendance sheet. We were each given a pen with an orange necklace, a food tray, and this score sheet they called, passport.

This is the passport/score sheet. This is what we presented to the concessionaires in exchange for free taste of their products. This is also where we logged our ratings for each food that we tasted. Below is how the scoring system works:

1 – Thanks, but it could be better.
2 – It’s okay.
3 – We had a good time!
4 – I love it!
5 – Awesome! I would recommend it!

I came to the event with an empty stomach but even that wasn’t enough to prepare me for the amount of food we had to try in one day. Imagine, there were over 40 concessionaires who joined this year’s UTT. There were so many foods to sample, Rhoda and I had to make five rounds just to cover everything. Each time we filled our tray, I took a picture.

This is what we had during the first round: mushroom pie from Baked by Anita, green tea and chocolate mousse mochis from Mochi Sweets, coconut and pomegranate frozen yogurt from Pinkberry, sandwich from The Cheesesteak Shop, shake from Saint Alps, gourmet chocolate mousse and a cookie from Blue Toque, dark chocolate chia truffle from Sugar Leaf, and a piece of chicken and chocolate buchi from Chow Fun.

rockwells-2nd-ultimate-taste-test-coffeehan (9)

I was already stuffed by the second round… yeah, loser me. On my tray were a cup of Thai coffee from Khao Shong, a piece of cake from Sugarhouse, superfruit sorbet from New Zealand Ice Cream, a pizza pocket from Panzarotti, small servings of corned beef and beef belly from the Hillside Ranch, cappuccino-flavored taho from Mang Pedro, and isaw and a piece of kebab from Gigabyte Kebab.

rockwells-2nd-ultimate-taste-test-coffeehan (4)

I was done for by the third round. Some foods on this tray I wasn’t able to finish: pandesal with Angus corned beef from The Plaza, aligue rice from Kusina ni Reyes, a cup of vanilla latte macchiato from Nescafe Dolce Gusto, angus tapa from Skew U, empanada from Maria’s Laoag Ilocos Empanada, red velvet cookie from Bake Buddy, and carrot cake from Everyday Mom.

rockwells-2nd-ultimate-taste-test-coffeehan (3)

Rhoda and I took a little break to make room for more food. On our fourth round I had chocolate-flavored treat from Frozen Custard, a piece of green tea cheesecake from Moshi Moshi, half a piece of Vigan empanada from Mac’s, a piece of chicken wing from HKR, Nutella rocks by Baked Bites by ABC, three different flavors of chicken wings from Chief Wings, and Swiss cheese-flavored ice cream from Masatami.

rockwells-2nd-ultimate-taste-test-coffeehan (12)

In our fifth and last round I had a piece of milk chocolate with hazelnut chips and dark chocolate with coffee cream filling from Villa del Conte, a scoop of Frisch Liquor Ice Cream (Russian Winter flavor), and street food from Showbiz Isaw.

rockwells-2nd-ultimate-taste-test-coffeehan (4)

It’d take me a lifetime if I make a review of each food that we tasted so let me just share to you those that left a great impression on me.

Let’s begin with the Mochi Sweets. Aside from the fact that the guy who attended this stall is cute, it was memorable because their mochis are so delicious. I rated it 5 and in my opinion it is the best dessert I’ve ever tried in the UTT.

rockwells-2nd-ultimate-taste-test-coffeehan (5)

The woman who accommodated us from Carlo’s Kitchen was bubbly and friendly. She was also quite confident about their product and even told us to rate them 5. When I tasted their chicharon I knew she had the right to demand such high a mark because I tell you this has got to be the best tasting chicharon I’ve ever tasted!

rockwells-2nd-ultimate-taste-test-coffeehan (13)

Can you guess what kind of pink concoction is in the picture below? Not strawberry, not cherry, and not it’s not tomato. This sweet and refreshing pink liquid is made from sweet potato leaves or in Tagalog, talbos ng kamote, fancy that! This is one of the products of Bayani Crew.

rockwells-2nd-ultimate-taste-test-coffeehan (6)

Pizza pockets or what I like to call as empanada pizza is from Mamalou’s Kitchen’s Panzarotti. It goes well with their blue cheese cream.

rockwells-2nd-ultimate-taste-test-coffeehan (14)

Fruit Garden‘s jams are presented in these cute glass jars. They tasted real good especially the strawberry flavor.

rockwells-2nd-ultimate-taste-test-coffeehan (8)

For chocolate lovers, I highly recommend these Italian chocolates of Villa del Conte.

rockwells-2nd-ultimate-taste-test-coffeehan (11)

These weird looking ice cream are from Masatami shave ice. The one on the left is their peanut flavor while the white one is the Swiss cheese. Among all the cold treats we tried in this event, Masatami is the best. Of the two, the Swiss cheese is more delicious. It was so good, I was able to finish it even when my stomach was already bursting from all the foods that we had.

rockwells-2nd-ultimate-taste-test-coffeehan (2)

That wraps our one-day food fest adventure. We ate to our hearts content and got so full, we were practically limping as we left the venue. Kudos to the organizers of UTT and all business entrepreneurs who joined. ’til the next UTT!



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Comments (23)

  1. Marge G
    Marge G

    It is indeed a lot of fun 🙂

  2. John Ray Cabrera
    John Ray Cabrera

    the last time i was at the UTT was wayback 2010, but it was a good experience nonetheless.

  3. joy

    Wow, dami pagkain. Kung ako punta dyan, di ko siguro matikman lahat. Dami mga bagong pagkain na d ko pa natikman before. Hay , ka miss mga food dyan.
    Anyway, thanks for visiting and by the way, you are so lovely:)

  4. Marge G
    Marge G

    Sulit talaga, sobra pa nga eh hehe…

  5. Marge G
    Marge G

    Oo girl you should go next time.

  6. Marge G
    Marge G

    Haha… sorry, nahiya kasi ako sayo. Pag makita kita sa isang blogger event minsan I will definitely say hi 🙂

  7. richiez168

    I'm still tampo you didn't say hi! hehe kidding

  8. michymichymoo

    Too bad I didn't go. Next time punta talaga ako, swear! 🙂

  9. Christian | Lakad Pilipinas
    Christian | Lakad Pilipinas

    ang daming food!!!! sulit na sulit yung 500++ na fee i guess 🙂

  10. anney

    Invited dyan yung sister kong food blogger sinasama nga ako. Di namn din sya nakapunta kasi umulan ng malakas e takot mabaha. hehe!

  11. Marge G
    Marge G

    Masarap yung pork belly diba. Tuwang-tuwa nga kami ni Rhoda, malasa and not too greasy.

  12. Glenn Tabarejos
    Glenn Tabarejos

    This looks fun! Sa lahat ng yan yung Crispy Pork Belly pa lang ang natikman ko yung Carlo's kitchen sa Distrito dati.

  13. Marge G
    Marge G

    Tama, attend ka din next year, it's so much fun!

  14. zaizai

    Hi Marge and Rhoda! 🙂

    I must attend the next UTT!! So many food to taste!! I'm hungry now!! haha 🙂

  15. Marge G
    Marge G

    Ooh there you go. Thanks for the info!

  16. Mochi Sweets PH
    Mochi Sweets PH

    Hey guys! You can find Mochi Sweets in MOA, near the ice skating rink! 🙂 This is our permanent location. We will also have branches in Eastwood and Galleria soon.

    Hope you see you soon! You may visit us in our FB page: http://www.facebook.com/MochiSweetsPh

  17. Marge G
    Marge G

    Oh yeah those mochis! I am trying to find out where Mochi Sweets can be found.

  18. Christine Diwa Gapuz
    Christine Diwa Gapuz

    I read about this somewhere but I am a loser for anything that resembles buffet haha.. But I'm still envious! As for your recommendations, noted noted noted! I am craving those Mochis!

  19. Marge G
    Marge G

    The chocolate butchi is really good. I just didn't have a solo picture of it.

  20. Khalil Andre
    Khalil Andre

    This is so exciting that you need to have a ticket/passport. Anyway, looking deli are: shake from Saint Alps, butchi from Chow Fun,
    a cup of vanilla latte macchiato fromNescafe Dolce Gusto,
    chocolate-flavored treat from Frozen Custard, Swiss cheese-flavored ice cream from Masatami,
    a scoop of Frisch Liquor Ice Cream (Russian Winter flavor),
    Mochi Sweets,
    Pizza pockets from Panzarotti, and
    Sweet potato leaves juice from Bayani Crew. Others, okay lang…

  21. Marge G
    Marge G

    I wish there is a surgery for such a thing hahaha…

  22. rhoda

    aside from your top choices, i also liked moshi moshi's green tea cheesecake and chow fun's dark chocolate buchi. what a gastronomic adventure indeed! i think next time i need to swap my stomach for a bigger one! hahaha


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